The FPD Lie: Broken Bones. Nope.

The Fullertonian is reporting that the officers who got into a “scuffle” with Kelly Thomas did NOT suffer from broken bones, as erroneously reported in news broadcasts.

So where did this lie come from? Well, we know that FPD spokesman Andrew Goodrich fed that line to Matt Coker of the OCWeekly, as indicated in his July 7th article on the incident. So it’s safe to assume that Goodrich squeaked that one to the rest of the media outlets as well.

Of course Goodrich let the lie float around for two weeks while he ran damage control for the invisible chief.

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  1. This is a ridiculous posting. Many soft tissue injuries mimic symptoms of broken bones so this clearly explains any misunderstanding.

    Also, Sergeant Goodrich (and remember getting to the rank of sergeant in a world-class police department is no mean feet) is a professional Public Communicator and it could very well be that the OC Weekly (who’s standards are abysmally low) reporter just got it all wrong.

    Either way, there is no story here.

        1. Nah, hanging out in a town full of crooked cops, wanna be gang bangers, and douche bags/baggets who can’t handle their alcohol doesn’t really sound too appealing. Thanks for the invite though. Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding someone to harass and beat for no reason. Have fun.

        2. I see. And given you and all your buddy’s obvious lack of respect for human life, I am not surprised to hear you say that.

          BTW – Changing your screen name every time you have a comment to make, pussy move. No surprise there either, considering it’s coming from a guy who has to wear a badge and carry a gun and beat innocent people to feel in control. Good job.

    1. Sergeant Goodrich (and remember getting to the rank of sergeant in a world-class police department is no mean feet)

      If Fullerton PD qualifies as world class the world needs higher standards! Robberies, drug abuse, beatings, misleading the public, braking and entering, kidnapping, and the list continues.

      Heres to a world class police force! Thanks for reminding us BTB!

    2. You are ridiculous. Saying the police had several broken bones insinuates that Kelly was having a total out-of-control rampage and breaking the cops’ bones gives them an excuse to use extra force. You so out of line.

    3. No police organization that has personnel who gang up on a 135 pound homeless man and beat him to death is a “world class” police department. Period. I have nothing but respect for police officers and I appreciate the work they do. But they really blew this one. This is a terrible, terrible tragedy, and the best thing this police organization can do is shine a bright light on the entire event, with a goal towards ensuring something like this never, ever happens again.

    4. BTB – Now that the picture of Kelly has been released and posted, curious what kind of mind vomit you you have to spew now ?

    5. Btb. Wait… Do you mean to tell me that Fullerton’s finest don’t have access to an x-ray machine. This new revelation is truly appauling to me. The men and women who saddle up and ride out every day to protect us can’t recieve proper medical care after detaining a crazy who could have been capable of tossing a car around. Our world class public servants deserve world class treatment. These truly are fullertons toughest, they probably even bandaged themselves up and everything. I heard that they are even trained to self-medicate. Just give then a handful of oxy’s and they’ll be back to harassing citizens in no time. And obviously if you had a brain you would realize that the story is that FPD intentionally lied to it’s citizens to cover up the murder they committed.

      1. Wow you sound enlightened. Glad to know biased people like you are out there judging those who disagree with you in a widely generalizing way.

    6. Back the Badge, U IS A MOPRON! if you think you have a broken bone you go & get an xray. “world-class police department” you must be a part of the FPD criminal organization, reporter was given miss leading info to stop the reporting of the FPD criminal conduct. I hope the FBI comes down on you phony Police Dept, nothing but a thugs hiding behind a Shied the should have never had!

  2. BTB you sound like a traffic control/ accident patrol cop… Nothing to see here, nothing to see. I don’t think we are buying it.

  3. This is some funny shit!! The stuff you guys come up with is hillarious. Do you really think Goodrich just makes this shit up? I come to this site every so often when I need a good laugh, Thanks, I’ll check in later.

