Whatever Happened to April Leanne Baughman?

To swerve and deflect

Haven’t heard that name lately? How about her alias, April Leanne Wilson?

She’s the FPD employee who (miraculously, considering the caliber of the detectives who work there) got caught last March stealing from the the evidence room at FPD Central. Here is Ms. Baughman’s court record.

Right now she’s free on bail after having ripped off more than $50K from the till.

To a certain extent you have to cut April some slack. After all, when you look around and see a culture of chaos, corruption, incompetence it must be hard for a person of marginal integrity not to give in to temptation.

According to police spokesholes, Baughman had been at it for quite some time. Which begs the inevitable question, who the Hell was in charge? Either nobody was doing inventories and audits, or the egregious Baughman had one or more accomplices helping her out. Will there be any accountability? Want odds?

Either way it’s another black eye for the department and its “leadership” who would have us believe everything is hunky dory at Commonwealth and Highland.

And before you feel obliged to credit the FPD for nabbing one of their own, consider what would have happened if Baughman were not a civilian employee. Would we ever have heard anything from the Culture of Cover up?


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  1. This will be my last post for awhile. Maybe forever. I’m going to ramble.

    As I’ve posted before, I am a police officer who works somewhere else, but lives in Fullerton, owns residential and commercial properties in Fullerton, and owns a business here as well.

    I lurked for quite some time before posting. What I read on this board became so aggravating that I eventually posted. When I first posted, I did it with the intent to hopefully correct some of the misinformation about policing and police officers so prevalent here, and to give an unbiased police officer’s point of view regarding the Kelly Thomas case. I wanted to inform and educate. I also came here with (and still have) some pretty well informed strong negative opinions towards McKinley and Sellers, and felt that might give me at least a little credibility with folks.

    Later, after the recall, I became very concerned about Kiger’s (and to a much lesser extent, Whitaker’s) views and activities as Council members, so I stuck around to discuss politics. I hope that it became apparent to at least some of you during his time on the Council and his most recent campaign that Kiger had transformed into the very type of politician that he (and Bushala) claimed to abhor.

    In the weeks leading to the election, I wanted to provide a sane counterbalance, clearly identified as a police officer, to the hateful vitriol of the typical FFFF poster. I did this because I wanted inquisitive uncommitted voters curious about Kiger and FFFF to clearly see the biased, hateful, and unreasonable nature of this blog so that they would, quite frankly, be more likely to vote against Kiger. As it turned out, every vote did count, and I’d like to think that your responses to my posts changed at least one of those votes. You are your own worst enemies. Thanks for your help in defeating Kiger.

    I’ve always called it like I see it. You got my honest opinions here, no game playing for me. I have respect for the (very) few of you who were willing to discuss the issues and your opinions in an intelligent and respectful manner. Lately there is hardly any of that, including from me. While a good mud fight can be fun at times, that’s not why I started posting. I’ve only stuck around the last couple weeks to poke people in the side pending the finalization of the Council vote. Now that Kiger has officially lost, I’m out. I don’t celebrate Flory’s victory so much as I celebrate Kiger’s defeat. He was very bad for the city of Fullerton. Everyone needs to work together, not against each other, to solve this city’s problems.

    This blog at one time served a purpose, the most useful and important of which was the shining of light on the Kelly Thomas case. It’s a death that shouldn’t have happened, and it might very well have been swept under the rug were it not for FFFF and Bushala. It still would have attracted media attention in civil court. The problem is that Ramos and Wolfe didn’t commit any crimes, yet they’re charged with murder and manslaughter. In any case, it wasn’t intentional, and it wasn’t murder or manslaughter. The filing of politically motivated murder charges against anybody should be of huge concern to everyone. I look forward to the not guilty verdicts for Ramos and Wolfe.

    Currently, the best way to describe the blog would be an internet version of The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf(e), with a strong emphasis on character assassination with little or no facts to back up assertions, and a large dose of paranoia thrown in for bad measure.

