Sad Clowns and Whiny Bitches

There isn’t much worse in this world than a sad clown. I feel for this clown. Something bad happened to him. He’s a clown! He’s supposed to be happy. He’s not. Clearly this is wrong. This is not his natural state. One could say the same thing about a man. A man who’s not in […]

Will We Get a Refund?

Item 7 on Tuesday’s City Council Agenda brings back a sore subject: paying back the water users who’ve been ripped off by years of an illegal 10% tax on their water bill. Thanks to the previous council the plug was finally pulled on this scam last year. But that was then, and liberals Chaffee and […]

Have At It

As expected, the new council voted 3-2 to begin “negotiations” with Dan Hughes to become Fullerton’s police chief. Flory, Chaffee and Fitzgerald took their vote even as questions remain unanswered about Hughes’ role in the aftermath of Kelly Thomas murder, and accusations that Hughes himself was involved in an incident which is now the subject […]

The Settlements

Yes, Friends, elections do have consequences. But you already knew that. The results of the November election mean that the tepid and incompetent reign of Fullerton City Manager Joe Felz and City Attorney Dick Jones will continue as they preside over policies (or lack of policies) meant to evade accountability for your employees and electeds […]