Peer into The Thought Process of the FPOA

UPDATE: Here is a post from waaaay back in November, 2010 about how our police union leaders view the political process and their ability to manipulate it to their own advantage. Of course the egregious Andrew Goodrich figures prominently in our post. Be sure to read the last sentence!

Just in case you thought there was any doubt that public service might not be the number one priority of Fullerton’s boys in blue, take a look at the document below, a veritable “how-to” article on political influence written in 2003 by FPD PIO and union front-man, Andrew Goodrich.

See, it’s all about how to leverage your members dues to create a political machine and get what’s coming to you. Actually it’s about defining what’s coming to you and getting a subservient collection of clowns you elect to go along for the ride.

Read “The Value of Political Involvement” (pdf)

I especially enjoyed Goodrich bragging about batting one thousand. The record looked great in 2003, but then the wheels started coming off the squad car. Chris Norby and Shawn Nelson jumped ship PDQ (although Norby stayed on the Police Reservation long enough to vote for the obscene 3@50 deal in 2001, thanks Norby). The pitiful police-backed pipsqueak Mike Clesceri was tossed out in 2004 after a mere one term; and ditto the equally useless Leland Wilson who was just a bad memory by 2006.

In 2010 the union backed a geriatric of dubious mental competency, a poster boy for pension abuse, and a guy who dodged criminal responsibility by giving his DNA to the DA. Hey two outta three ain’t bad – for them. For the rest of us? Not so good!

Bringing shop floor militancy to a police force near you...

And here’s a little bit more about Mr. Goodrich: promoted to “Community Services bureau leader – and police public information officer” last January as chronicled by Barbara Giasone:

Goodrich also signed the May 3, 2010 MOU on behalf of the FPOA, along with Barry Coffman and Robert Kirk.

And just in case you feel your tax dollars that pay for 3@50, etc. are insufficient thanks to the police for all they do you can always help out some more. Here’s a solicitation we received from the FPOA just yesterday. Your gift is supposed to go to FPOA “community outreach” but IS NOT tax deductible. Hmm. You get a decal of a police badge.

In closing I really feel compelled to wonder whether or not any of the three worthy gentlemen named above have been posting comments on our blog.

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  1. I got that piece of junk mail yesterday too. I noticed that my contribution would “help strengthen relations between the FPOA and local worthy groups and charities.”

    How about I just give my money straight to a real charity, instead of to a couple of over-compensated union blowhards who just want to screw me over.

  2. Norby, Nelson, Clesceri and Wilson… that’s quite a list of winners and losers. It’s notable that the winners have since turned against those outrageous pensions. We’ll see if McKinley does the same.

    I have a feeling the FPOA decided to back McKinley well before he was forced to make pension reform the biggest part of his campaign. That hurts.

    1. The FPOA didn’t care about McKinley’s professed interest in reforming anything because they knew it was just window dressing meant to bamboozle the half-bright puglings.

  3. “Many of our rank and file wrestled with the idea of whether it was appropriate for us as an
    association to “sully ourselves” in local politics.”

    Congratulations FPOA, you are now sufficiently sullied.

  4. “When it comes to local politics in a city of our size, an organization such as ours is one of the few groups citizens feel they can trust. So it is not only our own self-interest that we are looking after, but also the health and well-being of our community. “

    Congratulations, cops. Your endless political bull has created a city that cannot afford to fix its roads or open its parks or libraries because it’s general fund is being sucked dry by absurd payroll costs. Health and well-being my ass.

    1. Notice the complete subjugation of logic to self-interest.

      They trust us (possibly not even true, but let that pass); therefore what’s good for us is good for them (a blatant lie, of course).

      Ergo, our self-interest is perfectly congruent with the health and well-being of our community.

      Unadulterated bullshit.

    1. I see where you’re going with this. The one guy in the union who can write, no matter how poorly, is the only one likely to have read the inside flap of the dust jacket of David McCullough’s book.

      RealJohnHolmes, I salute your powers of deduction, sir. Maybe we should put you in charge of the Roland Chi sign theft case!

  5. Been a while since I checked on you guys. I see nothing has changed.

    Good work!

