Photo Fun: Jesus Asks Questions

If you don’t ask you’ll never find out…

Friends, in response to our public records act request regarding council communications on November 9th, 2016, we actually received the image below from newly-elected but not even sworn-in councilman Jesus Silva.

The first message from the afternoon of November 9th is “responsive,” but not requested since Silva was not yet a councilman. Still it’s pretty darn funny.

The second message dated five days later is a completely gratuitous offering, and you are free to make of it what you will. To me it looks an awful lot like Jesus was planning a list of invitees to an upcoming fundraiser. Let’s hope Felz didn’t waste any time on a purely political exercise for somebody too lazy too do his own research. Of course Stumblejoe had other things on his mind on November 14th.

Jesus Silva’s phone

I wonder if Joe had a restful weekend.

18 Replies to “Photo Fun: Jesus Asks Questions”

  1. Wow, that’s pretty a blatant fundraising effort. Let’s hope for his sake Jeezus gets smarter than putting that sort of thing in writing in the future.

    And I bet if he wasn’t preoccupied with paying for Sappy McTree’s funeral, Felz would have been more than happy to abuse public resources than to comply with the request.

  2. Wait a minute… Jesus wasn’t even a council member when these texts were sent. He hadn’t been sworn in or even elected yet. Why would he hand them over for a records request?

        1. I doubt that is Barry Nipsey. Those words are above that hothead Levinson’s pay grade. Doubtful he ever sets his oversized feet here. Come on, Everyone knows Cantor is nothing more than a disheveled, slithering, tool for the establishment. Why do you guys think he is an at large on the planning commission? You kids are funny with this tin foil shit. Those Imbriano signs really got to you all. Joe has you all just a little hot under the collar eh? You boys and girls see tin foil under every rock now. Hey does anyone know if those bags under Cantor’s eyes are from staying up late at night looking at……?

          1. Dude, the Earth is not flat. Embrace that simple truth and you will be well on the way toward mental self-help.

            1. Looks like another one of Bushalas groupies that sees Joe under every Rock. I wonder who’s really f***** up in the head out after all?

              1. The Earth is a sphere. If you start in one place and go east or west long enough you will be back where you started. You cannot fall off the edge.

                And the moon is not a cheese suspended from a blimp.

                Please seek help.

  3. Somewhere today in Orange County, council members and government bureaucrats are furiously deleting texts.

    This is the first I’ve seen texts from a personal phone handed over. Thank you, City of San Jose v. Superior Court 2017.

  4. You have to wonder how much Jesus Silva knew about his female counterpart at Nicholas Junior High School molesting little boys for years.

    Did he look the other way to not rock the political cronies he hangs with like the school bosrd member he’s pictured with, who’s husbands retirement is half of the annual budget for the whole city of Fullerton?

    1. Yeah I love how cuddly a school board member is with a union activist. it tells you all you need to know about Ed Royce’s schoolboard RINOs. They’d sell us out in a second. And have.

    2. Silva need not be intelligent, or well spoken, only Latino, just like his wife and the new County supervisor will be. The ballot has become a multiple choice test administered to masses of stupid people who just want a bunch of free shit.

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