Hairbrain Sidhu Still In the News!

Repuglican Jon Fleischman’s “Flash Report” blog unleashed a poll recently about potential 3rd District Supervisorial candidates. It addresses a possible Third District candidacy of Chuck Devore, the over-aged boyscout from Irvine and his chances against Todd Spitzer. But that is of little interest to us. What’s really interesting is that the poll includes Hairbag Sidhu, […]

Rackauckas’ New iPhone App Wants to Track You Down

With much hullabaloo, the OC District Attorney’s PR machine announced the first mobile application “ever launched by a prosecutorial agency.” A dubious use of taxpayer dollars, sure. But there’s more to this app than just Rackauckas’ duplicitous grin. An FFFF staffer who installed the T-Rack app immediately discovered an alert indicating that the DA was seeking out his […]

On The Road, Again

We just received a present from a Friend. Last week one of our keen-eyed observers snapped this picture of moving day at the Sidhu residence on Lucky Way – a day or so after his latest humiliation at the polls. Who knew you could empty a two-story 3000 square foot house using a little pick-up […]

Good Riddance, Hairball!

The beautiful Calabria Apartments. An apt symbol of the completely futile and humiliating 4th District supervisorial campaign of Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu, perjurer, carpetbagger, and assclown. Sidhu started out 2010 by lying on two voter registration forms about his completely phony “residency” at the Calabria, a crappy stucco box owned by a buddy on […]

Harry The House Fly

You all know what happens when you forget to shut the back door. Invariably a fly will buzz in and start landing on places you’d rather he didn’t land. Pretty soon revulsion turns to annoyance as the pest refuses go away. Sometimes the big, fat, lazy ones are easy to smack and the problem is […]