    By the way, did you catch the article in today’s Register that the Fullerton PD had a three man line up in June, the victim pointed out a specific suspect and the officers (yes there were more than one that witnessed the ID) hooked up the wrong guy.

    The wrongly accused has been facing years in prison and just yesterday the prosecutor dismissed all charges because the audio tape of the line up clearly showed the cops hooked up the wrong guy.

    Nice work boys. The FPD is so thorough that even the audio tape (let alone seeing the victim ID the guy in person) makes it clear they got the wrong guy.

    Andrew Goorich is quoted as claiming mistakes do happen or something to that affect. Oh ya? How would he know it was a mistake? Was there an investigation since yesterday?

    I fear that this was a screw up of major proportion or, worse, it was an intentional railroad. Either way it would have been more reassuring if Mr. Goodrich had shown some outrage himself instead of immediately defaulting to the “innocent mistake” mantra.

    1. Read the article. What stands out to me is a part you left out. The guy the Fullerton Police arrested has been in jail since June!

      Basically a victim sat in front of three guys and states, clearly enough the audio alone can tell the difference, that one of the people is the guy that held a knife in front of her. They then not only arrest the guy she isn’t pointing to but follow it up at a preliminary last June by convincing a judge that this is indeed the guy. So much for checking your notes from the scene of the crime eh?

      Both the defense lawyer in this case Denise Crawford and the prosecutor deserve kudos for doing the right thing for justice. Meanwhile, there should be an investigation of a few Fullerton PD officers.

      1. —“the defense lawyer in this case Denise Crawford and the prosecutor deserve kudos for doing the right thing for justice.”—

        You must be Susan Kang Schroder!

        Oh wait, that’s supposed to be me…

        Oh man, this gets so confusing.

  6. Nothing really that interesting here other than the usual hyperbole we’ve come to expect from the writers of this blog.

    There is nothing in there that is different than any other group that is active in the political process.

    What is your point here other than pointing out a group that is exercising its rights as Americans?

    1. And I think Grover was exercising his right to make these FPOA fools look like the conniving and self-serving union leaders that they are.

    2. “What is your point here other than pointing out a group that is exercising its rights as Americans?”

      Answer: to strip away the self-righteousness and sanctimony of this crew and reveal them for the purely self-interested lot they are; and as Sipowicz pointed out, to highlight the fact that their self-interest doesn’t equate to the health and welfare of the City.

      Now do you get it? I hope so. I can’t write any slower.

      1. Great. So you claim to strip away their image.

        How did their candidates do at the polls?

        And as I asked and you didn’t answer.

        How are they different than any other group that participates in the political process?

        Do groups usually participate to the detriment of their members?

        Or just the ones to which you belong?

        1. “How did their candidates do at the polls?”

          The senile 80 year old and the 70 year old pension abuser won – barely. In fact the latter beat out your dream candidate Chaffee because too many of you boohoos went for Chiefee.

          The food poisoner lost. It’s in the post. Try to keep up.

          1. Then I’d say that two out of three is pretty good.

            Despite your disparaging remarks. You can continue to call them councilman.

  7. Uh come on Tony, this political stuff is boring. Post more videos of you kung fu fighting the angry crowds at the Pho restaurant and mocking the way that Asian man in the parking lot speaks.

    OMG that was some funny stuff. Did you know that one guy speaking Korean on the phone was calling you a dumb Eastern European hairy monkey? Is that true, are you hairy?

    I remember some years back some filthy Eastern Europeans served rats at a restaurant, which was located in the area of Harbor and Orangethorpe. As I remember, the owners had spawned a small Mongoloid like child named “Anthony” who the customers would toss the half eaten rat bones to. The customers would watch in amazement as the angry child would devour the rat bones. When the child was done eating he would gnaw on the brick veneer that was attached to the exterior of the restaurant. Apparently that child hated brick veneer.

    I’m just saying.

    1. Eastern Europeans? Are you out of your mind? Bushala is an Arab terrorist.

      I am an Eastern European terrorist.

      You’re finished.

