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Complaint Filed With DA Over More Pro Measure K Shenanigans

Anti Measure K activist Tony Bushala has lodged a formal request to OC District Attorney Todd Spitzer to investigate whether Fullerton Joint Union High School personnel illegally campaigned for the March 3rd bond effort. According to State law, it is impermissible to expend public resources on behalf of an election. It’s a crime. Public agencies […]

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Foto Fun Wednesday

There is an old axiom among you humans that birds of similar plumage tend to congregate. It seems to have a strong element of truth. Here is a disturbing image of former Fullerton councilwoman Pame Keller, beneficiary of the scam called “Fullerton Collaborative,” posing with Paulette Marshall – confessed thief, perjurer, and shameless campaign laws […]

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It’s All About the Kids. And Party.

I just took a quick tour of the required Form 460 campaign documents for the “committee” that is pushing for the $190,000,000 Fullerton Elementary School Bond measure on next Tuesday’s ballot. Sure enough, Schedule A, the contributor list for mid-January to mid-February was studded with district contractors, architects and other commercial hangers-on whose livelihood depends […]

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Fullerton Observer Steals Chaffee Story From FFFF

Well, at least the truth is getting traction which is rare in Fullerton and even rarer within the yellowing pages, paper or electronic, of the Fullerton Observer. If you go to their on-line site, here, you’ll see what I mean. FFFF’s post about Paulette Marshall using fake websites as political advertising vehicles – in violation […]

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Good Golly. Goodbye Molly. Good Riddance

According to The Fullerton Observer, North Orange County Community College District trustee, Molly McClanahan has pulled the plug on her career as an alleged overseer of the bureaucracy at the local junior colleges. Her seat will remain vacant until the November election, a rather telling sign of how critical the job is. Of course Molly […]

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Doug “Bud” Chaffee Sticks Weenie in Kimchi. Feels Good.

Well, here’s something you don’t see every day. Orange County Supervisor, former Fulleron disaster-maker, husband and co-conspirator of thief Paulette Marshall wishes us happy Korean American Day. And an easy slam-dunk gets screwed up by sharing a flag of…North Korea! I’m wondering what positive effects the North Korean “community” has on Orange County. Mass starvation, […]

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Paulette Marshall – Educator, Attorney, Thief

Our old pal, convicted sign thief and trespass artist, Paulette Marshall is in the news again. It seems as if Ms. Marshall has been bitten by the elected position bug, for she has decided to run for County School Board. The job itself isn’t all that important other than giving Paulette the opportunity to put […]

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Meanwhile, Back @ The Ranch – Part 3

Fighting your own incompetent and belligerent government can be distracting. And so rather than be distracted, I’ve been playing catch-up with some more of the doings of our idiocracy since the City’s legal lizards tried to stomp on our 1st Amendment rights. Back on October 1, our esteemed council took on the business of people […]

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Meanwhile, Back @ the Ranch – Part 2

When a government sues its own citizens you have the spectacle of a taxpayer having to pay for for his defense and pay for the legal attack upon him. And what a sad, Kafkaesque sight it is. Another disgusting passion play is when governments use your money to try to propagandize you for their scheme […]