Local Artist Movin’ On Up

A while back we had a new City seal contest here that was won by The Fullerton Savage. The Savage won a CD by local talented artist Nancy Sanchez. Nancy plays regularly at Steamers. Nancy recently won the Orange County Music Award for “Best Latin” and was also nominated for “Best Jazz” as well. She […]

Inspiring others, etc.

Fullerton ain’t the only city in this world that needs a deep cleanse, but we like to think of this blog as a model to decent people all across this country who wish to start defending their own cities from the corrupt, the callous and the hopelessly inept types who’ve promoted themselves to positions of power at our […]

Saying Goodbye To Alan Morton

Molly McClannahan used to call Alan Morton “The Conscience of Fullerton.” At some point back in the 1990’s, the city retained an expensive consultant to design a sign to be painted on the Union Pacific bridge (my idea) over Harbor Blvd.  Alan voluntarily designed the “Welcome to Downtown Fullerton” sign on his home computer, saving […]

Fullerton Friends Around the World

Papuan highlands headman B’rni (Barney) Wewak, former international exchange student at Troy High School in 1974 and well-remembered for his fondness of pop tarts and synthesized jazz, shares an enlightenting FFFF blog post with clan members just prior to the traditional head gathering foray that marks the beginning of the taro harvest and grub hunt.

Hugh Nguyen Gets Support From Quang Pham

In support of Hugh Nguyen for Orange County Clerk-Recorder, come meet special guest, former congressional candidate, Marine Corps veteran, Friend and Author Quang Pham. $100/person includes hors d’oeuvres and a personalized signed copy of Quang’s book, “A Sense of Duty”. Tuesday, April 27, 2010 6:15 PM Zen Vegetarian Restaurant 9329 Bolsa Ave. Westminster, CA 92683 […]

Greenhut Launches Watchdog Website

Steven Greenhut just launched The CalWatchdog website (www.calwatchdog.com), a journalism project designed to provide investigative coverage of the state’s increasingly dysfunctional government. This project could not have come at a better time, considering how the California budget is facing unprecedented shortfalls while the power and size of government continues to grow. CalWatchdog’s first major story […]

The Fart Boy

A Friend of ours tells the story of a special kind of person, necessary to almost any organization. He’s the guy who always sits next to the boss. And when his boss lets fly with some flatulence, he is there to tell him what a great fart it was. That’s the Fart Boy. We have discovered […]