Looking Back on His First Campaign

Local art gallery owner Jesse La Tour just blogged an honest retrospect on his grassroots campaign effort for the 2010 Fullerton city council race: http://jesselatour4citycouncil.com/2011/01/why-i-ran-for-city-council/ Whether you agree with him or not, it’s hard to ignore a refreshingly forthcoming guy who jumps in as an unfunded but creative underdog, gets licked by the moneyed interests, but […]

HeeHaw, It’s The Law!

Well, not the law, exactly. More like City Council Administrative Policy #37, approved last February. Check it out: Administrative Policy #37 Here’s the deal: the guy with most seniority since last being Mayor shall be appointed, plain and simple. And that means our Crazy Ol’ Doc Heehaw is line to shoulder the burden of the […]

Doc Hee Haw For Mayor?

It’s that time of year again when Fullerton council selects one of its own to preside over the crackpot, klutzy and expensive meetings it holds. We count on the hare-brain, corn pone braying of  F. Richard “Dick” Jones to supply us with the material we need to keep our ratings up. And so to the […]

The Hits Keep on Coming

Some new mailers came in this week. In addition to fresh copies of the Roland Chi and Aaron Gregg fliers that we saw earlier, our mailboxes were stuffed with: A brutal comparison of Pat McKinley’s pension to the city of Bell’s Robert Rizzo; a stop-the-unions slate, a comparison piece on Whitaker’s behalf, a large piece […]


It’s time for a Friday break. Here is council hopeful Jesse La Tour and his garage punk band called “Chicken or Fish.” “We are here to shred your faces off and challenge your political views.” Fun stuff. Due to the equal-time rule, I may be obligated to post punk rock videos made by any other […]

The Strange Case of The Doug Chafee Hit Piece

Not long ago this hit piece against Doug Chaffee hit Fullerton mailboxes. Standard crapola. But notice who sent it? California Homeowners Association? What the Hell is that? Well, let’s take a gander at who just plowed some dough into this obviously bogus outfit for the purpose of hitting Chaffee: View the Late IE Report Whoa! […]