    I might pop up again when major events occur. Any settlement with Ron Thomas, and certainly the trial of the FPD officers (probably at least another year away), will likely be hard for me to resist commenting upon.

    Finally, to the vast majority of you…..you’re varying combinations of ignorant, stupid, and vicious, unwilling to consider or even listen to opposing viewpoints. You deserve each other. Have fun knifing each other to death. At least the 20 or so of you that still come here, anyway.

    1. CCCB..to bad you won’t be blogging here anymore. But I know exactly how you feel. I also tried to give unbiased comments and tried to educate the non-believers. I hope you come back soon I was hoping you would change the views of a lot, but it’s hard to change the unchangeable. I agree with you, let them knife each other to death.

      1. Can you find a replacement for yourself? Interesting that you said it wasn’t so much that you wanted Flory to win as you wanted Travis to lose. I wonder if your dislike has sompthing to do with your own thinking… a reminder of what you don’t respect…money and how hard the average person works to get it. A broken system. How much do you care about that. As long as your bank account is looking good why should you care about whats bankrupting our city.. our state. Travis may manage a blog that allows freedom of speech, and how people cry about censorship. One thing I won’t miss is the disrespect “I am a police officer” brings to law enforcement. If Sellers and McKinnley are part of the problem as you see it, why is it that we only hear about it now as you cowardly walk away when there is nothing else to tear down. We need people that are willing to take risks, make reform and protect our citizens.Not just be content to tear down and then walk away, your kind talk seems too little too late.

        1. No doubt your title was chosen to mock a homeless man who was aggravated with deadly assault and whos life was taken. You mentioned to officers you say had done nothing wrong but failed to mention the other officer. If you think that officer did do sompthing wrong and cowardly why don’t you speak up on behalf of law enforcement so that the same thing won’t be repeated. It seems sort of cowardly how all the police stand back and nobody steps forward to make things truly right, and not just the appearance of it.

          1. The homeless man did his share of mocking also. He wasnt a sweet confused person. He was a dirt bag who had no respect for the law. It shows with his 90 plus contacts with about 10 different police departments. And CCCB did give his opinion what he thinks the outcome should be. Remember everyone has their own opinions. And yes, we dont all agree on the same thing.

            1. He was a dirt bag who had no respect for the law.

              This little wanna be nazi is suggesting that people who are perceived as disrespecting “the law” should be executed where they stand.

              It shows with his 90 plus contacts with about 10 different police departments.

              By the way, if someone happens to be driving in the area of a shooting and they get pulled over, their license is entered into a local database and TADA! They suddenly have “contacts” for ATTEMPTED MURDER or MURDER …no arrest, no judge, no jury and no courts.

              “Contacts” mean nothing.

              1. Dont get so dramatic Comie, Ok, let change contacts to charges. He was charged with Attempt Murder and later dropped to Assault with a deadly weapon. He was charged with Theft, he was charged with indicent exposure. Pissing in front of school kids. And the list goes on and on. So before you open your mouth why dont you get the facts about your sweet dirt bag Kelly.

        2. Why should CCCB say his name or who he is. No one else is coming out for Justice of anything. Everyone hides behind their computers. So throw up, that is exactly what you should be doing. Greg Diamond is the only one that says who he is. So everyone go back to your closets, basements, or where you all are hiding..

          1. “This will be my last post for awhile. Maybe forever. I’m going to ramble. ” …….I thought you were leaving …

    2. Come by Orange Juice Blog under a new name, CCCB. We’d enjoy hosting your conversation there. I appreciate the perspective that you’ve shared here (as well as, particularly, your analysis above, which seems just right.) If not, then be well.

        1. Not pandering for blog hits. (Y’all can have nipsey back any time you want, for example.) I think that CCCB is a good commenter with an interesting and useful perspective and I’ll regret his no longer being part of discussions.

          1. Never fear my elephantine friend, he never left.

            I’ll give you a clue, its the country you’re currently in and something your doctor begs you to stop eating or you could go blind and possibly lose a leg.

