Embrace DUIs or Move to Podunk


Last night the Planning Commission voted to loosen the rules on bars while promising, yet again, that the city will hold bad actors in our downtown accountable.

They made the same empty promises staff, Planning Commission and Council have been giving the people of Fullerton for well over a decade despite any substantial actions. They can’t even be bothered to close businesses without permits but hey, trust them this time because this time they mean it. Really.

During public comments Joe Florentine suggested if you don’t like the DUI culture that you move to Podunk.

This actually happened.

The guy who stole a sidewalk thinks the entire city belongs to him and his beer shilling compatriots. He and other bar owners in attendance also tried to blame “pre-gaming” and 7-11 for all of the drunks sent out onto our decrepit roads at 2am.

Not one member of the Planning Commission asked about negative impacts, what was already being done, why nobody is ever shut down or brought before them and not one of them bothered to challenge staff or the owners on why they all supported alleged “penalties”. These people are all shameless and useless.

But Mr. Florentine put the idea out there that you either accept his vision of Fullerton or leave so I present for your consideration the vision that these guys have as this is what they support, want and endorse year in and year out.

Here is a map of the DUIs in Fullerton in 2018. Google Maps wouldn’t let us show duplicates so if 5 DUIs happened at the same spot there is only one pin.

Fullerton 2018 DUIs
Duplicate locations were omitted.

Here’s just Downtown for 2018:

2018 DUIs Downtown
Duplicate locations were omitted.

There were 636 DUIs in Fullerton in 2017, 633 in 2018 and with 80 DUIs so far this year the city is on track to keep up with this yearly average.

Nobody last night seemed to care about the carnage, mayhem or dangers on our roads so long as it makes the right businesses a profit (while driving other businesses out). What’s sad is that this idea of a Bar-Only Downtown is ruining a part of town many of us love.

But hey, if you don’t like having 1.7 DUIs a day in Fullerton (and that’s who is caught mind you) then just move to Podunk. After all, according to Joe Florentine this is a college town and we need to focus on serving students (who for the first three years of college are too young to drink mind you).

Maybe when a DUI hits the stolen sidewalk on Harbor, instead of innocent businesses like the Ophthalmologist on Orangethorpe, Mr. Florentine will change his tune on the unaccountable behavior he continues to support.

Fullerton DUI Feb 2019

Until then except more the same and be happy about it or do something to change the focus of our city council. Or hey – maybe just move to Podunk.

33 Replies to “Embrace DUIs or Move to Podunk”

  1. 1. When I hear about crashes in the Fullerton area between midnight-3:00 a.m, “Drunk”
    2. Several years ago, passing “Flo’s” alley, about 7 a.m., I saw some young “ladies” who were obviously the worse for wear
    3. Does “Flo” think he’s Tony Soprano?

  2. I keep hearing stories that Florentine’s daddy burned down the building at Commonwealth and Harbor that his “Melody Inn” was located. Anybody else hear that one?

    I also remember hearing Old Tony drove copper spikes into a tree in front of his building because it was blocking his sign.

    It all seems a lot easier to believe after the sidewalk heist – another crime peformed with the full knowledge and support of Fullerton’s government.

    1. Joe’s dad thought he got away with torching the Melody Inn, but alive I’m to tell the truth, albeit 30 years later.

      Stay tuned.

      1. I’m sure the female Therapist who was getting stabbed in the scull thought the cop fired just the right amount of shots. Now go back to your video game.

        1. Yeah, her “scull” was in serious jeopardy. However 11 rounds? And 4 of them missed completely at a range of about 15 feet.

          Oh, well. At least the SWAT team didn’t show up. The building would be obliterated with the therapist in it. Of course they probably went to the wrong address.

    1. Although I believe this is a perfectly legal and justified shooting, there’s much to be learned. Clearly these officers (Perry and Steve) saved that ladies life…..
      Perry’Thayer is a Sgt and a young one at that. Steve Bailor is a seasoned Officer-Both are good guys (in my opinion)….. But what you have is a Sgt making entry first, then the Officer next. This should be the other way around. How is the Sgt supppose to supervisor and/or direct an officer behind him. Granted active incident “stabbing” in progress, but both arrived at the same time. And if you’ll listen you’ll hear the officer giving Sgt commands and verbalizing the coordination and entry in to the building… I really wish FPD (supervisors) would put emphasis on this to avoid problems and/or liability litigation in the future… Your my boy Bailor!! Lol

      1. Really poor logic. Active incident, you don’t game plan “im a sergeant, so you go first” with the thought hmmmm…I’m going to have to supervise this incident. Come on man! You get in there anyway you can and handle business in this incident. There was absolutely zero time to do that. Dumb.

      2. “Clearly these officers (Perry and Steve) saved that ladies life…..”

        Wrong. The deceased wanted to be dead. She had plenty of opportunity to kill her therapist and didn’t.

        1. So….the officers should have waited outside and just let her vent? Just curious for all you arm chair officers……please tell me how you would handle the situation (from the comfort and ease of your home computer or cell). Would love to hear how you would do it better. Kinda like watching a football game and critiquing the players when most of you haven’t ever played a g damn sport. Buncha fucking pussy mother fuckers.

  3. This Man is a maniac!! He’s abusive to family and whoever crosses him!! He is a sick twisted pervert with no moral compass! I know because at one point he was family!! He loves to ruin lives and take pride in his destruction!! Finally karma has found his vile self!!

            1. Quick! She’s got a pocket knife and she’s within 20 feet! Lock and load, Brethren. We’ve got POBR and we deserve!

              1. Lol. Lil bit more than a pocket knife dumbass. Why don’t you folks ask the victim how she feels the officers did in this incident. I would tend to put a little more weight into what she says than you arm chair idiots. I challenge you to publish her response, however I doubt she will give you guys the time of day. Worth a try??

                1. Poor snowflake copper. Just can’t handle the truth. We go our notches pumping 11 rounds at some crazy woman at 15 only feet (4 missed completely 36% miss rate, hey FPD is getting better!).

  4. I don’t have to embrace the DUI community, no more than Joe Florentine has to embrace Carrie Nation. But, just looking at the map, the central part of Fullerton is a hazardous place to drive. Just curious what other kinds of data you were able to pull up. Was there a time span that was the most prevalent? Which days were the highest number given out? What were the fines, and how many of these were repeat offenders?

    So how does this hazardous situation sit with the city council members, and the planning commission, considering they probably have not once seen a map like this that documents the cluster of DUI’s? So much for the education community, this is the drunk community. The next death of an innocent bystander (the guy who works a nighshift and is driving home and gets hit by a drunk driver who was carousing in DTF)…. that’s on our city council and the planning commission, as well as every bar and restaurant owner in Fullerton.

  5. “The next death of an innocent bystander (the guy who works a nighshift and is driving home and gets hit by a drunk driver who was carousing in DTF)…. that’s on our city council and the planning commission, ”

    Agreed, but they do not care.

    It’s not their money on the line. All they care about is the next campaign donation, which is already on its way to the bank. Several members of the Planning Commission are running for a spot on City Council and two members of Council are up for reelection.

    1. FtM, “Several members of the Planning Commission are running for a spot on City Council”. Who on the Planning Commission is running for city council in 2020?

        1. Gaarder is just another of those cipher Young Repuglicans looking for the quick rise in politics. They are an endangered species. His mentress FitzFlory will try to raise money for him since he has none of his own.

  6. “Maybe when a DUI hits the stolen sidewalk on Harbor.”

    I keep wishing for that every day, it might give us the chance to get our sidewalk back!

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