The Price of Integrity May Be Lower Than You Think

What would you do for $5000?

Here is Sharon Quirk heaping praises on her supporters in the FPOA. She is proud of her police force. Why? She doesn’t really say.

Is it the fact that they are one of the most expensive police forces, per capita in Orange County?

Is it the hard work of “Alby Al” Albert Rincon, the serial molester of women detainees?

Is it the hard work of Kenton Hampton who beat up and arrested and had prosecuted an innocent man?

Is it the hard work of Miguel “Sonny Black” Saliceo who through malice or laziness ID’d the wrong man who spen 5 months in jail?

Is it the hard work of Andrew Goodrich who kept spinning half-truths and outright lies during his rancid tenure as PIO?

Is it the hard work of the cops who tried to pin a completely bogus hit and run rap on George Bushala?

Is it the hard work of the on-duty cops who, on 2010 started dumping obscenity laced threats on the FFFF blog?

Is it the hard work of Todd Major who ripped off Explorers to feed hi pill habit?

Is it the hard work of Kelly Mejia who tried to steal an Ipad by hiding under her bag of chicken at a Miami TSA checkpoint?

Is it the hard work of April Baughman who ripped off the evidence room for years without detection?

Is it the hard work of Manuel Ramos, the grossly obese killer of Kelly Thomas?

Is it the hard work of Joe Wolfe, the cop who initiated the assault on Kelly Thomas with his baton?

Is it the hard work of Jay Cicinelli who tased KT numerous times and then beat his face to jelly.

Is it the hard work of Hampton, Blatney and Craig who appeared on the scene long enough to add their weight to the chest compression that killed Kelly?

Is it the hard work of the watch commander, Tom “Tango” Basham who watched the KT killing unfold?

Is it the hard work of Danny Hughes, the Fullerton Six boss who told them they had done a good job and put them back on the street?

Well, that’s enough slime for today.

So what would you do to get the Fullerton cop union endorsement?


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  1. Or could it be the hard work of FPD’s Internal Affairs Sgt. Jason Scheon who did nothing to protect the people who pay his salary, but did everything to protect the bad cops listed in this post?

    Or could it be his insubordination of his new bosses?

  2. I would terminate them all. Rotten to the core crooks, liars, thieves. They are not worth keeping and have proven it over and over. Send the fire department with them, another bunch of phonies looking for a big pay day for working part time. Their motto: “To serve and protect themselves.”

    1. Unfortunately Sharon QS is for sale. She has no sense of honor, she has just proved it. She should go no further after her City of Fullerton term..

  3. How about that swift right by Hampton to the guy video taping the “bust” 17 months ago on the night streets of Fullerton?


    Snake eyes. Watch them shift tonight whenever she’s talking.

    Sharon has proudly been taking donations and has been peddling her influence to the FireFighters,Police,Municipal Employees, and Teachers unions since day one.

    If you need proof, I suggest that you check the City Clerk’s web page and look under the campaign disclosure forms that have been archived since the 90’s.

    Very illuminating.

    1. I agree with you. I’m not an expert in grammar and syntax, yet police officers who do their job diligently and respectfully? The fact she stated the direct object of her affection is the fullerton PD, it isn’t nececcary to state they have a a job. It is ok to insert adverbs wherever. However, why not place the adverbs diligently and respectfully in front of job if she must mention “job” at all? I am proud of our diligent and respectful police officers in California and the United States.

  5. I remember a time-not long ago at all-when SQS was considered a great ally and true friend of this blog.

  6. We need to keep Chris Norby working for all of us in Sacramento.

    If you do not want higher taxes and a bigger deficit in Sacramento, vote Norby.

  7. Thanks for this post. I have to continually remind fellow Fullertonians that Kelly Thomas was not an isolated innocent at the FPD.

  8. If you can, please show up at the council meeting tonight at 6:30p.m. FPOA is gonna be there, so let’s drown out their voices. Justice for Kelly!

    1. Just so you know, I commend you for showing up at the Council meeting to show discontent against the FPD. But for me, fear of the FPD, keeps me away. I will take my opinion to the polls. Sorry

  9. Don’t forget:
    The cops that raided the wrong house and held PASTOR Nordell and family at gunpoint.
    John Cross and Gregg Nowling caught on tape beating a driver for playing his music too loud.
    A cop farting in the face of a woman thought to be unconcious.
    Gary Tong and apparently many other cops and jailers beating a college student, breaking his fingers, and stealing his cash.