    1. Looks like he made up the story about broken bones. Maybe they really sprains or bruises. Or tummy aches.

    2. Yeah, we dont just think goodrich made stuff up, we know he did. Where are the photos of the cops injured hands. We demand to see them!

  4. The idea that six armed men with badges beat a 135 pound homeless man to death – someone who was not intoxicated and was clearly not a serious threat to even one of them – is terrifying. These things are not supposed to happen in America.

    The idea that these men, who wear badges and have sworn an oath to protect the public, are using their UNION to intimidate people who want to cast light on this tragedy – is even more terrifying. Members of law enforcement carry grave responsibilities, and there are checks and balances in place to hopefully ensure they don’t abuse their power. When police and other members of public safety professions are allowed to unionize, this makes them too powerful.

    Public safety unions should be illegal.

  5. The gal from ABC repeated the broken bones tale yesterday so it would appear that Goodwrench is back peddling that again.

  6. If Kelly Thomas was loved so much by friends and family, why was he homeless? Or better yet why did the family have a restaining order against him? Shows how cracked out and violent he probably was.

    1. Does your arm hurt from reaching so bad?

      All we are hearing from you people are weak attempts to cloud the issue by trying to bash the man and the family’s character. Nothing you can say will divert the attention from the fact that 6 armed men beat an unarmed man to death. And no story you guys can cook up will justify that. Nice try though.

    2. do you think that comment takes away from what was done to this man. And might I add what was done by his Father’s so-called brothers in law enforcement. If anything you should respect public opinion,and concider whats making people that make those heartless and void of emotion comments the way they are ,and what you could do to never be that kind of cop. I can tell you that one day you will stand before GOD and give an account for your actions, as well as the”one-eyed” cop. GOD gave him a second chance in life and law enforcement and he dropped the ball, he really dropped the ball. I think GOD spared him so he would be here to help spare KELLY, and he DID NOT. concider what you say ,you will hear it again

  7. you need to know what you are talking about before you open your mouth Or taser people, etc…etc…. I have a cousin who has mental health problems living somewhere on the streets of OC. He would rather live out on the streets than in a house. I bet that you are a cop and this shows that the FPD needs training in the area of mental health ! If you knew more about this Kelly would be alive today

  8. When is the next march on FPD going to be? I was busy this Saturday. We need to all go to a city counsel meeting and DEMAND TO BE TREATED BETTER!!!

  9. Its very clear what these terrerist ( AKA F.P.D. ) was doing sending a message to the homeless . The o.c. D.A. needs to bring up charges of attemted murder :: murder ::: and terrerisim ::: unless of course these is standard police policy to murder people and as long as they are yelling stop resisting (even when they are not ) POLICE LIE all the time they where a nice clean uniform and under oath in court LIE there ass off——————————————————————————–
    terrorism [ˈtɛrəˌrɪzəm]
    1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) systematic use of violence and intimidation to achieve some goal

    1. Regardless of what I think about these likely abusive officers, forgive me if I don’t think people should take the advice of someone who can’t even spell what they accuse others of doing.

  10. RIP Kelly Thomas. Even tho he was homeless, commited a crime and not loved by his family, he was still a person. And no one should ever get treated in that type of manor. Our justice system is so wacked out that who’s to say he will get the right justice. Only god can bring the right and fair justice. And he will judge those who have done wrong.

    1. Committed a crime? Sez who, Andrew Goodstench? The guy was found with thrown out trash in his backpack!

  11. RE News Check #24.
    Public Liar Officer’s job is to spin without foundation.
    He is doing more harm than good.
    Probably another Ex Chief McKinley Hood.
    McKinley has taken his lack of Judgement on to the City Council!!!

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  13. Holy hell Goodrich, even Lawyers don’t have that kind of smug. Thankfully, I have never been grinned at by a date-rapist, but after seeing Goodrich’s mug above…I feel like I have now.

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