We Get Mail: What Is a “Repuglican?”

Okay, there seems to be confusion about the term “repuglican” as often used here on FFFF. The term does not refer to a political party, but rather a personality type within the GOP. The Dems have their own version, no doubt, but since we are a red county we are stuck with the ‘pugs. Please read the following post from October 2009.

Repuglicanism has always been a target of our blog because it seeks to empower, and enrich the grifters who put imbeciles like Bankhead, Jones and McKinley in charge of doling out government welfare to the high rollers. It also seeks to defend the all-important status quo above all else.

– Joe Sipowicz

This morning we received the following e-mail from a Friend:

Dear FFFF, some of your posters keep using the term “Repuglican.” I am not sure if this is simply a typo or if you mean to use this unusual term. Can you please clarify? Thanks.

Sure. Be happy to. This locution is no accident. It is a fusion of the words Republican and repugnant, from which you may draw the obvious conclusions.

Here is a definition from the Urban Dictionary:


We apply the term to describe local Republicans of the same ilk, although the issue of “neo-conservativism” is largely irrelevant here. These individuals are people who pursue the politics of partisan affiliation for its own sake, but also for what they can get out of it. The main thing, the only thing, really, is to stand for the Party (as a convenient vehicle for self-promotion, of course!), and of course to oppose the Other Party. Issues themselves mean almost nothing except as way to promote themselves in the wider context of promoting the Party. Inner conviction means little; philosophical beliefs mean little – except for getting and hanging on to the strings of political power in order to pull and persuade them in your direction.

Repuglicans love big business interests because those are the guys with the money; the high-rollers who will enable your “conference” in Maui.

A red bastion in a blue state, OC is chock-full of Repuglicans – who use the local municipal and County governments for their own advancement and enrichment. The Legislature is hopelessly Democrat, but this does not mean that the doors to fun and profit are completely closed to Repuglicans. Especially if they hang around long enough.

This is a Repuglican:

Hell, I'm really doing you guys a big favor...

And so is this:

We never let go...

Here’s another one:

You gotta work the angles...
You gotta work the angles...

And here’s one of the best examples:

My lips are moving...
My lips are moving...

Additional examples of the species are welcome!

Red County Scrum

Good news for OC Republicans who frequent blogs: looks like my buddy Chip Hanlon let my other buddy Allan Bartlett post again. Sha-zam!

Bartlett’s near  re-inaugural post makes for entertaining reading. It’s all about some dust up between Mike and Mary and a conservative drinkies hour with Chuck Devore as the featured attraction. Now I personally can’t imagine anything more dreary than drinks and Chuck Devore droning on (except maybe no drinks and Chuck Devore droning on), but that’s a whole ‘nother issue.

What’s really fun is the comments thread where the insiders have at it.

Damn, do we finally have a fun Republican blog in town?

Radio Replay

Have a listen to last night’s KRLA 870 radio show, where OC GOP leadership candidates Allan Bartlett and Deborah Pauly are interviewed about the current state of the Republican Party in Orange County.

[wpaudio url=”http://www.thompsonforschools.com/MM1-15-11.mp3″ text=”Martha Montelongo Show with Chris Thompson – 1/15/2011″]

The elections for the GOP board take place on Monday night.

GOP Vice Chair Candidates Duke It Out on the Radio

The Martha Montelongo Show, Co-Hosted by Chris Thompson will be kicking up the dust in the OCGOP 1st Vice Chairman Race this Saturday night at 11PM on 870KRLA.

One of these things is not like the others.

Martha Montelongo and Chris Thompson (current Fullerton School Board Trustee and Orange County Republican) will be hosting a forum between Deborah Pauly and Allan Bartlett in their challenge against Jon Fleischman for the 1st Vice Chair of the Orange County Republican Party.

Jon Fleischman was invited, but he says 11PM is past his bedtime. Does he have this thing in the bag? Will he decide to down a Red Bull and change his mind? The forum will occur on 870AM KRLA beginning at 11:00PM this Saturday, Januray 15th. Listen live online at krla870.com.

