Roland Chi: Thief

When you’ve already been busted for poisoning folks, ignoring what you did, and then, finally having to give the DA a sample of your DNA to plea away your problems, what do you do for an encore?

The cops support me. Of course I'm law abiding...

Roland Chi seems to have decided to resort to petty theft.

A helpful Friend just sent in the photos below, which were accompanied with testimony that he saw an individual stealing “No McKinley” signs at the intersection of Rosecrans and Bastanchury on Saturday. Well, guess who that van belongs to. It belongs to AR Market, the same business owned by Roland Chi that was the site of the repeated health code violations we reported here!

Why would Roland Chi’s crew steal “No McKinley” signs? Good question. Could it be because Chi and McKinley are both endorsed by the “public safety” unions and it’s just a case of one union stooge looking out for another?

Roland's got my back. In fact we're writing a screenplay for a buddy cop movie.

We’ll be doing some sleuthing to see if can identify the idiot in these pictures in our ample image library.

And by the way, we’ve noticed a  lot of “Bad Chi” signs missing. We’ll be looking into that thievery, too.

Man walking over to No McKinley sign.

Man taking No McKinley sign and stashing in van.

Gotta cover those tags, genius!

It’s starting to look like Roland Chi can’t do a single thing honestly. I’ve filed a police report and have sent these images to the Fullerton Police Department. Let the wheels of justice turn (or spin, as the case may be)!

Take a bow, Roland.

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  1. Oh well, another visit with Rackackaus for the Chi family. The DA must get real tired of dealing with this kid.

    Then again, I got a Chi mailer today featuring the DA. T-rack called Roland “a bridge to the community on behalf of law enforcement.” How stupid are these people?



  3. That’s a nice little package for the police department. Slam dunk. Now watch how well they “handle” your case.

    1. They’ll drop it like they drop all of the cases that aren’t one of the countless MURDER or attempted murder cases.

  4. “Now watch how well they “handle” your case.”

    Don’t hold your breath for these bums to actually, you know, fight crime. They’ll look into it (as in, not look into it) sometime right around the day after the election.

  5. This is EXACTLY the kind of shit that got you named BEST BLOG!

    “Friends” is a good name, when you have citizens engaging and helping report this cheating. This is GOOD STUFF!

    #5 speaking for myself, I love asian and indian women!

  6. The Chi poisoning sign is the best! There needs to be a ton posted where his new market is going to be. I live on the west side and I’m very upset about this market opening up!

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    Kyungpook National University, South Korea

    This paper discusses the sense of shame in Korean culture. With Taoism, Korean culture began its transformation from a face-saving culture to a modern culture. Self-realization is the most important goal in a Taoist culture; the supreme value in the face-saving culture lay in the preservation of honor in the family. Influenced by western culture, modern Korean culture has come to focus on personal competence, mostly for the acquisition of material wealth. As a result, the crucial factor generating a sense of shame has shifted from failure of self-realization in the Taoist culture and injury of the family in face-saving culture, to personal incompetence in modern Korean society.

  8. In the real world you don’t accuse someone of being a thief if they’re not the ones doing anything wron. I don’t see Chi or McKinley doing anything wrong here if your slap stick reporting is real. The person isn’t Chi or McKinley and the fact that you try to lump Mckinley in this shows that this is possibly fabricated to assist your puppets. Are you saying Chi took any signs down? Are you saying McKinley took signs down? A very, very very misleading story to your 25 readers. This is funny because you haven’t listed your witness’ name (could be one of Tony’s alter personalities) I don’t know who owns this van so we are to just believe you, the photos don’t show what signs are being removed or placed and I know this is not McKinley, Chi or the public safety union. Again just more distractions to help your puppets and clubhouse friends. What a bunch of crap since I know the miny signs against Thompson have been removed throughout my neighborhood but by who? Whiney little bitches

      1. Hey IDIOT your name fits you just fine……..The title of this fine bit of reporting is “Roland Chi:Thief” which is false since he didn’t do it whatever it is. Slanted Bushala tactics….IDIOT

        1. If Roland Chi abetted the crime he is a thief. His van was stolen and later used by a sign thief who later returned it?


    1. Get Real, you are in some serious denial. Do you think anyone would make this up, and then file a police report?

    2. In the “real world” if you steal other people’s property you go to jail.

      The fact that this little creep drives a van owned by Chi and is going around stealing signs is just, ya know, a coincidence?

      As far as who owns the van, following it to it’s parking space at AR Market ain’t rocket science.

      Face facts Real World, we just busted your boy, and busted him real good!

      If Chi is going to steal other people’s property he’d better get a lot slicker.

      I wonder how he looks in stripes.

      1. Don’t you have a family to attend to instead of following around vans. When this happened did you call the cops or just follow them around to see where they parked. Seems shady to me. Why call Chi a thief when you didn’t have to. It’s like calling you a thief if your puppets do somethig wrong. How about a story on a bar owner in town that is no longer around and his relationship with a BOS…..sounds like a more meatier story. Not voting for any of your candidates because of you and that can’t think for themselves

          1. How did you find out that the van belongs to the market? I don’t see any markings.. do you have an inside man in the police department?