  8. Don’t forget how much these guys have to lose.

    Goodrich took home over $130,000 last year, not including his generous pension and benefits.

    Read some of their comments on this blog. They’re becoming increasingly vicious as the public catches on to the whole “we’re just looking out for your safety” racket.

    1. In the paper, Goodrich hard at work answering media inquiries:

      FULLERTON – No major injuries were reported Thursday night after a Honda Civic crashed into a building, police said.

      The incident occurred at about 8:30 p.m. at 1031 Rosecrans Avenue, said Sgt. Andrew Goodrich with the Fullerton Police Department.

      According to Egan Hernandez, a witness who was at the scene, the Civic went over the sidewalk, down a small embankment, and stopped near the Eagle Tae Kwon Do martial arts school.

      Hey, I could do that. And for free!

  9. Who knew the coppers were such fervent members of the International.

    Policemen of the world arise! You have nothing to lose but your midriffs!

  10. Beautiful. Sir, the difference is that the police union is organized to fleece the very people they are paid to protect and serve. It is legal but that doesn’t make it honorable.

  11. 4SD Observer :
    Then I’d say that two out of three is pretty good.
    Despite your disparaging remarks. You can continue to call them councilman.

    That was in the post, too. Jesus Christ, you’re slow. Why is it every time you come back you’re as tendentious and hollow as ever.

    BTW, Bankhead is evidently senile. How is that working for you Good Government boohoos? The cops dig it.

    1. 5 out of 5 looked great in 2003. By 2004 for it was starting to turn to shit.

      Bankhead will never last more than a year. Jones won’t even make 2012. Whitaker should be running the show in a few months.

      Plus we got rid of the imbecile Keller. I’d say 2010 was a pretty damn good year for Fullerton and FFFF too.

    2. Why should I read this drivel when I can get you to tell me what I want to know?

      See how easily you jumped through that hoop?


      BTW, they still won, you still lost.

      1. Whitaker won. Their tool Roland Chi lost (I know you don’t feel bad about that since you voted for the bankrupt Aaron Gregg.

        And Nelson kicked Sidhu’s ass. Again. Despite (or because of) the strong endorsement of the FPOA. Norby won big, too. Hmm.

        Meanwhile Mike Clearasil is working as a mall cop in Chicago and Leland Wilson is…where is Leland Wislon, again?

        Bankhead will be institutionalized within the year.

        And Pam Keller is his-to-ry! I call that a helluva great year for FFFF and a sad spectacle for you and the FPOA!

        Mmm. I smell bunny cooking!

        1. I don’t care about Cleceri or Wilson. Sidhu didn’t run for city council. Same with Keller.

          Two of their candidates won out of the three supported.

          I’m thinking the FPOA is feeling pretty good about the outcome.

          Despite your hopes and dreams of illness befalling Bankhead. Which really says a lot about you.

          1. Illness befalling Bankhead? The guy’s been out of it for years. Everyone who’s seen him on the council in the past two years knows it.

            But that didn’t stop the cops from endorsing him. And that really says a lot about them – and you.

          2. Weird reasoning. Didn’t you bother reading the article? Too much work? This Goodwrench guy is bragging about putting Clesceri and Wilson in office; they didn’t stay there long.

            The post isn’t about you and what you think is important. it’s about the cops supporting idiots, dimwits and thieves to get what they want.

            And they made a big deal about supporting Sidhu. Epic Fail.

  12. I still think watching Tony get his ass kicked by an 80 year old man is much more entertaining. So he’s been bullied by a chippy, an old man, his wife. Are there any others? If we could get his Pop Warner players to lay a chop block on him, I think we’d have all our bases covered.

  13. Fullerton Rudy :Illness befalling Bankhead? The guy’s been out of it for years. Everyone who’s seen him on the council in the past two years knows it.
    But that didn’t stop the cops from endorsing him. And that really says a lot about them – and you.

    Really? Could you detail for us your medical training that allows you to make that conclusion?

    BTW, he is Councilman Bankhead to you.

    1. Well I was a medic in the Army, but who cares? Anybody watching Bankhead blank out during meetings knows something’s badly amiss in his noggin. Nelson was generally kind enough to pick up the pieces.

