FFFF Classic – Apologies to Dick Jones; Welcome to Kharakhastan!


We have had a lot of fun on this site making fun of City Councilman Dick Jones and his clockwork-regular gaffes and buffooneries. But, when you’re right, you’re right. We teased him for his creation of what we thought was a purely imaginary place: Kharakhastan, and we had some fun at his expense. Well, aren’t we embarrassed! It turns out there really is such a place!

A little research by our International Geography and Socio-Ethnography Department uncovered the following information:

Kharakhastan is a small ethnic enclave located within the Republic of Kazakhstan (former Soviet SSR) that comprises 135,000 square kilometers with a population of approximately 211,000 (2006 census).

Kharakh wrestlers await competition at local festival
Kharakh wrestlers await competition at local festival

The geography consists of arid upland steppe ascending to sub-alpine terrain and ultimately to high peaks. The highest point is Krysighi Peak (formerly known as Mt. Stalin’s Birthday and later Worker’s Peak), at 5439 meters high. The main industry in Kharakhastan is animal husbandry including sheep and tapirs, although a burgeoning Asian market for an aphrodisiac distilled from beaver gonads has spawned a nascent beaver ranching business in the many small tributaries that descend Krysighi Peak.

A typical Kharakh family
A typical Kharakh family

The principal city in the Kharakhastan region is Pilgur, documented by the Venetian Marco Polo, and known for its splendid 16th Century mosque.


When Kazakhstan broke away from the former Soviet Union in 1991, Kharakastan declared its own independence as a sovereign republic, an independence that lasted a mere four days and was crushed by Kazakh leader Nursultan Nazarbayev, who arrested Kharakh politcal headmen and outlawed the Kharakhastani People’s Liberation Party (LPKI).

Kharakhastan has never been recognized by the internatonal community, although former American President Bill Clinton toured the area in 2006 on a visit to Kazakhstan. The Reformed Kharakhastani People’s Liberation Party (LPKID) currently holds 3 seats in the Khazakh legislature.

Well, there you have it. Kharakhastan. Who knew? And to Dick Jones, our profound apologies!

Local Artist Movin’ On Up

A while back we had a new City seal contest here that was won by The Fullerton Savage. The Savage won a CD by local talented artist Nancy Sanchez. Nancy plays regularly at Steamers.

Nancy recently won the Orange County Music Award for “Best Latin” and was also nominated for “Best Jazz” as well.

She is currently recording her first full length album of Pop/Folk songs which she has penned in the last few years, and like most struggling artists, is in need of financial help in order to complete her goal.
Nancy has chosen www.kickstarter.com  as a way of connecting with fans and friends in order to help her achieve her goal with donations towards her recording process.
In return for donations, Nancy offers incentives that range from an advanced copy of the finished album, to a brand new acoustic Ovation guitar, House Concerts, a private invitation to the CD release party (in-studio), a Steamers Jazz Club Concert package and even the chance to record a vocal track on one of Nancy’s tunes to be used on the recording!
Here is a link to her Kickstarter page:
  …and here is an article just written from the O.C. Weekly.
Evan Stone & David J. Carpenter

Inspiring others, etc.

Fullerton ain’t the only city in this world that needs a deep cleanse, but we like to think of this blog as a model to decent people all across this country who wish to start defending their own cities from the corrupt, the callous and the hopelessly inept types who’ve promoted themselves to positions of power at our expense.

Well, it looks like other people share that vision, too. Here’s a letter that came to us today all the way from Atlanta, GA.

I would have never thought or believed the amount of corruption at the city level. I found your website because of Kelly Thomas. I check your blog daily for updates on these police officers hoping they will serve justice one day but I found reading the rest of your blog to be very saddening about what goes on behind close doors. The amount of corruption goes from the top to the bottom and seems endless. I am amazed at how well you guys stay informed on the goings on. You guys do inspire people but I am curious as to how you guys stay on top of everything. I know you attend town hall meetings and such. I am gathering friends and taking an active roll in our community so things can look brighter for our future and our kids future. I just want to say thank you.

Also, I just viewed this video and wanted to share. It gives an inside view of a police officer who was with the New Orleans PD.

This is youtube, video is called “AVTM exclusive: New Orleans cop comes clean on murder, theft, corruption, quits the force”

All the ways from Atlanta , GA

Jeff L

Thanks for the letter, Jeff and thank you for sharing the example of a real cop upholding his oath and breaking the code of silence.

Saying Goodbye To Alan Morton

WWII 457th Bomb Group B‐17 turret gunner

Molly McClannahan used to call Alan Morton “The Conscience of Fullerton.”

At some point back in the 1990’s, the city retained an expensive consultant to design a sign to be painted on the Union Pacific bridge (my idea) over Harbor Blvd.  Alan voluntarily designed the “Welcome to Downtown Fullerton” sign on his home computer, saving the city thousands of dollars.

Alan would constantly question city staff’s wisdom of using legal size paper for staff reports instead of letter size, which is what they use today. Staff’s answer was that they had no choice because the file cabinets were designed for legal size paper.

One of my all time favorite council meetings (I’ll have to YouTube it someday) was when Alan chucked an illegally placed Sa For Council sign during the public comments and the sign almost hit Sa en la cabesa. You go Alan!

