Red County Scrum

Good news for OC Republicans who frequent blogs: looks like my buddy Chip Hanlon let my other buddy Allan Bartlett post again. Sha-zam! Bartlett’s near  re-inaugural post makes for entertaining reading. It’s all about some dust up between Mike and Mary and a conservative drinkies hour with Chuck Devore as the featured attraction. Now I […]

Radio Replay

Have a listen to last night’s KRLA 870 radio show, where OC GOP leadership candidates Allan Bartlett and Deborah Pauly are interviewed about the current state of the Republican Party in Orange County. [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Martha Montelongo Show with Chris Thompson – 1/15/2011″] The elections for the GOP board take place on Monday night.

Calling It Like You See it

Friends, here’s a fun look back at a defining moment in the Shawn Nelson-Hairbag Sidhu dust-up, Round 1. It was at OCGOP Central and the worst ‘pugs were trying to dodge a Central Committee endorsement of Nelson. These ‘swipes were actually pitching “the two good republicans” bullshit that Sidhu hoped would deflect attention to his […]

Some GOP Central Committee Observations

Good morning. Today we pass along this anonymous letter regarding the GOP Central Committee meeting last night: Last night I had a few hours to kill so I stopped by the OCGOP Central Committee in Irvine. There were plenty of inflated egos and asses being kissed. One person who seemed to be high on the […]

Fullerton Voter Guide

Friends for Fullerton’s Future put together this handy voter guide for Republicans in Fullerton and North Orange County. Our voter guide covers important local races in Orange County along with the statewide primaries. It was put together with the help of a few of our trusted Friends. The statewide recommendations are passed along from our […]

News From The OC GOP Central Committee

We’ve just received a message from our good Friend and former Red County blogger Allan Bartlet. Hello FFFF readers.  It’s nice to write for a blog that appreciates independent thinking.  It’s nice not to be told what they can and can’t write about or what stories they can and can’t link to…but I digress.  It’s […]

Sidhu on Defined Benefits

Just in case you missed the recent OCGOP showdown between Shawn Nelson and carpetbagger Harry Sidhu, we generously share a video clip showing Sidhu trying to to talk about defined contributions versus defined benefits. Since this is the major problem contributing to government unfunded liabilities you would think a competent supervisorial candidate would be all […]

Nelson vs. Sidhu @ OCGOP; Round 1

As promised, I will be sharing with you the debate between Shawn Nelson, who lives in our district, and Harry Sidhu, who moved into our district twice just to run for yet another office. His first so called “residence” was at the Calabria apartments on W. Lincoln, where we proved Sidhu committed voter fraud here. […]

Gordo Has A Sense of Shame?

How else can I explain the weird post put up on the Mauve County blog by a guy called Thomas Anthony Gordon accusing me of “voter intimidation?” You see I busted Gordo last week for being the guy who was circulating last minute petitions for Harry Sidhu’s carpetbagging effort to get himself elected to the […]