  14. Fred Alcazar :Weird reasoning. Didn’t you bother reading the article? Too much work? This Goodwrench guy is bragging about putting Clesceri and Wilson in office; they didn’t stay there long.
    The post isn’t about you and what you think is important. it’s about the cops supporting idiots, dimwits and thieves to get what they want.
    And they made a big deal about supporting Sidhu. Epic Fail.

    And were still successful in getting two of their three candidates elected.

    Pretty good days work.

    1. And what separates them from the support of any other group?

      Are you saying the Chamber only supports geniuses and honest individuals?

      Now whose being naive?

  15. What is implied by the “we are hero’s” mentality is they will rise above their need to get paid and cops/fire will actually support candidates that care for the overall welfare of the city. Sadly neither institution cares to sacrifice their own employees pockets for the good of the city.

    4SD Observer no matter how you cut it, during these times it is truly unacceptable to continue the demands of the unions. The honorable thing to do is accept a paycut and remain employed.

    Alas I digress….there is no honor among the once proud institutions of “public safety.”

    1. JT,

      In case you haven’t been reading the news. Concessions are going on in cities all over the state.

      Your statement only proves that you don’t keep up with current events.

  16. As a Fullerton cop I’ve got to say I don’t care for a lot that’s written on this blog. But paying this guy that much money for what he does makes us all look bad.

    1. Thanks for having the balls to come on here and engage with rational and common courtesy. My hat is off to you Flatfoot, and I thank you for your service.

  17. Mr. Flatfoot, thank you so very much for realizing the truth. I also want to thank you for having the guts to say something! Thank you for your service.

  18. For a few hundred years, the thing that kept us safe and reasonable (sometimes barely) was the premise that it’s a “ONE PERSON – ONE VOTE” system.

    But, that premise doesn’t account for OUTSIDERS influencing the vote. If these guys live in Fullerton, fine. But, I’m guessing they don’t, which means they have no business in civic policy making.

    The danger of this influence is becoming painfully obvious.

  19. Your killin me Grover. especially the link to Barbara Giasoni’s announcement. that can’t all be true. its just spooky, thats all

  20. Jeez, whatever happened to that oddball stooge 4SD Observer? He/she sure was an abject apologist for the FPD. Of course that was before all the shining “winners” there started looking a little tarnished.

    1. I saw 4SD Observer with Pam Keller and Richard Fritsche at the Thursday farmers market at the Plaza last Thursday.

  21. Whether or not you like what they have done they are following the rules of the game. No different than the corporate criminals that swim in the same cesspool without regard for the working class that pay the bills. As I have stated on here previously I agree with kenslaysnotdead if you do not live here you have no vested interest in the community and you should not be employed by the citizens that live here

  22. Fullerton Police Officer Association President, Barry Coffman supports the killing of Kelly Thomas

  23. Could it be, Officer Andrew Goodrich was awarded a “Letter of Achievement” for his advanced capability in communications to convey
    information to the Citizens of Fullerton in one fingered sign language, utilizing a teleprompter.

  24. About the teleprompter in my previous blog
    Officer Goodrich DEMANDED he have the teleprompter at his award presentation ceremony

  25. Thank you for your astute political analysis, Mr. Goodrich. I now know that I am dealing with a very policically involved person. I now know that the untruths that you give out (boken bones, ect.) are not the result of some average street cop being forced into the position of public relations, but are the intentional work of a master political manipulator consciously trying to bend the perception of realitiy in favor of your group.

    I now know that you know that the death of Kelly Thomas has put to an end everything that you have tried to accomplish in the past 10 years and that you know that you are now publically exposed for who you are.

    We both know that you are now useless as a cop and that your best bet is to find an excuse for a meical retirement quickly, before the door closes and that scam is denied you.

    A public servant you are not, which is why the people of Fullerton have the perception that the Fullerton Police Department is not serving them.

  26. …not for too much longer though. The recall effort is in full swing now and the majority of people that are being asked to sign are VERY eager to do so without prompting. I’m willing to wager that the 10,000 signatures will be collected before the DA even makes an announcement about what criminal charges these officers will face.

