What Happened to Officer Christopher Wren

Wren is on the right
Wren is on the right…

Some of you may remember the story of Officer Christopher Wren, the FPD brother in blue who pled “no contest” to a list of charges back in 2009. That wasn’t enough to get him booted from the force then but it appears he’s off the force now.

So what happened? What would possibly be worse than false imprisoning somebody?

An affair with a subordinate.

The department learned about the affair when Wren’s wife threw him out of the house and a subsequent investigation took place. During the course of this investigation some things were learned and #3 is a fun note.

“A nude photo of you, taken on October 17, 2017, was located on your Department-issued phone”.

One has to wonder how common this problem is around the station and on department-issued phones.

Based on this report these officers, while on duty, just ignored dispatch and the city they were supposed to be “serving and protecting” so they could “talk” about their dalliances. Sometimes for hours at a time.

The list continues.

Wren-Dismissal 03

Let’s look at #10 for a second.

“while on duty and in uniform and in a women’s restroom at the Fullerton Police Station… you met with Officer Riedl for several minutes to discuss your personal relationship”

They met in the women’s restroom for several minutes to “discuss” their relationship. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Finally Officer Wren made a point to “confront” Officer Ramek about their “respective relationships with Officer Riedl”.

It would appear that there was quite the love triangle happening at FPD and that despite the department policy on notification of any such relationships (specifically the subordinate one) it was only discovered once Wren’s wife notified FPD that she threw him out of the house.

Based on FPD’s history this looks like classic turning a blind eye to policy until it becomes a problem too big to ignore. Here’s the relevant policy:

FPD Policy Relationship 01

FPD Policy Relationship 02

We’re not sure what, if anything, happened with Officers Riedl or Ramek or how many “discussions” are still happening in the FPD women’s restroom at this time. As more information is released we’ll be sure to share it.

26 Replies to “What Happened to Officer Christopher Wren”

  1. Officer Riedl left Fullerton PD and is now working at Garden Grove PD. She will make her way around Officers there just like she did with her Tactical Officers at the Orange County Sheriff’s Academy before getting involved with Ramek and Wren. She has a pattern of devouring men much like Lt. Hamel did. Hamel’s Nickname was CAT 5….Category 5 Hurricane!!!

  2. 5 hour and 7 minutes in the Courthouse? Wow, kinky… and my husband only needs 5 minutes and some times only 7 seconds. Wren’s my hero.

  3. Clean house Bring in officers who are
    Honest. Wont lie and cover up for each other

  4. I heard he got a few million too. Cici and Ramos got 5 million each from Fullerton. Wren was mad. Hamil only got $750,000. Fullerton loves making political mistakes and paying people to leave.

  5. Riedl’s box must be lined in gold for any man to not only give up his wife and family, but also a 200,000.00 a year job. How stupid can a man be. Hope she is worth it. I don’t see any woman (or man) being worth losing a good livelihood and family for. Much less having everyone know you have no integrity, honesty or loyalty. Just another man following a younger piece of tail into a burning bush. It will all go up in flames sooner or later.

    1. 200, 000. No cop makes 200 grand especially to start so don’t know where you got ur info frm but your grossly wrong, and don’t start talking overtime cuz people in cooperate Can make twice as much doing overtime, Besides no one cares

      1. Salary and benefits = $200,000. Total compensation – the dirty secret the unions want to keep hidden.

        “Cooperate?” Should have stayed in high school, dummy.

      2. Guess again?
        Christopher R. Wren
        POLICE SERGEANT (2017)
        Regular pay: $116,182.18
        Overtime pay: $18,440.80
        Other pay: $19,105.41
        Total pay: $153,728.39
        Benefits: $109,035.59
        Total pay & benefits: $262,763.98

        1. Oh we need some serious sheriff in my town , bc buddy I’m not happy bout children being hurt in Casey county ky or the grid being hacked , or the fact I tried to prevent and was mocked , laughed at . I support all law enforcement . But not when I know they hacked the electrical grid then push me out of my home !!!! Ronna oh yeah we have a cop in junction city ky named wren …

  6. You should watch him and friend go crazy on a home owner on a video on lackluster YouTube cop watch channel. He really goes crazy.

        1. I know I’m late to this and I apologize, but I was the one who took the video. Long story short: All of them were ex-cops and I ended up going to court. Another one who worked with him, in the video, was Kevin Pederson. He cost the city of Anaheim about $3m dollars when he riddled a car with several hundred rounds. The chief released a statement but omitted certain details, this being one of them. I dont know what happened to Wren or his gang since all of this, nobody’s told me anything.

  7. Anyone who knows him knows Wren is a Grade A a$$hole. He is a narcissist and a wretched human being.

  8. This is the reason females do not belong in combat units. Military efficiency requires the highest level of cohesiveness attainable. When females are introduced to the mix, romantic relationships inevitably blossom , thus eroding this all important cohesiveness.

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