    3. Someone needs to review this video and tell me and the rest of the FFFF bloggers EXACTLY why you think that neither Ramos or Wolfe committed ANY crime.
      Until then Cold Chillin Cop Balls, like my old friend Merijoe used to say, “Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you”.


    4. CCCB’s: You were here for one purpose. To call people names. If you did the same things to your business customers, you’d be out of business. Fullerton doesn’t need another lowlife like you. Hopefully we never hear another word from you.

    5. Travis was the first one to go down fighting for real reforms and will not be the last person who will stand in the gap. CCCB I am not surprised how you think what happened to Kelly Thomas was an accident. You tragically appear to be very jaded by the worship of your brothers and sisters in the black uniforms. Cicinelli “smashed his face to hell” by his own admission. Your job, your business, your friends, and your retirement appear to have eclipsed both your soul and your conscience. The runaway feeding frenzy at the taxpayer funded trough, the blatant disregard for Kelly’s life, and the violations of the rights of the citizens of Fullerton at the hands of the FPD will always be spoken of with contemptuous mirth at this fluoride free water cooler. I suspect that you will be back when no one is looking which leads me to believe that there is hope for you and all others that realize that it is never too late to do the right thing.

    6. “…..you’re varying combinations of ignorant, stupid, and vicious, unwilling to consider or even listen to opposing viewpoints.”

      Speaking to the FPOA trolls who visit so regularly? Must be. They account for 98% of the brainless, vulgar vituperation you seem to disapprove of. Blame them.


    7. So go. You’ve probably wasted inordinate amounts of time, and now it sounds like you just want to sit back and watch Flory do a lot of floundering on dry land like a fish out of water and say nothing. I think it’s telling that people were so willing to make judgements on Kriger more quickly in the short time he was in office, than on the decades of mediocrity perpetuated by the likes of Bankhead, and Flory.

      Who here can absolutely predict that in long run, he was wrong –and that in the future the likes of Flory might have to make the same decisions in order to get us out of this hole that union pensions have helped dig for us?

      It’s a much different world, heck, we’re a much poorer city, let alone a nation than we were when Jan Flory was in her prime.

      Ramos and Wolfe? Let’s put it this way: had the tables been turned and Kelly Thomas killed them in self defense, he’d be in prison right now. I have no pity for them: they were salaried thugs.

    8. You have many properties and side businesses. What a coincidence you happen to be a cop.

      1. Guy 1: My wife’s pocketbook was stolen the other day and now the thief is using her credit cards.

        Guy 2: Did you report it to the police?

        Guy 1: Nope. The thief is saving me $200 per month (i.e. spending $200/month less).

        Funny. It might be cheaper to let criminals just take what they want and fire all the FPD officers.

    9. But you never shared your professional opinion of the FPDs Culture of Corruption. Why is that?

      Please explain:

      etc, etc.

    10. So glad that my tax dollars pay a ridiculous enough salary for you cop that you have time in the day to blog, to own commercial and residential properties in my city. I am so pleased that my elected officials have given you such a wonderfully golden parachute in life. You are an asshole, and since you won’t advertise what business you own in my city, I hope it runs itself into the ground as you sit by your laptop and do more blogging.

      Nice attempt to sound magnanimous. Call it like it is my ass. You are a government tit sucking asshole. Welcome to the party pal!

    11. propaganda ingrained in sincerity.

      “This blog at one time served a purpose, the most useful and important of which was the shining of light on the Kelly Thomas case”

      New Testament, Matthew 5:45 “So that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven. For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.

      Truth is not a flashlight that allows a person only to shine the light only on what he or she wants to see.
      cold chillin, I don’t doubt your sincerity. Yet, your refusal to shine your light on the ugly truth, Kelly Thomas was beaten to death by Fullerton police officers, in full uniform, in full view of the public at a bus station forces the reader to believe you can’t handle the truth.
      This blog has never claimed to be on par with major news media sources like Los Angeles Times or Washington Post. It has always maintained it is an opinion forum that encourages freedom of speech in that it allows all opinions.
      Having said that, I read the same facts in these newspapers that I have read on this blog.

