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I’m Tired of You Lazy Nitwits

This town just keeps getting dumber. Enjoy your erasure of history because you read a third hand account of a bad thing from 100 years ago. Enjoy your higher taxes pretending to be for “infrastructure” because the council pissed all of your money into the same salaries & pensions people are now demanding be defunded. […]

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Encouraging Children to Break the Law – That’s the Troy Difference!

Let’s start with Exhibit A. California Education Code, Section 7054(a) which states in pertinent part: No school district or community college district funds, services, supplies, or equipment shall be used for the purpose of urging the support or defeat of any ballot measure or candidate, including, but not limited to, any candidate for election to […]

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Doug “Bud” Chaffee Sticks Weenie in Kimchi. Feels Good.

Well, here’s something you don’t see every day. Orange County Supervisor, former Fulleron disaster-maker, husband and co-conspirator of thief Paulette Marshall wishes us happy Korean American Day. And an easy slam-dunk gets screwed up by sharing a flag of…North Korea! I’m wondering what positive effects the North Korean “community” has on Orange County. Mass starvation, […]

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Why Keep Threatening Us?

For every problem that isn’t a nail, there’s a moron ready to swing a hammer. 20 Days ago FFFF got another threatening letter from the City that said if we don’t stop reporting news and telling the public the truth about what’s actually happening in their town, apparently there will be consequences. We told them […]

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Breaking News: Fullerton Threatens Local Blog – Again

The city is threatening to sue us… again. Let’s have a look at the newest letter from the city (PDF HERE) before getting into why this is happening: Dear Ms. Aviles: VIA CERTIFIED MAIL RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED As legal counsel for the City of Fullerton, I write, pursuant to California Government Code section 6204 et […]

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Flory Wins Wheel of Candidates

Well, that was predictable. In fact, after breaking up the FFFF kitty last night, those betting $1 on Jan Flory only got $0.98 back. Everyone knew it was coming. Why? Because Fullerton gonna Fullerton and the house always wins. There was never any real chance that anyone was going to do the right thing. Ahmad […]

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Paulette Chaffee Gets Slap On Wrist for Stealing

Ah, privilege. Raise your hand if you thought that Paulette Marshall Chaffee getting caught on video, TWICE, stealing campaign signs was going to result in justice. *Raises Own Hand* Yup. I really did. I thought that getting irrefutable evidence that the Mayor of Fullerton’s Orange County Supervisor’s wife, a candidate running for office, blatantly broke […]