The Moral Bankruptcy of Bankhead

Somebody captured this campaign sign recently. It suggests one of three things.

Re-elect? How many times does this boob need to be recalled?

1) Don Bankhead is a liar who wants people to think he is an incumbent; or,

2) Bankhead belongs in a memory care unit since he can’t remember that he was recalled four months ago and is no longer on the City Council; or,

3) he is too cheap to buy new campaign signs and is using old ones.

Pay no attention to the dinosaur behind the curtain…

Well, which is it?

48 Replies to “The Moral Bankruptcy of Bankhead”

  1. Just watch…..this idiot and Jan Flory will both get elected…..time for that move I’ve been thinking about!

  2. On a related note, I read something about Measure W which apparently wants people to think it is about a nature preserve.

    Maybe today is irony day!

    1. And…

      Chevron is using scare tactics by saying there will be tax increasing and job loss if the Measure isn’t approved. In one flyer they state we would get a “nature preserve” at NO COST TO TAXPAYERS. How are tax increases no cost to taxpayers if the Measure isn’t passed?

      Please don’t forget our current council approved the term “nature preserve” to receive more votes.

      1. How do you know Don Bankhead knows about that sign. I sure he does but you never know.

        Still, I find it difficult to beleive he has a serious chance to be re-elected. Such would suck.

  3. Ask him. I bet he forgot already! Did he use old signs? Is he that cheap? Yes.
    Yes, we can blame Don on the “turnaround” of Fullerton.

    1. It’s #3. I’m not even sure that “re-elect” in this context is improper — he was elected four years ago, after all — but I am confident that (1) he doesn’t care and (2) he’s taking the path of least resistance here.

  4. Well, maybe old Don is going for an election hat trick! Don, come on buddy, stay home and enjoy your retirement and grandkids.

  5. He’s using the same campaign statement, the same website, and the same endorsers– none of which (whom) mention anything about either of his recalls.

    Vanity and arrogance know no boundaries. Unfortunately, these are traits that Bankhead and Flory share.

  6. I saw this sign the other day in front of Don’s house, and chuckled to myself figuring that Don was the only person in Fullerton who didn’t realize that he’d been kicked out of office.

    Then I thought that maybe Don had rationalized to himself that he had in fact been elected to office at twice, so technically he could use the term “re-elect”.

    Either way I had to chuckle.

  7. The FPOA signs endorsing him are on order! We like to put them out the wknd b4 the election everywhere! I’ll be at Heroe’s and if u bring in the sign ill autograph it! Bring me crispy cremes and ill take a picture with u

    1. What’s the fuss about? I’ve looked at those Re-elect signs over 400 times and can’t figure out what the problem is

  8. all three? Doesn’t Bankhead have any healthy shame? At least McKinley and Jones knew when to skulk away. Bankhead is driven by what desire?

  9. Speaking of liars or misleading ads what about the COPS flyer Kiger and Whitaker put their names on trying to make voters believe they were endorsed by Law Enforcement during the recall election? I guess that’s ok huh?

    1. How do you know “Law Enforcement” didn’t support them? I keep hearing about all the good cops out there. I bet they’re dying for reform of the Culture of Corruption.

      News flash, Barry Coffman ain’t “law enforcement.”

      1. Joe or Tony or Travis or whatever, make no mistake Law Enforcement did not and will not endorse these two. They are no friend to anyone but their friends. But I did check with local PD’s and Anaheim and Fullerton don’t support them. Do you have different information?

        1. I thought that law enforcement was all about doing the right thing?

          Do you purport to speak for all of law enforcement?

          How did Joe, Tony, Travis, or whatever do anything wrong?

          Please elaborate.

      1. I read just a bit of sleep deprivation can equal a blood alcohol level about the legal limit.

        “Seventeen hours without sleep is equivalent to a .05 blood alcohol level, and 24 hours without sleep is like a .01 blood alcohol level. In most states, the legal limit for a driver is .08,”

        “Two 32-ounce colas didn’t pack enough caffeine to keep officer Thomas Aveni’s eyes open at 4 AM. Aveni, a policeman working the graveyard shift in New Jersey, steered his patrol car over to a curb and put it in park–or so he thought. When he awoke he realized he had driven into a fence.

        Aveni’s accident didn’t hurt him or anyone else, but other fatigued police officers know that sleep deprivation can be deadly.”