      Kelly Thomas, Fullerton PD officers Ramos and Cicinelli are a tragedy and all three have my compassion.
      I reserve my contempt and disgust for Fullerton PD’s lack of ethical leadership. If Ramos and Cicinelli had true guidance in police work and held to higher standards of legal conduct,instead of vigilante policing philosophy, it is strongly possible these two men would not have felt compelled to use extremely excessive force to roust a malnourished, schizophrenic, homeless man.
      Cold chillin, turn off your flashlight and let the sun do its job.

      1. That is incredible that all the blame is put on the officers. If Kelly would have been taken care of by his parents, he wouldnt have been roaming the streets, like you said, malnourished, eating and sleeping in dumpsters. The mother got her million dollars and is not seen again. She doesnt even go to court. Ron continues his quest hoping he gets more than she did. Like he said at the City Council meeting, Gennaco is done and the FBI is not interested, but he doesnt care. He doesnt come to the conclusion that his son was the uncooperative person in this and would still be alive if he didnt fight. Cause of this we have something that shouldnt have happened.

  2. Every police department in America has policies and procedures for handling, storing and inventorying evidence.

    It is clear from this case that nobody was doing any of that. That bespeaks a total failure at the top, but is perfectly predictable given instances of malfeasance like the Veth Mam assault, arrest, and prosecution.

    It also makes you wonder what else was going on with other evidence, especially evidence relating to the cops themselves.

  3. It also make you wonder who shot JFK. Ass clowns take your conspiracies and shove them. What if Kelly Thomas was a wake up call for the FPD and now their trying to weed out the bad apples which every police force has.

    1. Oh it was a wake up call, all right. But it never would have happened without this blog. Danny and Andy thought they had everything all tied up nice and neat that last week in July 2011.

      Baughman is just one in a long and steady stream of FPD lawbreakers. Throw in the apologists and the assholes and clowns like Shone and Bair and it is very difficult to ascertain any good apples at all.

  4. Hilarious. A civilian employee thief gets a $50,000 bail. Cicinelli with his bloody taser and tainted badge beat a man to death and got a $25,000 bail.

    No corruption?

  5. I put the combo on the outside of the safe to make it easier for my boys to remove BAD evidence.
    April is just a scape goat.

  6. In the Southern California (Orange County) bail is set on a schedule. For example; 487 PC is the description for grand theft. The bail is a set standard bail of $10,000.00 dollars. In this case, the investigators filed a case with the District Attorneys Office and submit their findings. Bail will be set at the minimum of $10,000.00 dollars and the Asst. District Attorney will establish a bail equal to the amount of the loss? In April Baughmans’ Case, it appears that the loss was equal to or greater then $50,000.00. This is the standard, now is some case’s, a detective can request a bail enhancement by filing a declaration with the courts and the courts will raise the bail to what the Judge feels is fair. In the Cicinelli case, the charge was 245 (a) (1) PC (Assault with a deadly weapon not a firearm), the standard bail on that charge is $25,000.00 dollars. It would be up to the DA’s Investigators to request a higher bail by filling a declaration just as in the above scenario. It appears that was not the case or the request was denied by the courts. The bail schedule is established by the Grand Jury of the County and assigned Judges.

  7. Good post although you left out another posibility: somebody else who had ripped off the evidence room framed Baughman.

    Any takers?

    1. Well, you raise an interesting point. I hadn’t thought about that. Anybody in the department smart enough to do that? Doesn’t seem likely.

