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Fullerton v FFFF in the News

Today we were Front Page, Above the Fold in the Sunday edition of the Orange County Register [HERE]. The article was good overall and addressed many of the issues surrounding the ludicrous case the City has lodged against us. This comes on the heals of several articles which have been written by The Voice of […]

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Paulette Chaffee’s Silence Could Cost Taxpayers

If Paulette Marshall Chaffee receives the most votes in the District 5 Election on 06 November – will she resign the office or allow herself to be sworn in? It’s not a tough question but Mrs. Chaffee has refused to talk to anybody or answer any questions. I emailed both campaigns asking for comment before […]

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Election Meddling – Silva’s $400,000 Arrogance

Make taxpayers shell out $400,000 or meddle in an ongoing election. Pick one. That’s the quandary in front of our city council tonight in the form of agenda item 4: 4. FULLERTON MUNICIPAL CODE AMENDMENT REGARDING CITY COUNCIL VACANCIES Consideration of an ordinance to repeal Fullerton Municipal Code Section 2.02.020 and follow procedure for filling City Council […]

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Proud Leaders in DUI Enforcement

The Fullerton PD marketing apparatus is still trying to convince the public that some sort of equitable enforcement of DUI exists. Check out today’s promulgation: This is the very same police department that attempted to cover up a DUI collision committed by its own city manager just a few months ago. Now that we know former police […]

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Will Top Fullerton DUI Cop Cop to Felony Charges?

Uh, oh. More bad news for the Fullerton Police Department Culture of Excellence. It seems as if one of Fullerton’s Finest and top DUI arrester Timothy Gibert has been arrested himself in San Bernardino for all sorts of nasty behavior – grand theft and conspiracy. The scam was…oops. The “alleged” scam was to return merchandise […]

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Fullerton Makes The Nightly News!

But not in a way that brings anybody any civic pride. Ms. Pollinger is a well-intentioned person, but she is off target to praise the justice system for collaring itself a bad boy, presumably because the ladder of justice has no top and no bottom. Since the Fullerton cops intentionally failed to collect any evidence and […]