    I have to say if I were earning almost 100k a yr. I wouldn’t be risking it by acting like this, but they do, so maybe there’s no risk at all…

  10. What do you expect from a political prostitutes?

    That’s what they do.

    Provide lip service to those who pay them.

    No surprise at all to me.

    No shock value here. Totally expected.

  11. like Sharon quirk-silva, I am proud of our diligent and respectful police officers who serve the public. I am disgusted by retired Fullerton Police Chief Pat McKinley’s legacy to the good people of fullerton; a rogue police force that believed its city council would cover up their murdering Kelly Thomas.
    I know the media and FFFF have allowed Pat McKinley to slink away from the scene of his crime;promoting and protecting a rogue police force. Pat Mckinley is culpable in the murder of Kelly thomas because he instilled in his police officers his bedroom city commando strategies and tactics that it was permissable to abuse the civil rights of fullerton’s community. McKinley’s legacy to the fullerton PD may be the only defense Wolfe, Ramos and cicinelli may have when they go to trial for the murder of kelly thomas. just my opinion

  12. And add to the list the cop hero that lied about rescuing the lady from her car after being struck at Stater Collega & Bastanchurry when it was actually two brothers Ruben and Dominic Carnesi who rescued the woman.

  13. Don’t you think that Mc Kinley brought this commando style of policing from the notorious LAPD of the Daryl Gates era? It seems to me that might just of been where it started, maybe he left before the axe dropped on him like it did at Rampart Division. He was able to hide ti in the quite community of Fullerton. Just a thought.

    1. “Don’t you think that Mc Kinley brought this commando style of policing from the notorious LAPD of the Daryl Gates era?”

      Daryl Gates and he were buddies.

      1. Jane and Peanut, Mckinley only recently retired as fullerton police chief so to enter Fullerton’s municipal government as a city council person when Kelly thomas was murdered by police officers he personally hired.
        McKinley’s tenure as police chief from 1993 to 2009 saw undesirable police officers hired onto his force, pattern of civil rights abuses committed upon fullerton’s community by his officers and the community of fullerton’s tax dollars used to buy hush in the form of legal settlements to the victims of fullerton PD. And lest we forget, during this time of civil rights abuses inflicted by Fullerton PD upon the community, McKinley’s colleague, Rusty Kennedy, executive director of the Orange County Human Relations Commission ,gave then Fullerton Police Chief McKinley a community-policing award and a $1000 check.
        From reviewing video clips of Mayor Dick Jones lamenting the lawlessness of fullerton’s downtown booze courts promoted by Mayor Jones, it is evident this mayor’s desire was to use Fullerton PD as a means to control the drunk, unruly behavior of downtown’s business patrons with strong-arm tactics.
        Many of Fullerton PD’s civil rights abuses happened while Mckinley was police chief. And Mckinley’s initial response to the Kelly thomas murder by his police force as fullerton’s city council person was to go on national media(CNN for one) and deny his personally hired police officers beat Kelly thomas to death.
        It seems his goon squad, Ramos, cicinelli and wolfe, believed Mckinley would use his influence on fullerton’s city council to cover up their murder with monetary settlements and formation of a task force on fullerton’s homeless headed by none other than Mckinley’s colleague, rusty Kennedy who attempted to deflect guilt from fullerton PD by claiming Fullerton’s community indifference to the plight of the homeless was the direct caused kelly thomas death.
        when will our newly elected Fullerton city council members and the community of Fullerton demand accountability from Pat McKinley?
        just my opinion

        1. “when will our newly elected Fullerton city council members and the community of Fullerton demand accountability from Pat McKinley?”

          The 64 million dollar question.

            1. no, mckinley was recalled from fullerton’s city council. and my gut feeling tells me, Mckinley had no problems exiting his role as a Fullerton city council person because it took the public eye off of him. In my opinion, Mckinley used the recall to disguise his fleeing the scene of his crime, being a proximate cause in the beating death of kelly thomas. just my opinion

    1. Particularly when you consider that Ramos and Cincinelli are listed as contributors on the most current campaign finance forms for the FPOA.

      I would find it morally repugnant to accept money from any organization that employed individuals who were being prosecuting for beating one of my citizens to death, but that’s just me.

  14. I can’t speak for Sharon, but I think I can guess how she’d respond to this:

    (1) She would believe that most of the work that they do is done well and she is proud of that.