      1. Good question. And why would Danny boy let her resign instead of fire her? And an insider said the loss was close to 200k… Something aight right, Hmmm

        1. “Resignation in lieu of termination” – standard practice for many employers; business decision -not necessarily the “right” thing

  8. The point is that there is a procedure in place and not everything is a conspiracy or corruption on the part of the entities evolved. I was only pointing out that the charges have a set bail amount that is established by the Grand Jury and assigned Judges and it may not seem fair in retrospect to Mr. Kelly, but these policies have been established prior to July 2011. (in response to “No Justice, Just Us”)

  9. Why no post from admin about the Kiger’s defeat? Why didn’t Kiger attend the last council meeting?

    I do celebrate the defeat of Kiger, even if narrow.

    Well written post CCCB #1.

      1. While I agree it isn’t final (if and until there is a recount) – I was disappointed that Travis Kiger did not attend the Council meeting. He should have been there to show his support as a Councilmember; that he didn’t do so (nor has he apparently offered an explanation for not doing so) was a slap in the face to those who voted him into office in the recall.

        1. There was wide spread voter fraud during the presidential campagn I would be surprised if that were happening localy. I would like to know the reasoning behind Flory jumping up by 50 two consecutive days.

          1. Get over it. Booshala paid for the votes back in June. Now that it happened to the FFFF’es, it tain fair….Boooohooo!!

            1. “A provisional ballot is used to record a vote when there are questions in regards to a given voter’s eligibility. A provisional ballot would be cast when:
              The voter refuses to show a photo ID (in regions that require one)
              The voter’s name does not appear on the electoral roll for the given precinct.
              The voter’s registration contains inaccurate or out-dated information such as the wrong address or a misspelled name.
              The voter’s ballot has already been recorded”
              In the 1970’s Ralph kennedy ran for fullerton city council person. It was discovered he had persons not living within fullerton’s city limits use his home address to register as voters eligible to vote in the upcoming fullerton city council , where, surprise, Ralph Kennedy was one of the candidates.
              I understand provisional ballot. What is in place to prevent the above mentioned voter fraud?

  10. To CCCB: I post on here fairly regularly and almost never agree with your viewpoint. However, I never, ever said a disparaging word about your character or any other negative aspect about you as a person. To sweeping call everyone on FFFF various names in your parting post is frankly, childish. And we have seen a lot of that type of posts on this blog mainly when police supporters usually from FPD post and have just nasty comments that are not even germaine to the subject. I hate to see you go because you have an outside the city police attitude that is interesting, but your undying support of current police practices rather than calling for neutral investigators basically tells me you will never change or listen well to other opinions. But I would never call you names or disparage your intelligence (which appears to be considerable)!

  11. From your posting: “After all, when you look around and see a culture of chaos, corruption, incompetence it must be hard for a person of marginal integrity not to give in to temptation.”

    I think this is profoundly important. The environment in the FPD is so obviously corrupt and rotten. Six individual police officers INSTANTLY conspired to deceive and concoct false stories, and were immediately joined and guided and supported back at the Police Station by a total of 13 (or 14) members of the FPD (as reported by Acting Chief Danny Hughes, and evidently Hughes did not include himself in that number).

    In my life I’ve worked in varous organizations, which each had just SUPERB reputations (and I was always just amazed at my good fortune at having landed such jobs). In every case I had at least one experience where I realized that I was “saved” or “prevented” from making a screwup of some sort, solely because of the outstanding folks all around me in those organizations.

    It is vitally important that our public “institutions” be raised (or restored?) to the highest standards. I am convinced that it is the “government Union” corruption, spread from a Communist Totalitarian philosophy, which has poisoned and diminished our small city’s unionized (government) employees.

    There is no reason or justification for government employees to unionize except to collect union members’ dues money to influence our free public elections for their own financial gain and contribute or receive support to or from the corrupt and corrupting Leftist political party.

    The enduring good will of the voting public and our detachment from local political issues gives such corrupt Democrat-Communist Party government union activism a foothold in destroying our free nation.