        Sleep Deprivation: ‘Public Enemy Number 1’ for Cops

  10. I know I know!
    The answer is number 1.
    Fact: Bankhead ordered new signs from a well known sign maker.
    Before they were delivered he was telling people that he put signs out and they were stolen..humm maybe he did put some “old ones” out but no one we know saw them around. Did any of you?
    This makes the mind go to places like, maybe he is responsible, or his cronies, for taking down many candidate signs in the past few weeks?
    And Joe Sipowicz, yes there are a lot of good cops out there who would be happy to endorse Kiger and Whitaker except they are afraid of their co-workers who don’t. It is a sad sad world where the bad cops silence the good cops with fear tactics.
    As a former Chief, Bankhead could have gone to the department and said..what’s up with the Kelly Thomas case, what really happened here? He just closed his eyes and played deaf and dumb leaving it all to the “authorities”.

    Hearing Bankhead speak at a few political events around town, he states: ” I was going to quit after this term but got recalled, so now I am going to run again”…umm stubborn, yes, not a clue, yes. Even his former supporters are saying “what is he thinking? ”
    But if he wins, and yes he can, he might find himself on the short end of the vote, with no majority following his lead. We might see the sleeping councilman back on the dias.
    Come on Don, pull out of the race, your MBA in public safety doesn’t apply in this world. We need a brand new safe, clean, pothole free Fullerton and you did not provide it before, so what makes you think you can provide it now?

  11. I am so voting for Bankhead if nothing more than to see him win again and watch FFFF’s collective heads pop in unison! Are the 460 forms out yet? How much cash has Booshala poured into this campaign thus far? I’m sure it’s a lot because it ain’t cheap being King of Fullerturd! I look forward to watching his bitch-boy Kiger get chased off the dais with his tail between his legs.

    1. Since it appears to be your first time posting here on this blog, I’ll give you a really simple challenge to see what you got “Go Don!”

      How about if you go over some day to “Mr. Booshala’s” office on Walnut Avenue, and see if you can count the number of sponsor plaques for our youth athletic leagues and public schools here in Fullerton that “Mr. Booshala” has donated over the last twenty years.

      I’ll bet you can’t.

        1. Bushala envy:

          when someone is so posessed by evil and jealousy they go to incredible lengths to see the envied person experience even an ounce of pain compared to what is their life. They are miserable inside so they try to make everyone else miserable too. They wish they were like you yet try to convince people how bad you are. They want people to dislike you because they are so jealous.

            1. Jealousy and envy are what’s causing you all that anger Mr. Carville.

              Only love can conquer hate.

              1. It’s not anger, it’s a weird kind of love. You’re allegations of jealousy and envy are pretty stock-yawn… If it makes you feel better, then by all means. I suggest you make sure the debits equal the credits and others will press on with social issues.

                Now, Shithead, down to brass tacks.

                Shithead says,”Since it appears to be your first time posting here on this blog, I’ll give you a really simple challenge to see what you got “Go Don!”

                The rational world says, “Who the fuck is this little pecker head, “Fullerton Lover?” Are you Ernest Hemingway? I don’t think you’re capable of envy, which is good, but it’s only your narcissistic personality disorder ringing through.

  12. #34 by cg… You get to change all the diapers… Including Blanky boy…have fun

    Now wondering if those dirty diapers dumped in Corona DelMar (found with an envelope addressed to a medical office in Fullerton)…well?

  13. Does Bankhead live in the red barn house? I’ve been driving by it for years and shake my head every time…why?

  14. Bankhead getting re-elected is a very scary possibility to me. Will this city show so much disconnect from reality that they will vote in a man who was such an integral piece of the corruption that allowed the cover up of a murder. A man who has been recalled twice for failure to perform in the best interests of the people.

    And why? So the police association can have another bought vote when it comes time for them to start getting away with things again?

    This city is still far from the reform it needs. Please don’t start backsliding with the likes of Bankhead and Flory.

    I’m already considering a vacation in a nearby town to get away from the Flory and now Bankhead signs in my neighborhood (they both live nearby). If they see seats on the council, I may move and leave you all to fend for yourselves against the madness that would elect such narcissistic, out of touch characters.

  15. Uhh, I’ve been a Fullerton resident for 32 years and I was a part of Bankhead’s first recall. I had nothing whatsoever to do with Bankhead’s second recall. Yesterday, I received in the mail a sample ballot, which shows that Don Bankhead is running for city council yet again. In his statement at the back of the sample ballot he says to please visit his website,, which I went to. Which brings me to a bunch of questions. First and foremost, is Don Bankhead currently mayor of Fullerton?? It says on the website that “The behavior of our civic leaders set the tone for our city. That is why I pledge to run a clean and honest campaign.” And then very dishonestly urges potential voters to visit his 2-year old “mayordonbankhead” site where we are told that Don Bankhead is the mayor. Actually, Don Bankhead WAS mayor 2 years ago. Can someone do something about this FALSE and MISLEADING advertising????? Take it down and replace it with a current website, or something??

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