    (2) She would not be proud of, presuming that she agrees with the characterizations, the acts described by Rincon, Hampton (re Veth Mam), Saliceo, Major, Mejia, and Baughman.

    (3) She probably wouldn’t comment on the culpability of Ramos, Wolfe, and Cicinelli in the Kelly Thomas case because of their impending criminal trials. After all, unlike FFFF, she does speak for the city and what she says may constitute admissions that can be used against the City in court — and also unlike FFFF, she does not want to see the city bankrupted because that advances an anti-government political agenda.

    (4) She probably wouldn’t comment on Hampton, Blatney, Craig, Goodrich, and Basham for the same reason.

    (5) She seems to think that Dan Hughes has been doing a good job overall. He himself seems to concede that the response to the Kelly Thomas case, especially given Chief Sellers’s bailing out of leadership, wasn’t his most shining moment.

    (6) I doubt if she knows much about obscenity laced threats allegedly made by on-duty cops on the FFFF blog. I presume that she wouldn’t include that among good work.

    (7) I don’t know that she’d concede that the hit and run rap that was tried to pinned on George Bushala was completely bogus. She may not have all of the relevant information. She’d probably be interested in it as a contributing motivation for FFFF’s anti-cop jihad, though!

    Now, I could be wrong about some or all of the above, but if I’m right, what would that leave? Hmmm, it would seem to leave something more than 99% of the work that FPD does — more than enough to justify her expression of pride in the FPD.

    You can see how ridiculous of an exercise this is, though, by asking if Tony is “proud” of Chris Thompson’s misuse of an e-mail list for the recall to promote City Council candidates, “proud” of Travis not being able to come up with a single legitimate constitutional objection to the DUI checkpoints when confronted about them by a prosecutor at an meeting, “proud” of Norby sleeping one off on the steps … and on and on.

    You can be proud of something without being proud of every last thing about it. Every patriot or parent should realize that.

    1. Greg when a police department murders an innocent man on camera in front of the whole world and no one on the force speaks out against it that is not a Police Force to be proud of in my book.

      1. Oh and by the way people speaking in their “non professional capacity” do have a first amendment right. The silence from the so called “pillars” of the community is quite tragic and downright eerie indeed.

    2. Why do you insist on saying every thought that enters your mind? I have read your posts before…you show yourself time and again to be the master of the obvious.

    3. Since you feel the need to defend and explain away the actions of the Fullerton Police Officers Association, or F.P.O.A., perhaps you can explain to us why it was that Barry Coffman and Robert Kirk, who are the President and Vice-President of the F.P.O.A., were out writing their first tickets of the year for “excessive horning” to supporters of the Kelly Thomas protest?

      Do you realize that when these tickets were written by these two, that they nearly caused a riot because the crowd had been told by Dan Hughes that there would be no citations written.

      So why would the President and the Vice-President of the F.P.O.A each have their own squad car to right tickets, when Captain Hughes was telling everyone otherwise?


      1. Yeah, that was pretty awful. He then turned around and organized a fairly good sized (not quite as massive as his wasteline) public demonstration to protect his own paycheck . . . and to hand out hamburgers.

        Just in case you didn’t catch that . . .

        FPOA beat a man to death: FPOA President issues tickets to people who complain about it. No statement on the crime, the culpability of the men who perpetrated the crime, or how members of his organization damaged the fabric of the community they swore to protect.

        FPOA might lose his job? Dozens of public statements condemning the city council, t-shirts, websites, a facebook page, press releases, and freakin free hamburgers.

        Yeah, I’m proud of that. That’s EXACTLY who I want swearing to protect and serve the helpless in my hometown.

      2. No idea. I agree that if the Chief makes a commitment to no such citations, it should be honored. Whether it would be insubordination would depend on whether than was communicated to them.

        1. If the Chief hadn’t made the statement, the FPOA President using scare tactics and wiping his ass with the first amendment is okay with you?

          1. No — but this isn’t something that requires me to interpret your colorful phrases to know it is wrong.

    4. I can’t speak for Sharon, but I think I can guess how she’d respond to this:

      Then don’t!

      You have proved an incredible dissapointment to those in both parties who wanted change in replacing Huff. Instead of taking the race seriously you sit around all day blogging, refuting stupid comments and creating hundreds more.

      You know that Greg Diamond stood little chance to compete against a well funded Huff in this district, but you did…….for all the WRONG reasons.

      You know what you did and why you did it: SELFISHNESS. Period.

