Flory Wins Wheel of Candidates

Accountability? It was never on the agenda.

Well, that was predictable.

In fact, after breaking up the FFFF kitty last night, those betting $1 on Jan Flory only got $0.98 back. Everyone knew it was coming.

Why? Because Fullerton gonna Fullerton and the house always wins. There was never any real chance that anyone was going to do the right thing. Ahmad Zahra of 2018 has clearly been through the establishment sheep dip, emerging as the self-righteous lecturer Ahmad Zahra 2.0 of 2019.

You didn’t know what the NUFF forum was for you to learn about a candidate so you could come speak your piece during last night’s public comment period? Ahmad is offended!

You don’t care about Ahmad’s latest sob story justifying his total lack of conviction to do the right thing by the voter? Ahmad is offended!

You expected Ahmad to abide by his word and not vote for someone lobbying for a position that hadn’t even been announced? Ahmad is offended!

Well, we can see where this is going to go for the next four years. Maybe we’ll start keeping a list of reasons why Ahmad is exempt from being held accountable for his own actions and statements. Excuses seem to be his tool of choice.

As for Jesús Silva, Fullerton’s next liberal lion, he just sold out his wife and the rest of Fullerton’s liberal cabal by granting a third vote to continue enforcement of Chevron’s development agreement for West Coyote Hills. There’s a flip flop that would even make Doug Chaffee envious. Sorry Fullerton, the bulldozer is coming, all thanks to Jesús.

No surprises from Fullerton’s Queen-of-Mean Jennifer Fitzgerald. One has to wonder what all those whispers between her, Ahmad, Jesús, and City Manager Ken Domer were all about.

As the council begins to tackle the problems created by their predecessors, at least they’ll be able to look over to the left and ask Jan Flory directly, “Remind us again, why did you do that?”

We, the collective imbalance that is FFFF, look forward to hearing how Indivisible types attempt to exculpate themselves as they realize their progressive reformers are actually no different from the cronyistic corporatists they despise.

13 Replies to “Flory Wins Wheel of Candidates”

    1. Was he intimidated by the party? Or was he promised something by Fitzgerald. Either way he’s a spineless, pontificating scuzball.

  1. Zahra had a chance to have some influence in this city. Instead he handed his control over to Flory, Fitzgerald and Silva, who will do team up to do whatever the city manager wants.

    The guy neutered himself. What a moron.

    1. Meh, I think he was beaten to it. And don’t forget, it’s cronyistic corporatists *they say* they despise.

  2. The best part of her presentation outlining her qualifications was that she wasn’t pregnant when she got married. Thank goodness she cleared up that 50-year old question.

  3. This is true cronyism at its best. It’s embarrassing to me as a 45 year resident who has raised to children and worked and worshiped in this town to see what this group of idiots has done and will continue to do… The most qualified and bi-partisan candidate, Omar Siddiqui wasn’t likely given any consideration as he would be a major challenge to this group of misfits… The entire city council should be ashamed of themselves…

    Pissed off in district 3

    1. I’m sure he’ll call up his good buddies Gavin Newsom and Barack Obama and fix everything right away.

      Maybe if he dropped another 35 names he would have done better.

  4. What really displays their titanic lack of self-awareness and accountability is the council questioning would-be members how they would address the shocking condition of Fullerton roads, a condition they have ALL presided over. And what do they do? The choose the old nag Flory who has had more to do with the mismanagement of Fullerton and total acquiescence to an incompetent conga line of city managers than anyone.

    Well, there you have it: Fullerton. The Education Community that refuses to learn from its own mistakes.

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