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Fitzgerald Is Quitting, She Says

But the problem is that everything she says is a lie. Don’t believe me? Then read this self-satisfied “I’m Done” statement sent out this AM. First let’s celebrate this announcement, if actually true. It means everybody’s life is going to get better in Fullerton as the sticky webs of self-interest entangling Fitzgerald and the taxpayers […]

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Is Fitzgerald Out?

Rumor is circulating that our Mayor-for-Hire, lobbyist Jennifer Fitzgerald isn’t going to be running for election to represent District 1 in Fullerton this fall. Good news, indeed, if true, for those who care about honest, competent government. But is it true? No pronouncements have been forthcoming from the woman herself which suggests that the rumor […]

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Fitzgerald’s Empty Promise

  We’re all used to politicians who can lie on demand. Then there’s our own councilcreature/lobbyist Jennifer Fitzgerald who has turned lying into a virtual cottage industry. Here’s a repost from 2017 telling a story that I promise is going to haunt our ethically devoid Mayor come election time, this fall. She probably hopes that […]

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I’m Tired of You Lazy Nitwits

This town just keeps getting dumber. Enjoy your erasure of history because you read a third hand account of a bad thing from 100 years ago. Enjoy your higher taxes pretending to be for “infrastructure” because the council pissed all of your money into the same salaries & pensions people are now demanding be defunded. […]

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Keep Protesting All the Way to November

There was a protest today in Fullerton, like many cities around the country, sparked by the George Floyd murder in Minneapolis. People are justifiably angry about the actions of the officers involved who killed Mr. Floyd. This blog has long stood against police misconduct and abuses of authority from the Pre-Kelly Thomas days to my […]

Joshua by Spencer
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The Cost of Suing Us

Fullerton just “separated from employment” 150+ non-union part-time staff. Why? Because despite years of Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald’s lies about a “Balanced Budget” and our mythical reserve fund – we had no plan for a rainy day. During meetings, myself, David and others warned the City Council that a downturn was likely in the future and […]