      1. As I said, I’m not speaking for Sharon. I’m guessing how she’d react to the questions posed by the author based on other things that she’s said. If this offends you, I think that you are oversensitive.

        As for the rest: geez, you want me to work more, you want me to campaign more — I think that what you guys really want is for me not to call you on your bullshit. I would be happy to stop doing so if you’d just ratchet down the bullshit. But it seems to be really important to you.

        When I decided to run back in early January, I had thought that I might get both votes and contributions from libertarian Republicans as well as from Democrats. I was impressed with the work that FFFF had done in the Kelly Thomas case. After being here a while, I realized that this place was not what it seems. It’s not really focused on government reform, but on Grover Norquistian destruction for its own sake. It’s not really focused on police brutality, but on using one tragedy and more to destroy a police union. It’s focused on advancing Tony’s agenda and settling his scores about his brother being arrested, his kids being hassled, and the Redevelopment Commission spurning his brilliance.

        I don’t understand the “selfishness” argument at all. What selfish benefit do you think I get from this? That’s just weird.

        I will write a piece in Orange Juice after the election about what I had hoped to accomplish in my campaign. Tony will be welcome to republish it here, if he’d like, so that you can all comment on it to your heart’s content.

        1. …….After the election is too late!!!!

          You just don’t get it do you? If you have to ask why I called you selfish you are in a fishbowl and undeserving a single vote but your’s.

        2. “geez, you want me to work more, you want me to campaign more”

          Jackass. Nobody expects or wants you to do anything. They are just pointing out the laughable futility of your so-called campaign. A campaign that requires nothing of the campaigner.

          You’re a joke. And the worst part is you don’t care just so long as someone is paying attention to the joke.

    5. “(2) She would not be proud of, presuming that she agrees with the characterizations, the acts described by Rincon, Hampton (re Veth Mam), Saliceo, Major, Mejia, and Baughman.”

      And yet she has done ZERO to criticize, let alone correct the Kuture of Korruption.

      Too bad your dimwitted girlfriend is complicit in it. Her only chance of beating Norby was to separate herself from the FPOA. She chose the opposite strategy.

      Say goodnight Quirky.

      And yes, I believe you do speak for her.

      1. You may believe what you want, but I don’t speak for her. We share an office and I work with her husband on party matters, but she would not want me as a campaign spokesperson.

        Your attack on her is ludicrous. She stood up routinely to the previous Council majority. She has supported Hughes, whom she believes to be a reformer, in his attempts to change the department. That’s doing things to correct the FPD’s failings.

        What you don’t understand is that you guys are now one of the big issues. You’ve galvanized people who would not normally be allies to support the FPOA because what you offer in its place is nihilism. You think that the FPOA are lepers, but you don’t recognize that you’re pretty damn leprous yourself.

        The FPOA seems to get that is has to reform, regardless of whether it’s happy about it. If the Council next year is Chaffee on Flory on one side, Whitaker and Sebourn on the other side, and anyone but Kiger or Levinson in the 5th seat, the FPOA is going to have to deal with its not having free rein the way it did under Jones, McKinley, and Bankhead. Rather than reach for the stars, it’s going to have to settle for what’s fair — to make sure that you guys don’t get and keep a 3rd vote.

        That’s a significant accomplishment. You should be proud of it. Instead of settling for the moderate success, though, you’re on an ideological jihad and you want to smash the whole thing. If you had settled for reform instead of trying to wreck the government, you WOULD have had SQS on your side — as Whitaker did in many votes this term. But you’ve blown it. It’s really a shame, because you do deserve some credit.

        1. “She stood up routinely to the previous Council majority.”

          Oh yeah? name three examples that don’t have to do with her own appointment to office.

          We’ll be waiting!

        2. I LOVE not having Quirk on “my side.” Because that would mean my side was tainted with a pro-union, cowardly, wishy-washy dimwit.

    6. Greg, I think you have a very good analysis here. However, I think that you are explaining why, in profressive government, the wrongs go on and on and on and on…

  15. Off topic, give the kids back their park you white racists. Thats the issue. Tell the fullerton rangers to go play somewhere else. So mad .

  16. Really, so pathetic , they asked for better grass, they got the lights, they pay the fees and have been rhere for over seven years. come on . And white people suck.