Has the OCGOP really gotten its mojo back or is REVOLUTION within the Party inevitable? Tune in on Saturday night!

Calling It Like You See it

Friends, here’s a fun look back at a defining moment in the Shawn Nelson-Hairbag Sidhu dust-up, Round 1. It was at OCGOP Central and the worst ‘pugs were trying to dodge a Central Committee endorsement of Nelson. These ‘swipes were actually pitching “the two good republicans” bullshit that Sidhu hoped would deflect attention to his incompetent carpetbagging assclownery.

Well, while every ‘pug and every “journalist” in OC was turning a blind eye to Sidhu’s district hopping, one guy really stood tall, and that’s current OCGOP Chair candidate, Tim Whitacre. Check it out:

Hmm. A guy who would oppose his own brother’s carpetbagging. Principle over payday? Hoo-boy, the repuglicans ain’t gonna like that!

The Lights Have Gone Out on Lucky Way

Jeez, it almost looked habitable...

Yes, the house is dark at 2215 Lucky Way, Anaheim, CA.

The neighbors will tell you that, yes, someone was living there. Once in awhile they would catch a glimpse of a squat little kid whose infrequent visitors called “Yo, Billy Dude!”

The grass looked green, so somebody was paying the water bill, alright. And there was that one party with loud speed metal blaring. Once in awhile a pale round face peered out from behind the red velvet drapery to surreptitiously survey the neighborhood.

Two cars used to be seen in the driveway. The same two cars. They never moved. But now the cars are gone and the house is dark.

Sunset has descended on Lucky Way.

Some GOP Central Committee Observations

Good morning. Today we pass along this anonymous letter regarding the GOP Central Committee meeting last night:

Last night I had a few hours to kill so I stopped by the OCGOP Central Committee in Irvine. There were plenty of inflated egos and asses being kissed. One person who seemed to be high on the GOP pecking order went into a tissy because they didn’t have a name tag. And then when one made, it didn’t say HONORABLE something-or-other. It was a shameless packed house with Central Committee-Elect Shawn Nelson and Harry Sidhu absent. In fact NO ONE from Harry’s 69th AD was present to vote. Nice participation!

Among the highlights worth noting, Tom Tait got smacked around for his support financial support of two Democrats for Anaheim City Council, Galloway and Chavez. But it didn’t stop there. Apparently Tait has not read the official California Republican Party Platform and answered, albeit honestly, to that effect on his GOP endorsement application.

Frankly, how can a candidate walk into a Party’s Central Committee and ask for their endorsement when the candidate admittedly has no idea what the Party stands for (or against)? This makes Tait appear to be a massive RINO! But that’s OK because he’s a nice guy. 2/3 of the Central Committee agreed that he was a nice guy so they gave him the OCGOP endorsement. Proudly, all but one of our 72nd Assembly District representatives on the Central Committee voted NO to Tait’s endorsement.

Maybe the OC Republican Party should make all of the applicants for endorsement sit down and read the Party’s Official Platform.

A Concerned Voter

Fullerton Voter Guide

Friends for Fullerton’s Future put together this handy voter guide for Republicans in Fullerton and North Orange County. Our voter guide covers important local races in Orange County along with the statewide primaries. It was put together with the help of a few of our trusted Friends. The statewide recommendations are passed along from our friend Allan Bartlett.

Orange County

4th District Supervisor – Shawn Nelson

Nelson will be a leading force against the unions when it’s time to negotiate out of control pensions. His voting record make shim a strong fiscal conservative who is not afraid to stick his neck out for taxpayers. Both of his main opponents are union-supported carpetbaggers who live outside the 4th district.

OC Sheriff-Coroner – Bill Hunt

Just mark the spot for Bill Hunt and watch the establishment scramble like cockroaches. This is one of the most important races in this June election.

