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Quint Says Goodbye. We Say Good Riddance. But We’ll Miss the Horrendous Judgement

We found out today that Wayne Quint, the head boss of the Deputy Sheriff’s union is quitting – supposedly to take a job at the State. Well the State is so effed-up it’s hard to imagine anybody making it any worse, even somebody with no identifiable job skills. Or judgment. Consider Quint’s ill-conceived plan to […]

Behind Closed Doors Dead heads Harry Sidhu Orange County Government Repuglicanism Setting The Bar Low

Hairbrain Sidhu Still In the News!

Repuglican Jon Fleischman’s “Flash Report” blog unleashed a poll recently about potential 3rd District Supervisorial candidates. It addresses a possible Third District candidacy of Chuck Devore, the over-aged boyscout from Irvine and his chances against Todd Spitzer. But that is of little interest to us. What’s really interesting is that the poll includes Hairbag Sidhu, […]

Behind Closed Doors Harry Sidhu Orange County Government Repuglicanism Setting The Bar Low

Der Pringle Creeps Out of Shadow, Into OCTax Light

We got wind of a press release put out the other day by an organization called “OCTax,” an organization that purports to be an advocate for taxpayers, yet in actuality is little but a vehicle for political endorsements and self-promotion of its president and officers. So naturally Anaheim’s former Mayor-for-Hire Kurt Pringle would be a […]

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Dan C and Art of Careful Reporting

Quite recently Dan Chiemlewski of the deadly boring LiberalOC blog put up a post about censorship and civility or something. I noted this pearl from the self-righteous and sanctimonious Dan C., who styles himself a real reporter: Comments on FFFF are a free for all and so is sock puppetry (thanks guys for that visit […]

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Rackauckas’ New iPhone App Wants to Track You Down

With much hullabaloo, the OC District Attorney’s PR machine announced the first mobile application “ever launched by a prosecutorial agency.” A dubious use of taxpayer dollars, sure. But there’s more to this app than just Rackauckas’ duplicitous grin. An FFFF staffer who installed the T-Rack app immediately discovered an alert indicating that the DA was seeking out his […]

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Good Riddance, Hairball!

The beautiful Calabria Apartments. An apt symbol of the completely futile and humiliating 4th District supervisorial campaign of Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu, perjurer, carpetbagger, and assclown. Sidhu started out 2010 by lying on two voter registration forms about his completely phony “residency” at the Calabria, a crappy stucco box owned by a buddy on […]