    1. wikipedia “Death of Kelly Thomas”, “Lawsuit by Father

      On July 5, 2012, (one year after the beating death), the father of Kelly Thomas filed a lawsuit against the city and six officers, two of whom are facing criminal charges. The lawsuit also names former police chiefs Patrick McKinley and Michael Sellers.[54] The suit alleges the violation of Kelly Thomas’ federal and state civil rights; assault and battery; negligence and supervisor liability among others as causes of action. It seeks unspecified damages.”
      Now why would Ron Thomas name recently retired Fullerton Police chief Pat McKinley in his lawsuit?

  12. This woman must have stepped on some political toes at FPD to get dimed out and thrown to the wolves. I hope the truth comes out in the court system. But there’s a 90% chance it won’t. They’ll give her a cupcake plea bargaining deal to keep her quiet no doubt. Gotta protect the king’s men behind the bright gold and silver badges at all costs. But using a mere civilian employee as shark bait is in Chapter 1 of the playbook.

    1. No play book, no Chapter 1. She is not getting a mercy plea. What done is done. What she did is done and she has to pay for it. No one did it but poor April. She got busted. She got away with it a long time. As my old gandmother use to say, “Quieres Chocolate, paga lo que deves”. Or pay the piper.

    2. Chances are that a co-worker blew the whistle on her and was then told to keep quiet. Or co-worker threatened to go public.

    1. If there is not going to be a recall it’s time for Travis to make a statement. Some kind of statement. Any kind of statement. At the very least he needs to thank those who supported him. I don’t expect him to concede the election to Flory. We don’t even know if she won the election legitimately. 29 votes is nothing. But if Travis decides not to request a recount it’s over and a done deal. Travis? Time to come out and speak!

      1. Travis is gone. He doesnt want to pay $20,000 for a recount. Or maybe Booshala doesnt want to pay it. Why dont you pay it Pittbull if you are so concerned. Why cant Flory buy her votes if Travis bought his 5 months ago. Fair is Fair.

        1. I agree. That’s all elections are in 2012. The highest bidder buys the seat. It’s become nothing but a big glorified house of prostitution. And that is a big reason why our society is in total failure mode.

          All I am asking for is a statement from Travis. Lots of people gave him their full support. The least he could do is thank them. We’re not looking for a concession speech. Just some old fashioned thank you’s. Now is not the time to sulk. Time to put on the big boy pants and step up to the microphone.

          1. I totally agree with you. That shows everyone what the kind of person Kiger was. He doesnt give a crap about anyone but himself.

  13. To Cold Chillin Cop Balls:
    I Want my MTV
    That ain’t Working that’s the Way You do it,
    You Play Your Guitar on Your MTV
    That ain’t working That’s the Way You do It
    Get Your Money for Nothing and
    Your Chicks For Free.( Lyrics by Dire Straits)
    Your ambiguous and misleading statement regarding the Kelly Thomas Murder says alot about you. First you act as IF you really care that a man(one of many in the USA) was murdered by a cop heiarchy, and then you exonerate the uniformed officials who were involved in this murder. NOW CCCB I know you know this goes much deeper than just Ramos, Cicinelli and Wolfe, but your arrogance is truly astounding.
    TO Travis Kiger and Tony Bushala: It took me a full week to completely watch the 33:33 minute video of the murder of Kelly Thomas titled “The Lonesome Death Of Kelly Thomas” I would start to watch it but then I would get sick and could not continue to watch it until the next day. You know, and I know and Cold Chillin Cop Balls knows that there are many other Kelly Thomas’s all over the USA and the world that are not recorded and the victims die in vain at the hands of a vicious Police State. Thank-you Tony and Travis for demanding and fighting for us (the public) the release of this tape. You two are truly formidable, courageous and daring and in the land of Thales,Raytheon and Northrupp Gruman(OZ,Fullerton and AnaheimCA,) you and me and we are unstoppable together.
    Travis: 29 votes. A Legal Challenge is in order. Be not afraid.



      He gratifies himself by F’en with you dont play his game its sad and sickening!

