The Barfman Cometh. Again.

Yes, Dear friends, it’s that time of the political season when we can count on the reappearance of our old pal, Barfman. Barfman has been making periodic visits to Fullerton ever since Roland’s Chi’s restaurant code violations finally caught up with him in 2010. Ever since then Barfman has returned to inform Fullerton taxpayers about […]

Oops, They Did It Again

Uh oh. Another sexcapade courtesy of the Fullerton Joint Unified High School District. A few weeks ago we learned of the fun hijinks of FPD Pervy Peeping Policeman Jose Paez deployed on FJUHSD campuses as a “resource officer” which, if you think about it, if a pretty funny title for this creep. Yesterday, news outlets […]

Goons, Goblins, the Alt Right, and Antifa Oh My!

The CSUF Republicans have invited controversial conservative pundit Milo Yiannopoulos to speak on campus Halloween evening, creating quite a bit of anxiety for CSU educrats, liberal activists and local police. Why? Here’s what happened when Yiannopoulos tried to speak at UC Berkley earlier this year: That’s a lot of potential chaos for Fullerton, and local […]

The Sherbeck Stadium Swindle

Fullerton College is going to ruin the nearby neighborhoods when they build the boondoggle that will be Sherbeck Stadium and they are going to use the fact that you residents didn’t yell at them as the very reason for building an unnecessary Stadium when there is already a High School stadium literally within walking distance […]

That’s Sick

Scott Moxley over at the OC Weekly is reporting on the case of a former Fullerton School District “recreational aide” named Emmanuel Moran who has been sentenced to 70 months in federal prison for possessing and distributing graphic kiddie porn. Apparently his computer contained thousands of images, and hundreds of videos. Apparently Moran was employed […]

Gay Kid Hauled Off Stage at FHS

According to Tracy Woods of the Voice of OC(EA), here, a bit of a dust up is occurring at Fullerton High School over a student constestant who was yanked offstage during something called a “Mr. Fullerton” competition by Assistant Principal, Joe Abell. The kid’s offense? Apparently he told the audience that he hoped he could […]


The Fullerton School District administration hires Rudy. Because sometimes ya just need $2000 bucks worth of little clear focus, inspiration and motivation. Or they could have just rented the movie from Netflix for a couple bucks. View the contract

Oh Yeah, It’s Mandated!

Aren’t ya just sick and tired of watching our city council continue vote on things because they say it’s “mandated.”  I can think of dozens of times hearing O’l Doc Hee Haw holler “we don’t have a choice cause it’s man-dated” or “it’s the law.” Now, when was the last time you ever heard of […]