While We Were Away. Another Story You Didn’t Read About In “Back The Badge”

Once upon a time, the Fullerton Police Department employed a detective by the name of Ron Bair.

FFFF had some fun with this idiot, here.

A real moron, right? FFFF questioned whether this “detective” could find his own ass in the dark. Unfortunately, Inspector Clouseau was not just an annoying, half-bright stumblebum. He was also the the sort of degenerate who would involve himself in a sexual relationship with a woman in a domestic/child custody dispute in which he had become a witness. That thought alone makes me cringe. Was it sexual extortion? The whole thing was completely piggish.

Naturally, the whole misconduct was swept under the rug by law enforcement, but the civil suit cost the taxpayers of Fullerton plenty in 2015 – $550,000 to be precise.

When you read that article did you enjoy the part where Chief Danny Galahad blames the woman for her “poor choices?”

“I understand your frustration with former officer Ron Bair, but you have blamed him for your situation, the judge, and now three additional members of our department,” Hughes told Castaneda. “You may also want to consider the poor choices you have made to contribute to your current situation.”

You have to admire the balls it takes to offer moral admonishment to the victim of one of your employees and the subsequent law enforcement cover-up. He doesn’t bother to mention that his stand-up officer was conveniently retired in 2013 (see page 35).

For some reason that reminds me of former Chief “Patdown” Pat McKinley casually blaming Albert Rincon sexual assault victims for not being  like the women who attended his stupid “She Bear” book signings.


20 Replies to “While We Were Away. Another Story You Didn’t Read About In “Back The Badge””

  1. Danny Hughes is not the hero they thought he was. How does he have the nerve to blame the victim here? What a sick pig.

  2. my question…Do Police become corrupt berfore or after they are hired? The whole defence of the Kelly Thomas case accrording to attorney Bartlett was based on the contention that the two officers were acting in accordance with their training in how to control a tense situation.

    “They did what they were trained to do.”
    Did officer officer Hugo Garcia, who was charged with felony fraud and embezzlement &other officers charged with the same, learn that bad behavior from the departement highter ups who left the evidence locker unlocked, according to Genaco. A civillion oversight committie voted by the public should be able to show at without notice to observe protocal inside the department. Hopefully the intern Chief will have some things to say aboutd keeping the department accountable to the public.

  3. “While We Were Away. Another Story You Didn’t Read About” ah yes how Bushala made sure Nelson’s darling Fitzy gets to screw Fullerton for four more years. Yes sir. Silent until the day after the election.

  4. Funny how you clowns dredge up old shit as a diversion while Fitzgerald and Floozy’s replacement Silva get ready to ram all the projects All 5 of you that hide behind your keyboard circle jerking each other have zero effect on things. The fix is in. Fullerton is toast.

      1. Ok Tony, Ryan, Travis, Joshua, Sean, Linda, Susan’s offspring or who ever you are. Tony wants to develop his properties and set up collectives. The council is stacked again. Nothing like a bunch of potholes for potheads with highrise, strip clubs and skunk bud for all. Lets party.

  5. Not completely related to this, but what happened with Samira/Samra who often appeared at City Council meetings about her (possibly) FPD husband who was abusive?

  6. Jane Rands loves writing for Sharon Kennedy. She wants all of you to plead with the corrupt city council that Tony helped install to stop the housing boom. This time she conveniently leaves out of the fake news article the fact that Dan Hughes was called for special treatment of our drunk city manager caught in the act of criminal behavior.

    1. Jane Rands has political,aspirations. Hooking into the Fullerton Observer gives her media access. What will ruin her political aspirations is her connection to Sharon (licebilly) Kenndy and her very local newspaper.

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