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Hope Springs Eternal

There is a certain personality profile that is so narcissistic that it can’t conceive of the reality enjoyed by others. And that sobriquet must certainly apply to Paulette Marshall, the erstwhile candidate for County Board of Education who was so thoroughly trounced at the March 3rd election that she came in 5000 votes behind a […]

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Say Goodnight Paulette

Yesterday a lot of chickens fluttered home to roost for sign thief and fake carpetbagger Paulette Marshall Chaffee. After spending hundreds of thousands of bucks for a part time job on the county’s Board of Education, she was defeated, and defeated badly. The job goes to La Habra’s Tim Shaw, another candidate who unloaded a […]

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Paulette Marshall – Educator, Attorney, Thief

Our old pal, convicted sign thief and trespass artist, Paulette Marshall is in the news again. It seems as if Ms. Marshall has been bitten by the elected position bug, for she has decided to run for County School Board. The job itself isn’t all that important other than giving Paulette the opportunity to put […]

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Paulette Chaffee’s Silence Could Cost Taxpayers

If Paulette Marshall Chaffee receives the most votes in the District 5 Election on 06 November – will she resign the office or allow herself to be sworn in? It’s not a tough question but Mrs. Chaffee has refused to talk to anybody or answer any questions. I emailed both campaigns asking for comment before […]

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Election Meddling – Silva’s $400,000 Arrogance

Make taxpayers shell out $400,000 or meddle in an ongoing election. Pick one. That’s the quandary in front of our city council tonight in the form of agenda item 4: 4. FULLERTON MUNICIPAL CODE AMENDMENT REGARDING CITY COUNCIL VACANCIES Consideration of an ordinance to repeal Fullerton Municipal Code Section 2.02.020 and follow procedure for filling City Council […]