Superior Court Judge #16 – Gerald L Klein

In the words of Attorney Bernie, we need to get private practice attorneys seated as judges. People don’t realize how important it is to keep insider government lifers from usurping the judicial powers

Superior Court Judge #50 – Julian Bailey

Mr Bailey’s opponent here, Lon Hurwitz has donated to a laundry list of national liberal Democrats.

County Assessor – Webster Guillory

Webster has done a good job as Assessor.

Clerk Recorder – Hugh Nguyen

The incumbent, Tom Daly, has been lashed over and over on this site for wasting our money and feeding expensive, do-nothing contracts to his pals. Hugh Nguyen is a great candidate.

District Attorney – None, Leave Blank

Sitting DA Tony Rackauckas could not be bothered to fully investigate the well-documented perjury accusations made against Harry Sidhu, although he did find time to prosecute Steve Rocco for a bottle of stolen ketchup.

Public Administrator – Steve Rocco

Treasurer – Shari Freidenrich

Republican Central Committee – 72nd AD

(all or parts of Fullerton, Brea, Placentia, Anaheim & La Habra)

Candidates are designated by Allan Bartlett based on certainty that candidates were Tea Party, Campaign For Liberty, and CRA friendly.

Bruce Whitaker – Tea Party, C4L, CRA friendly
Shawn Nelson – Tea Party friendly
Zonya Townsend – Tea Party, CRA friendly
Rick Rios – Tea Party, CRA friendly
Marilyn Davenport – Tea Party, CRA friendly
Micheal Nutto – CRA friendly


Superintendent of Public Instruction – Alexia Deligianni


Lt Gov – Sam Aanestad

This is a no brainer. Abel Maldonado should not be rewarded for being the main reason that taxes are higher CA during the last budget cycle. Vote for Sam Aanestad.

Secretary of State – Damon Dunn

Orly Taitz  has not been helping herself in the media with her over the top stands on Obama’s birth certificate and a few other issues where she basically has taken herself out of contention because of the way she has come across to voters.

Controller – Tony Strickland

I’m not impressed with Tony’s endorsements the last few years, but he is our choice for Controller here.

Treasurer – Mimi Walters

It’s either this or leave it blank. Her endorsement of repuglican carpetbagger Linda Ackerman last year makes her suspect.

Attorney General – John Eastman

John Eastman is far and away the best conservative choice for CA Attorney General.

Insurance Commissioner – Brian Fitzgerald

The other candidate Mike Villines was the GOP leader in the State Assembly that helped deliver the largest tax increase in CA history. Don’t reward him with your vote here.

BOE 3rd District – Vic Baker or leave blank

No Republican in good conscience could support Michelle Steel anymore after what she did to Irvine Republicans. She has been giving aid and comfort to Democratic Mayor Suhkee Kang because they’re both Korean. Last time I checked, that’s not a very good reason to support anybody, especially if they are ideologically against most everything that you say you are for.

US Senator – Chuck DeVore

This is another no brainer. Chuck gets it. He understands that in the Constitution, there are less than 18 specific enumerated powers delegated to the Congress. He will be a great US Senator and he can beat Barbara Boxer in the fall.

What Is Harry Sidhu Hiding? Just About Everything

John Lewis told me to move
I'll be back!

By now we have all seen the campaign mailers produced by Hide-n-Seek Sidhu and his union pals asking what Shawn Nelson is hiding and that got me thinking about Harry Sidhu and what he might be hiding from the people of the 4th district.

So to be helpful I made a list:

1. Sidhu doesn’t live in this district and he doesn’t want you to know it.

2. Sidhu committed perjury twice when he claimed to have live at the Calabria apartments.

3. Sidhu is the public employee union candidate and his pals in the union are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to put their puppet in office.

4.  Sidhu is barely intelligible and has no grasp of the basic functions of county government.

5. Sidhu is a perpetual office seeker who is constantly running for higher office.

6. Despite his claims to the contrary as an Anaheim city council member Sidhu has voted for dozens of fee and utility rate increases.

So there’s the Sidhu record. No wonder his handlers want to keep it a secret and I’ve only just scratched the surface.