  17. And, the anti travis and greg people just needs to get slapped and wake up. they are all so prissy bitchy goody goody, ugh

  18. Watching the council meeting – interesting –

    1. Squirk – it’s “foy yay” not “foy yer”
    2. Schoen (sp?) – medical marijuana prescriptions do *not* mean someone who has that Rx is a “pothead”
    3. The Fullerton Rangers spokesperson was very condescending in commenting about the other league; for the families of that league, the costs he mentioned are very high!
    4. Pam Keller – well, nothing to say about her

  19. Why do some of the speakers assume/believe that anyone with a medical marijuana prescription, available at a dispensary, is a “pothead”?

    It *works* to alleviate pain and side effects; I don’t need it but I have friends who do have that Rx and they are hardly “potheads”.

    I can only hope these people will do some research before continuing to assume/believe that anyone using medicinal marijuana is a “pothead”

    1. That’s true. A friend who had a stroke 2 years ago uses a cream from a dispensary for nerve pain she gets in her feet from the stroke. She says it’s fantastic.

    2. We have been in a weird limbo with all these so-called “medical” boo vendors. I have met several folks who puff this stuff to get high, none having any sort of legitimate medical condition. A vague complaint of “stress” at the “clinic” will yield a generous prescription of one hit sh**. Back in college whenever I’d spark up my stress level would drop; ah, blessed relief! There is a major underground market in these magic little prescription bottles at present, with much reselling and profiteering taking place. I’ll venture a guess that far less than half of current sales end up in the hands of end stage cancer patients and such.

      I favor legal, licensed, taxed marijuana sales (as with alcohol), and hope that it happens soon to end the current ridiculous charade.

  20. Ok maybe its not 100% a racist issue, but, its messed up. Even if they dont get a live scan. gimme a break

  21. I don’t know what’s worse; selling your political soul to FPOA or to the Church of Bushala. Both are equally repugnant

    1. I never inhaled the product so how would Bill Clinton or I know? But peyote, now that is a fine natural product.

  22. Did you notice Debbie Phares ,executive director of OCCCO, with the people speaking out on the park? She was standing next to some of them and translating for them. She was pretending to care about those people and that issue to get her name in the paper and of course one way OCCCO gets funding is by organizing things like this. She will use those people to get what she needs…funding and publicity, then throw them under the bus, just like she had the tenants from Parkin Gardens go into the city council and thank them for fixing their apartments when their apartments were still not fixed.Because her organization supported redevelopment , and needed to use those poor tenants as pawns. She also came to the defense of this sites dear friend Rusty Kennedy, why, because Rustys organization has banquets and gives OCCCO awards for dubious acheivments.. ..Rusty also gets referrals from the FHC, go to their website and see for yourself here is a linke
    Where was Rusty when the FHC was melting down in 2008, caught discriminating , which is the very thing they are paid to fight….It is time this site does another flow chart, showing how these non profits are self serving shams

    1. I do notice many of these tax supported alphabet soup commissions and agencies have little impact on society. Instead, these same commissions and agencies skew their stats, embellish their accomplishments to justify their continued tax dollar funding. Why are tax funded warm fuzzy. Feel good govt entities not held to same standards of accountability found in the private sector?

      1. Because private sector businesses have to prove their worth to each and every coustomer against many competitive choices. The agencies prove their worth through an entirely different process.

        1. what process would that be? Because one entitiy feeds itself on tax dollars, it doesn’t need to keep records, collect data or assess, on a quarterly or how about just a yearly basis, how effective it is in serving the needs of the community?

    2. OCCCO got money from the Fullerton Collaborative and Pakm Kreller. Then they showed up to shill for Redevelopment in SW Fullerton!

  23. You’re absolutely correct, Steve. The libertarians in Fullerton aren’t real libertarians. They know the price of everything and the value of nothing. Fiscally conservative. Pitchforks and torches on social issues. It’s sadly humorous.

  24. Sharon Quirk-SILVA is going to win because she has something that Norby doesn’t have… a brain. And she uses it too!

    1. Yes she has a brain. Something is controlling those appendages and lips. Sadly it is about the size of a golf ball.

  25. S. Q. Silva? Is she the same person who threw the officers under the bus the first day? The one who wanted to out them immediately? The one who wanted their personal home information published? The one who wanted them fired without due process? The one who was immediately willing to sacrifice careers for her own ego?


    Please tell me she is not a lawyer, please!!!!!!!

    1. By officers do you mean murderous FPD thugs? Or are there some actual real officers who were thrown under a literal bus somewhere? Was it a Greyhound?

  26. Oh yeah Sharon, how proud are you?

    Why don’t you use those socks you give out to the homeless and stuff them in your mouth. They would be to better use!!!

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