I believe it was the great recall that really got Alan energized as an activist. From there, it was off to the races for Alan. He continuously ragged on the council to televise council meetings, and now they are. He would speak on almost every important item on the council’s agenda. His activism helped save Fullerton taxpayers millions of dollars.

Recently, at the ripe age of 86, Alan was having breakfast with three of his buddies. While chatting with one of the servers, Alan took a deep breath and that was it for our feisty old Friend. Alan gave of himself and asked for nothing in return. People like Alan Morton are Fullerton’s Future.

Click here to read Alan’s Obituary

Fullerton Friends Around the World

Headman Barney Enjoys FFFF with Family
Headman Barney Enjoys FFFF with Family

Papuan highlands headman B’rni (Barney) Wewak, former international exchange student at Troy High School in 1974 and well-remembered for his fondness of pop tarts and synthesized jazz, shares an enlightenting FFFF blog post with clan members just prior to the traditional head gathering foray that marks the beginning of the taro harvest and grub hunt.

A Closer Look at Nelson’s Package

Now that's a package

Le administrateur asked me to respond to Dan C’s tirade on The Liberal OC in regards to Shawn Nelson’s cigar largess to the troops. As Gustavo wrote, “this is one of the worst argued posts I have seen in a very long time”. It would appear that Dan C. failed to do any research, choosing to write a hit piece rather than an article. Had he done so, he would have found out that cigars are just an addition to the snacks and other useful items being sent by Mr. Nelson. Let me address Dan C’s tirade against sending tobacco products to the front line.

While smoking is a recognized issue by the medical corps, there are many more things that can easily kill a soldier, airman, sailor or Marine while in theater. IEDs, mortar and small arms fire, vehicle rollovers, helicopter or flight crashes to name just a few. Hence, the combat theater isn’t the easiest place to start a smoking cessation program and be successful. Soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines smoke for a number of reasons –because their peers are doing it, it helps them blow off stress, and also to pass the time between waiting and combat.

LT Zelinksi Chaplain

Once they are CONUS, the military can and often does start in on smoking cessation programs, which also includes insidious chewing tobacco. Any form of smoking or chewing tobacco contributes to a variety of smoking related diseases and ailments. Because they will have their health needs covered by TriCare or the VA, smoking cessation programs are essential. Our challenge as a nation is to help our military heroes cope with physical, emotional and stress related issues (including PTSD) by offering alternatives to smoking through array of integrated therapeutic venues. This is the focus for the next 30 years for the veteran and veteran support communities.

My suggestion to Mr. Nelson and others is twofold:

1. Continue sending things into the combat theater, and encourage others to do so too. I’ve prepared a document called Troop Support For Newbies available through my blog, The Kitchen Dispatch. TSFN has been widely shared across the nation, among families, troop support organizations and through the military ranks. In addition, for those on a budget: the thing soldiers like best are letters! FYI, The Boys and Girls Club Teen Center on Richman completed a letter writing campaign last spring. Their letters were sent to Afghanistan, where a chaplain picked them up and delivered them to soldiers in a remote outpost (see photo). Consider rewarding these young patriots with a big fat check for upgrades on their kitchen.

2. Give to veterans programs that work to help a soldiers well-being after he or she returns home. Several excellent programs run by private non profit organizations may be found on my blog. This post ran last week, and made the rounds of both the military community and up the ranks: The Kitchen Dispatch: Getting Rid of Mental Health Stigma. Many of us work together –regardless of differing viewpoints on war, or politics to ensure a veteran at all stages of life is supported with dignity. Those who volunteer for the military constitute less than 1% of the population.

Supporting the troops goes far beyond sending things to the front line. For many, the real battle begins when they are home. Nelson’s support is always welcome, and we appreciate that he keeps the men and women who serve in mind. Should he need to contact me directly, the best way to do this is through Fullerton’s Future COC.


Kanani Fong
Military Spouse
The Kitchen Dispatch
PR Team, National Geographic’s Restrepo
Writer, PBS Regarding War

Hugh Nguyen Gets Support From Quang Pham

In support of Hugh Nguyen for Orange County Clerk-Recorder, come meet special guest, former congressional candidate, Marine Corps veteran, Friend and Author Quang Pham.

$100/person includes hors d’oeuvres and a personalized signed copy of Quang’s book, “A Sense of Duty”.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
6:15 PM

Zen Vegetarian Restaurant
9329 Bolsa Ave. Westminster, CA 92683

For more information or to RSVP, please contact Hugh at: hieunguyenrun@yahoo.com or 714-357-6207.

President Obama Visits FFFF, Gets the Scoop on OCCCO

Last Thursday our humble blog had a visit from the Executive Office of the President of the United States.  It looks like someone on Barack Obama’s computer was doing a bit of Googling on a organization called OCCCO when he stumbled across our post on The OCCCO Scam.

Great, another ACORN.

Maybe the President’s office was researching the Orange County branch of the national Pacific Institute for Community Organization (PICO) non-profit after it had requested another round of taxpayer funding from Obama’s bulging cluster of social welfare programs.

Hopefully FFFF was able to shed a little light on the subject. Glad we could help, Mr. President.