Chevron vs. Fullerton

I’ll keep this simple.  Chevron is a lowlife among corporate miscreants.  A dark oilstain on the free market; a corrupted, taxpayer-subsidized payoff and extortion specialist with expertise in despoiling the globe and bullying anyone who challenges them.  They are responsible for disastrous oils spills and damages to Ecuador, Brazil, Nigeria and elsewhere, resulting in loss of life and mind-boggling environmental devastation.  They have also been implicated for human rights […]

Two Coyote Hills Petitions Fail to Qualify

Two of the four referendum petitions for Coyote Hills have failed to qualify per the OC Registrar of Voters. These petitions would have put Chevron’s Coyote Hills development on the ballot in a future election. The Friends of Coyote Hills had submitted four separate petitions to cover the specific plan, the general plan amendment, the development agreement and […]

Coyote Hills Referendum Is Under Way

Just in case you were wondering what’s happening with Coyote Hills: Fighting a multi-billion company like Chevron takes a lot of perseverance and money!  The Friends of Coyote Hills is an all volunteer group from the community (we are not paid). We live in the community so we have a deep stake in the outcome of West Coyote […]

How Independent is Open Coyote Hills?

A few months back we told you about a new group called Open Coyote Hills here. Their friendly looking green and white signs have appeared all over Fullerton to show support for Chevron’s West Coyote Hills plan.   The development was voted down by the city council last year, but thanks to the ongoing threat […]

It’s Baaaaaaack!

Last night the Fullerton City Council voted 4-1 to settle its lawsuit with Chevron in a deal that essentially man-dates approval of the development plan for West Coyote Hills that includes 760 houses, and that was denied 3-2. Last year Shawn Nelson, Pam Keller, and Sharon Quirk-Silva voted no. With Nelson and Keller having moved […]

Can Coyote Hills Be Saved?

As part of its project mitigation planning, the Orange County Transportation Authority’s Measure M program has sequestered a huge pile ‘o cash, something in the neighborhood of $200,000,000. The purpose of this dough is to procure sensitive habitat from private property owners who might have development plans. Naturally, the West Coyote Hills property was on […]

Where’s Our Park?

The north part of Orange County has a notorious lack of parks and open space. And while the County of Orange spends millions on its park system annually, including vast tracts of parkland in south county, and even on the Harbor Patrol in the wealthy enclave of Newport Beach, us taxpayers up north get almost […]

Coyote Hills Development Denied

Shawn Nelson voted to kill Chevron’s West Coyote Hills development – but not for the same reasons that Keller and Quirk-Silva noted.  At Tuesday’s City Council Meeting Shawn Nelson said of staff, “It’s like everybody got their Christmas list out.” Nelson was referring to the extraordinary list of demands that the City of Fullerton has […]

Will the West Coyote Hills Saga End Tonight?

After 30 years of debate, the city council is expected to vote tonight on the fate of West Coyote Hills. The “Save Coyote Hills” crowd will surely turn out in force, but can they stop the development completely? Unlikely, although council may have enough concerns to cause further delay. And even if council passes the […]

Coyote Hills Brouhaha; Tonight at 5:00

Tonight we have the first of a two-meeting public hearing at City Hall to discuss West Coyote Hills.  Actually, after reading tonight’s agenda, it looks like council just might clear the way for the bulldozers.  If you have something to say to the council members, tonight’s your chance, just show up early. If Councilman Shawn […]