      In many really really good organizations (Military, Industrial Technical, Medical, there are many things great leaderships do well) you will often find the worst of the worst in very well lead organizations.Leadership has lost and fumbled its own way, leading to a mass exodus, NOT MANY ARE ABLE TO JEOPARDIZE their pensions, careers, retirements, friends and families.

      A free for all money grab is a very treacherous animal!

      You can take a very upstanding person , dangle a 1000$ a day piss away, it gets ugly FAST!

  14. 11/11 Family Disturbance – A caller says a homeless female who lives with her 8-year-old daughter in a Honda Accord parked in her garage in the Haverhill Apartments is banging on her front door at 3:24 p.m. Before police had to come to the scene, the caller agreed to let the woman and her daughter “spend the night again” with her on the 3100 block of Yorba Linda Boulevard.

    11/12 Transient Problem – A caller thinks transients who set up camp at the 91 Freeway at Euclid Street have lit a fire at 5:06 p.m.

    11/12 Transient Problem – A man with a shopping cart and a pile of clothing on the ground next to him is sleeping on the lawn in front of the Fire Station on 3251 N. Harbor Blvd. at 2 p.m.

    11/12 Transient Problem – A business owner said transients panhandling and “setting up camp” at the old “Spoons” restaurant on 1000 S. Harbor Blvd. have been there a month. Police arrived shortly after 8:40 a.m. and talked to the people.

    11/12 Transient Problem – A man covered in sheets is asleep in a car on the 1300 block of W. Valencia Drive at 7:35 a.m. The caller says he doesn’t live there.

    11/13 Transient Problem – A caller says a man in a sailor hat is begging for money at the Post Office on 202 E. Commonwealth Avenue at 3:52 p.m.

    11/13 Transient Problem – A white man in a pink tank top and short shorts pushing a shopping cart down the 1900 block of W. Malvern Avenue is yelling at people near the recycling center at 3:05 p.m.

    11/13 Transient Problems – A man is sleeping in the bushes on the 200 block of W. Orangethorpe Avenue at 2:05 p.m.

    11/13 Transient Problem – A caller told police six people in the restroom and on the grass are continuing to sleep and live at the scene on 1000 S. Harbor Blvd at 12:48 p.m.

    11/13 Suspicious Circumstances – A caller near the Fullerton Transportation Depot found a bottle of prescriptions, and doesn’t want to throw them away out of “fear homeless getting them” at 9:10 a.m.

    11/14 Transient Problem – A city worker is cleaning the channel on S. Raymond Avenue and E. Valencia Drive and needs the people living there removed at 10:53 a.m.

    11/14 Transient Problem – A caller says a man and a woman are using the alley as a toilet on the 1500 block of W. Commonwealth Avenue at 9:14 a.m.

    11/14 Transient Problem – A caller is concerned for a man with his 4-year-old son who is asking people for money on S. Magnolia Avenue and Buckingham Road at 9:12 a.m.

    11/15 Transient Problem – A tent with a bunch of stuff inside is set up behind the Basque Branch Library at 11:55 a.m.

    11/16 Transient Problem – A white man in his 50s is urinating out in the open in the bushes near the Kelly Thomas Memorial at the bus depot at 5:16 a.m. Police arrived and told Patrick to not do that.

    11/17 Transient Problem – A caller would like an officer to talk with a subject who is basically living in the loading dock behind the CVS on 312 N. Euclid Street and move him along at 4:06 p.m.

    11/17 Transient Problem – A caller says transients who sleep behind the building at Hillcrest Park off of 1200 N. Harbor Blvd. are making noise and fighting at 8:11 a.m.


    1. Ever since Kelly “died”. Fullerton has become Bum City U.S.A. I thought all the bums were terrified of the Fullerton cops?

      1. Maybe if the FPD didn’t beat a homeless man to death on camera the homeless wouldn’t now feel like sacred cows in the promised land under our palm trees, blue skies, with the downtown action after dark.

