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I’m Tired of You Lazy Nitwits

This town just keeps getting dumber. Enjoy your erasure of history because you read a third hand account of a bad thing from 100 years ago. Enjoy your higher taxes pretending to be for “infrastructure” because the council pissed all of your money into the same salaries & pensions people are now demanding be defunded. […]

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Keep Protesting All the Way to November

There was a protest today in Fullerton, like many cities around the country, sparked by the George Floyd murder in Minneapolis. People are justifiably angry about the actions of the officers involved who killed Mr. Floyd. This blog has long stood against police misconduct and abuses of authority from the Pre-Kelly Thomas days to my […]

Joshua by Spencer
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The Cost of Suing Us

Fullerton just “separated from employment” 150+ non-union part-time staff. Why? Because despite years of Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald’s lies about a “Balanced Budget” and our mythical reserve fund – we had no plan for a rainy day. During meetings, myself, David and others warned the City Council that a downturn was likely in the future and […]

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Fullerton’s Veritable Serpico Problem

Fullerton, like most departments, has a problem reminiscent of Serpico and this problem is years in the making. This problem is part of the story of the sordid “Culture of Corruption” that was documented after the Kelly Thomas beating. This veritable Serpico problem is a cancer within the system where once in uniform even good […]

OC Superior Court in Santa Ana
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Fullerton v. FFFF – New Judge, New Court Dates

Things just keep on moving in the legal battles between us and Fullerton. Yesterday the Hon. Judge Lee ruled that our two cases, Joshua Ferguson v. Fullerton and Fullerton v. FFFF, Joshua Ferguson, et al are related in response to our request for such a ruling. As such we will no longer be gracing Judge […]