A Major Problem in Fullerton

Image stolen from the Register who borrowed it from the OC Sheriff Department

Today The OC Register (see Jim, we know how to do it right) did a story on former Fullerton policeman Todd Majors who was busted for credit card fraud and is doing easy time taking out trash at Theo Lacy and going home every night.

Of course we already reported about Majors, here. Kimberly Edds of The Register actually did do some investigation to discover that Major allegedly has an addiction to pills and was hired by the Fullerton Police Department even though he had a drunk driving bust. Supposedly his drug addiction caused him to lurch into a life of crime.

Writes Edds: While internal affairs continued its investigation, Fullerton police asked themselves whether they missed any signs about Major or how they could have done to prevent a good cop from becoming a criminal.

Well, I sure hope they figure that out real soon.

Edds’ story concluded with the obligatory police cry for sympathy for one of their own – as some sort of pathetic victim.

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  1. I get it. FFFF scoops the Register by several days which gives Kimberly Edds time to put together a story. Still no recognition that a blog got there first, but unlike the chucklehead Ponsi, this Edds woman does seem to have done some actual work.

    1. Hey Joel, didn’t you hit me up for cash on behalf of the FPOA? I tried to call you and say thanks for the letter but I couldn’t find a listing for you. Must be my mistake because I’m sure the FPOA would only use a decent upstanding local citizen to quote in a letter soliciting money from us taxpayers.

      1. Hollis remember as always, donors who pledge $250 or more will receive a complimentary FPOA Custom Plaque and Lapel Pin. Donors who pledge $100 or more will receive a Lapel Pin only. Any questions or concerns, please call 714-930-9438.

        This gift may NOT be considered tax-deductible as a charitable contribution for Federal Income Tax purposes; however, you should consult your tax professional about its use as an alternate category of deduction.

        Please give as much as you can, our guys really need the funds.


        1. And Hollis, if you and your ne’er do well friends would just support the FPOA, things might be better in Fullerton. I do get around, just google my name.

          “Thanks for risking your lives so that my family and I can enjoy OURS!”
          – Joel Swintowski

          1. Joel I think you’re missing the point. We want to support the police department. We just want to feel safe and not worry about the guy with a gun drinking and driving. I don’t know the statistic off hand but repeat DUI offenders is high.

            Is it too much to ask for the police to police themselves? Until they do, I thank you to FFFF for all you do.

  2. Did they miss any signs when he was hired?Maybe. But as soon as he started stealing, that’s when they knew he’d fit right in.

  3. “…how they could have done to prevent a good cop from becoming a criminal.”

    Oh I know, how about start with a good cop

  4. If the DA had handled this case there would have been a spit and acquit and back on the job – just like Roland Chi.

  5. Do the math… he got hired with a DUI conviction because he was the son of a honcho over at the District Attorney’s office.

    Somebody was doing someone a favor.

    Who was in charge when this guy was hired?

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