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Sharon Quirk, Poor Little Rich Girl and The Myth of the Union/Corporation Dichotomy

I was struck the other day by a post on the Voice of OC(EA) about Sharon Quirk that started out with Q complaining that there is now a target on her back by the GOP who want their Republican seat back. The rest of the post is the typical mush-drivel we’ve come to expect of […]

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The Sad, Degenerate World of Norberto Santana, Jr.

When he graduated from journalism school, Norberto Santa, formerly of the Orange County Register and more recently writer for the comically self-described “non-profit” Voice of OC, likely told his friends and family how he was going to change the world by exposing, well, things, that needed exposing. How sad he must be, now that he […]

Orange County Government Setting The Bar Low Tom Daly Watch Your Wallet


We were looking through Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly’s campaign expenditures and stumbled upon a very interesting expenditure or shall we say “more monkey business”.  In his statements, Tom listed a $275.37 payment to current Clerk-Recorder employee Rosa Chavez for “refreshments for 80 staff” since he knows they hate both him and his minion Assistant Clerk-Recorder Rene […]