  27. Goodrich, you filthy son of a b*tch, why is so hard for you to tell the truth? Why is so hard for anybody to tell the truth? There absolutely needs to be panel or some type of government watchdog body to watch over this pathetic excuse for a police department along with the the filthy council members. I’ve had it of all the hush-hush, thin blue line, secrets, and yada yada…this goes on everywhere. ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE. Every police department have worse criminally minded individuals than the ones they put in jail. Where are the term limits for these corrupted council members? The longer the term, the more favors accumulated. No one is watching the ones with the power, no one. No one is watching the D.A, the police, the council members…nobody. Oh that’s right.. because the police answers to the city council and the D.A. Because the city council is comprised of ex police officers along with the D.A. Does anybody else see this vicious cycle of lies and deceit? Does anybody else see how bullsh*t covers bullsh*t? How many times does Fullerton have to cover a crime by one of their officers, or lie, or perjure, before somebody comes in kicks in the door, no longer puts up with the nonsense and cleans up shop? We the citizens pay with our taxes for these police officers to hard honest work. Instead they bloat their salaries, their pensions, their retirements and not give god damn about the city and citizens they are paid to serve. I’ve just had it. Nationwide, police departments need to be cleaned up. Ahem. I’m off my soap box.

  28. d

    Hollis Dugan :
    Oops. Left out the name of the DA Karen Stokke. Thanks for giving us faith in the system.

    5 months in jail at the age of 18 ILLEGALLY

    I say we lock up the cop for 5 months in a strange jail somewhere.. that kid looks so skinny I bet he had to STRENGTHEN EVERY GANG TIE HE KNEW JUST SO NOBODY BEAT HIS ASS IN JAIL ETC..

    really sad really sad.. really sad.. what sort of worthless humans are those badge wearers AND WHO LETS THEM BE SO FUCKED UP…

    Someone posted a youtube vid of some gun rights dude.. saying the chief and council members who covered up the murder of Kelly Thomas should do the right thing and commit suicide… getting more and more difficult not to agree with him.

    Veth Mam
    Emmanuel Martinez
    Kelly Thomas
    MORE I am sure

  29. Ron Thomas ought to pay

    Veth Mam
    Emmanuel Thomas
    The women who were assaulted by the cop
    et al

    to appear at every court hearing wearing some sort of shirt that shows the info of what the FPD did to them and ask them to hand out flyers in the courts about THEIR CASES TOO…


  30. Your every day beat cops making chump change are not the trolls posting on this blog.
    Where can I place a bet that the six figure stooges Coffman and Goodrich are the trolls.

    1. So here’s another interesting question if anyone has the data. What are the salary ranges like at FPD? Lowest to highest? Big differential?

  31. Fullerton Police Officer Association President, Barry Coffman cannot even correctly ticket someone for horn honking.

    He will not be able to handle larger issues.

    He needs to be replaced with an officer that reflects the professionalism and capabilities of the FPD.

    1. Well now this is interesting. Because if you read through a lot of postings on FFFF you see there is a continuing discussion over many threads going on about this very topic – does the Fullerton police force actually have officers that reflect the kind of professionalism you allude to?

      I’m not saying that they don’t. I’m just asking, if they do, where are they hiding?

  32. Anyone notice you can link from the Goodrich article to the article on Chief Sellers introduction article when he first became chief? It talks about how when he was 11 years old a homeless person went into his grandparents home. Laguna PD came and handled it as a mental health issue not a crime. Mr. Sellers should have shared that with his patrolmen.

  33. Do a version of that sticker that says …

    We Support Killers FPOA 2011 and put it on a blue shirt, dip your hands in red paint and stand in front of the FPD station… that is about the truth.

  34. Fullerton is a “conservative” city???? Puh-leeze.

    I guess to Goodrich, conservative means “won’t raise our pensions.”

    The people they helped elect have rubberstamped anything the police force wanted, and Fullerton will soon go broke like other cities that have done the same.

  35. The picture showing the letter has not been adequately edited for the purpose of protecting the persons identity and information from being shown.

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