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Good Golly. Goodbye Molly. Good Riddance

According to The Fullerton Observer, North Orange County Community College District trustee, Molly McClanahan has pulled the plug on her career as an alleged overseer of the bureaucracy at the local junior colleges. Her seat will remain vacant until the November election, a rather telling sign of how critical the job is. Of course Molly […]

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Phriday Photo Phun – Early Edition

I don’t know about you humans, but I always find it amusing when a politician tries to look good on campaign material, but ends up really looking funny. My former neighbor, Paulette Marshall is pretending to be a school teacher to run for County School Board. Actually she was just a typical bad local lawyer […]

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Reliable Local News

Here’s some fun stuff from our local amateur news effort, The Fullerton Observer, from the latest installment. First, one of the yellowing observers writes in to compliment the production of reliable news and to note that “local” news is the best kind. The editor Sharon “ED” Kennedy goes on to describe other news sources that […]

CSUF Up In The Attic

A Bitter Benefactor

Here’s something funny. CSUF benefactor and Mihaylo business school namesake Steven Mihaylo got into a Twitter tussle with students over college debt and the lack of respect for their elders. Mihaylo ultimately threatened to redirect future donations to CSUF as a result of profane provocations from students. Daily Titan has the story. Of course, there’s nothing […]

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A Public Nuisance Announcement: Lorri Galloway’s Eli Home Said to Be On Rocks

Said by Lorri, of course. And naturally the local media and a few compliant bloggers are publicizing the fact that Anaheim Councilwoman Lorri Galloway’s charity the “Eli Home” is facing tough times. This is hard to believe given the massive support offered the Eli Home by us federal taxpayers to the whopping tune of $500,000 […]

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Have They Gone Too Far?

You would think that even a band of rogue cops with the recent history of malfeasance such as the FPOA brethren would recognize that publishing a wanted poster of your political opponents is crossing a line. Well, I guess not. When you are willing to defend killers, robbers, pickpockets, liars, perjurers, incompetents of all kinds, […]

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It’s A Dirty Job….

…but somebody’s got to do it. Rincon Mejia Major Hampton Ramos Wolfe Cicinelli Mater Baughman Sellers Tong Nguyen Craig Blatney Coffman Kirk Basham Goodrich Wren McKinley Siliceo And that’s not all. Do I really have to go on?