What Are They Doing Now?

No. You can't dig your way out.

So who really is responsible for Fullerton’s out-of-control “public safety” pension vortex?

Here’s a handy list of everyone in the history of Fullerton who’s ever voted for the public safety¬† 3 @ 50 pension scam, and their current whereabouts:

Yay! Red jello!

Don Bankhead (R) – Fullerton City Councilmember, and Mayor.

Why not 4 @45? That's prit' near a hunnerd percent!

Dick Jones (R) – Fullerton City Councilmember.

No, I don't mind dressing up like a goddam idiot...

Chris Norby (R) – State Assemblyman, 72nd District

The bathroom is over there, behind the wig shop.

Mike Clesceri (R) – is rumored to be working security at suburban Chicago mall.

Can I vote now? I'm ready!

Jan Flory (D) – tries to remain relevant by stirring up neighborhood resentment against kids riding bikes.

And there you have it. A 5-0 vote. Motion made by Flory and seconded by Norby, to go along with the most irresponsible vote in the history of Fullerton.

9 Replies to “What Are They Doing Now?”

  1. “the most irresponsible vote in the history of Fullerton” – That about sums it up.

    Here’s the really crazy part: Only one of them has admitted their mistake.

    1. ….and, correct me if I am mistaken, did NOT repeat it when confronted with the similar issue while serving on the County Board of Supervisors.

      1. True, but Norby gave the cops a huge pay out for supporting his re-election in 2000.

        Does a disingenuous apology years later count for much?

  2. Who would’ve thought that our financial future would be flushed down the toilet by 4 “fiscally conservative” Republicans?

    1. …anybody with two brain cells to rub together. There are no “fiscally conservative” Republicans around here, except during campaign season.

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