      2. The city of Fullerton happens to be the site of one of two National Guard armories in Orange County which are used to shelter the homeless during the cold weather months.

        The National Guard armory in Fullerton will be opening at the end of the week, so what your seeing now are in a holding pattern waiting for the armory to open.

        Try to remember that 20-25 % of the homeless are veterans.

      3. hey, the Ku Klux Klan terrorized African-Americans in the deep south, they chose not to run from this cruel treatment of them. Instead, these African -Americans steadily stood their ground and forced the world to acknowledge they are equals

  15. Admin why so silent on the election results? The election is over and the results are final. Time to act like a grown up and show up at the council meetings until your time is over. Travis, do you know that you should make a statement? Or are you unable to make statements unless they are undercover on this blog?

  16. It’s become nothing but a big glorified house of prostitution.

    Bushala, FPOA, Realtors, Chamber, other public employee unions, management unions, fire union… all pimps.

    Who’s up for being the next whore for one of the above.

  17. Rain I could not agree with you more about having to raise the standards of our local government. It so needs to be done.

    However, someone who puts truth and integrity at the forefront of everything they do is called an Idealist Personality Type. I fit into that category. Approximately only 7% of the entire population fit that cateogory. In fact, you probably would be hardpressed to find any high ranking politicians with the Idealist Personality Type. We see the big picture and want to always start and end with the truth and fairness, always ensuring that our integrity is intact. We would not say the “end” justifies the “means”. But look at most politicians who shade the truth or much worse, slander their opponents and they way too often are the victors. To most politicians it is all about winning, i.e. getting elected that counts. That is their ultimate end game and would do most anything to ensure that outcome. We have notable exceptions on our current council but anyone who has been paying close attention to this council race has seen those individuals who fit my description very nicely.

    The bottom line is that as a society we must collectively make the decision that character counts in our daily lives and in our governing class as well. Until a majority of our society both embraces that philosophy and pays enough attention to local government to be able to spot candidates they can trust vs. those they can not, we will be mired in the government we currently have. That government leaves alot to be desired. Maybe it will take a real crisis effecting all the citizens of Fullerton before that goal can ever be achieved.

    Now all of us who do care about truth, fairness and integrity just must keep on working around the edges of our government until one day enough people finally get it. I hope that day comes soon.

    1. Barry please stay involved in our City’s political landscape. The seasons will change and lets hope folks will wake up before it is too late. Your points at the last meeting were cogent and produced results. Things can get done on both sides of the dais.

    2. Why don’t we have more Idealist politicians?

      Answer: You need pragmatists in office. Libertarians who want to bk the city will be the captains that go down with the ship. Political whores in office will sell it out to the highest bidder. We need people in the middle.

  18. Barry, excellent reply to the OC Register editorial concerning updating of police policies and procedures in Fullerton. You are very well versed and should be writing editorials for the Register since they have new owners from Boston! Please apply!

  19. Simon if the pragmatist’s goal is to get elected then he/she will sell themselves out to the highest bidder just to get elected. Character counts, integrity counts, honesty counts. You can be an Idealest Personality Type and still compromise with other council members if you believe that the compromise is better for the community than getting nothing done. If the compromise entails lying to the public it is a compromise made in hell and to be avoided at all costs.

  20. Given the closeness of the election, I think that Kiger would have been reelected if he had voted for sobriety checkpoints, but that would have violated his libertarian principals. Today’s young people will probably see cars that drive themselves become the norm. That should improve fuel economy and virtually eliminate accidents, however the your whereabouts will likely be tracked all the time.

    1. I admire Kiger for sticking to principals and not relying on posing to public opinion to get elected. If he really wanted to insure his seat on the council he could have run against McKinnley whose term was not set to expire, but chose to run against mayer Jones the most difficult incumbunt with only 6 months left on his term.

  21. Yes it was another FPD cover up. Baughman, the person who took the money was prosecuted and the police Captain in charge of Property was demoted.

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