Will Ahmad Zahra Hold Firm?


Back in December, in his first at-bat, Ahmad Zahra surprised me by speaking of the Constitution and transparency whilst simultaneously voting against FitzSilva in their attempt to appoint Jan Flory to Council. Zahra was on fire with gems such as:

“My decision is going to be contingent upon us making sure that the appointment process is fair and open and transparent. So until we can make that decision, I don’t see how we should take votes away from people.

“The question is, is there a fairer and open and more transparent process than voting itself? Can we come up with that? Can we come up with something better than what the Constitution come up with? That is my question for the council. I’m leaving my decision until I hear other council members.”

Tonight we get to find out if Zahra is a man of principle standing by his own talking points at the last meeting or if that was all simply a clever flex to show who has the real authority on this issue in an effort to get his preferred pick onto council.

For those new to the story here’s the gist as I understand it —

Jesus Silva wanted incumbency in 2022 and thus opted to run for the District 3 seat on council.

Council then chose to change the law ON ELECTION DAY in the case Silva beat Sebourn in order to limit the options for voters.

Silva took home the ring on election day and in winning he vacated his at-large seat which runs until 2020.

Then in December the dynamic duo of Jennifer Fitzgerald and Jesus Silva testily complained that they needed Ahmad to go along to get along in order for them to get what they wanted. Zahra didn’t go along which brings us to today.

Tonight we’ll watch as FitzSilva likely tries to lay it on thick and blame Ahmad for the cost of the election should he choose transparency and an election (as he did back in December). This is posturing bollocks but I’m wondering if he’ll stand firm. Both he and our residents need to know that the fault here lies partially with Silva for running, partially with council for changing the city ordinance, ON ELECTION DAY, to facilitate this choice between the devil and the deep blue sea, but really the fault lies with our City Attorney The Other Dick Jones for offering terrible advice and putting us in this situation in the first place. Zahra is blameless here on the issue of cost should he choose openness and transparency by way of a special election.


Prepare for the same shenanigans with FitzSilva promising a fictionally transparent process in this city which is allergic to the very premise of transparency. The same transparency which had Jan Flory meeting with at least 2 (if not 3) current council members and bringing a cabal of people to lobby for her to be appointed without the citizenry any the wiser. THAT type of so-called transparency should be rejected and here’s hoping that Councilman Zahra continues to impress the way he did during at his last at-bat.

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  1. https://bit.ly/2RwJN8Y
    Neal Kelly and City Manager Ken Domer say Fullerton is too large for mail in election. Councilman Ahmad Zahra says …this is updated information I didn’t have before so we’re going to have to consider all options.

    1. Once again the city waited until the last possible minute to offer pertinent information related to their preferences. It’s almost like nobody in the 6-figure club thinks to ask these questions before putting things up for a vote in front in council and heaven forbid our City Attorney be on the ball.

  2. I already know the answer. No, he won’t stand firm. The best we’ll get is the possibility of a special meeting to interview potential candidates. That’s when FitzSilva will try to install the rancid old bird, Flory.

  3. Zahra proves to be just like Sebourn fence sitter . He can see the injustice yet give the injustice a opportunity to to prove itself wrong. but like Whittaker said,in a last hope effort, this road is highly unlikely to backtrack once you choose to travel down it… This one hit hard…. a travesty of failed democracy…. just like in Syria. An empty seat would have worked out just fine as it would force them to compromise on key points. The best policy …. is to take the right road….. to get to the right place. Yes Fitzarasilva took fullerton down a dangerous road, and it feels like a scary place to be right now at this time of the day.

      1. “we’re all biased, could you be not biased in making a decision on who to appoint, that’s my question”. Fitzgerald showed her real innerself by doing that. That specific video clip played in a loop like a gif should make a great post all in itself.

          1. Wow, my mistress used to get into moods like this after a couple of G & T’s. When that happened you knew the broomstick was comin’ out of the closet. Whack!

  4. Zahra looked buffoonish in his amateur attempt to appeal to all sides. The cave-in was inevitable. He is no statesman.

  5. I hope that this site will list the names of those who took out papers for the open position.

    By the way, I am listing the over/under at 21-1/2.

  6. And tonight showed the truth.
    Cheap Suit, he proved he is no leader, just another party follower.

    1. The only difference between this pussy and Jesus is that he wastes a bunch more words. At least every other “word” isn’t “um.” How Quirk-Silva ever got into college let alone out of it is a monument (of some kind) to our public school system.

      1. Yes Jesus Quirk-Silva is a monument to our public school system. Unfortunately he has spent the last 18 years teaching in the Fullerton School District at Nicholas Junior High School! Only the best for the children of Fullerton! Last night was a joke!

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