    3. HYPOTHETICAL QUESTION: So if someone hires a third party to say, kill another person, is only the actual murderer a criminal, or is the payor also considered criminal? Where do you draw the line, Get Real?

    4. NO in the “real world” this kind of bullshit goes on all the time.

      The diference is the FFFF calling BULLSHIT on it.

      From ACKERWOMAN forward these guys are calling out the usual suspects, the carpet baggers, the opportunistic politicos and the assholes who ruin everything for the whole class.

      What more do you need to see? Rolands Garden Grove gated community access pass?

  9. The photos are in the wrong order. He was putting the sign up, not taking it down. Chi actually hired that guy to help install the NO McKINLEY signs and gave him the poison van.

    Deep down, Roland is very passionate about pension reform and can’t stand McKinley’s pension abusing ways.

    Sorry to see him take the blame when he was obviously trying to do the right thing.

  10. Excellent valuable vital local news reporting!

    An individual’s character is the first aspect to consider when choosing an employee (i.e. electing an individual to public office).

    Roland Chi has soiled himself incredibly, in a whole array of his personal actions, each one demonstrating his questionable character.

    The health-cleanliness code violations with respect to his grocery store business, and also with respect to his cavalier violation of elections laws by mixing his tax exempt foundation activity into his own political campaigning, and now his instigation-cooperation in the theft of others’ property – in the process of violating others’ freedom of political speech (taking privately purchased and placed campaign signs).

    This is really an outragous record which also splatters all over his “associates” in his political campaign (i.e. the Police Union for sure and now we see former police chief Pat McKinley as a “beneficiary” of Chi’s nefarious actions).


  11. I can’t help but wonder if our own Gilligan or Bleed the Freak aren’t working on this case right now.

  12. To Shawn Nelson and the FPOA:

    When you endorse Chi, you don’t just get Roland, you get the who Chi crime syndicate!

  13. It seems to me that this isn’t Roland Chi removing the signs and just because a van belongs to his family doesn’t make him a thief. I wonder if you have any supporting facts that he was aware this was occurring, ordered this to occur and even approved of this occurring. My guess is you don’t and you jumped to a conclusion to fit your story. This is not responsible on this sites part and my guess is the individual in the photos will be identified and it will not be Chi (Roland). To be a credible site you can’t work with half-truths.

    1. Hey moron, are you saying people are using Chi’s vehicle to commit crimes and he is unaware of it?

      Okay, let’s just say someone is stupid enough to believe this. Wouldn’t that make Chi the least responsible businessman on the face of the earth, to have employees wandering around Fullerton in his van breaking the law?

      And this is the zit you want to put in charge of the City? Well, shame on all of you.

  14. Roland has a tough time accepting the limitations of the law. In fact, he has decided to fabricate an alter law which exists only in Chi-Land where he is the King and his loyal subjects are very happy to please him.
    Indeed, Roland, if that is his real name, has succumbed to dishonest tactics reminiscent of Al Capon. Using his father’s wealth and imported slave labor “Mr. Bad Chi” as his associates know him, cooks up diseased dishes for the Korean’s of Fullerton.
    Let’s now speak with Fullerton Crime Fighter, Barry Levinson. Barry, what can you tell us how you will fight criminals like Roland?
    BL: I’ll pass laws against him.
    Dr. P: You mean you’ll make it illegal to be Roland “Bad” Chi?
    BL: Yes. I will pass a new city ordinance which will make it a municipal code violation to be Roland Chi. Then we can throw his sorry food poisoning ass in the Fullerton jail where he can cook for inmates for 6 months. That should fix a few criminal problems we have.
    Dr. P: Also with us is Freedom Fighter and Friend Puppeteer, Tony Bushala. Tony, tell me, what is it about Roland Chi that is so disturbing?
    TB: Listen, I’m not a fucking puppeteer. It’s not my fault people ask me for advice. I don’t tell anyone what to do anymore, just ask my ex. Ok, about Chi, yeah that guy is bad news. Some really Bad Chi there.
    Dr. P: Do you think this latest criminal act will go unnoticed by law enforcement.
    TB: Yes.
    Dr. P: So how do you fight criminals like Chi if law enforcement isn’t willing to step in?
    TB: You kick his fucking ass back to Sacramento! That’s where he’s from. He was one of those slimy staffers who answers phones and gets coffee for the self-important shit heads up there like Norby.
    Dr. P: So Chi used to work for State Assemblyman Norby?
    TB: No. What the…? I didn’t say that. No. He worked for other guys.
    Dr. P: So what you’re saying is that Chi was working with Mike Duvall when Duvall was getting his willy wet. Is that right?
    TB: What the fuck is wrong with you? NO! I don’t know who the fuck he worked for.
    Dr. P: Alright, well clearly we have struck a nerve with our guests. Please comeback tomorrow for more on the BAD CHI: FOOD POISONER!

  15. I love the buddy/cop premise:

    Korean-American Food Poisoner and Beat-up Old Anglo Pension Double-Dipper join up to commit, er, solve crimes!

    Crime one. Who punctured my Kevlar gas tank?

    Crime two. Who photographed me stealing signs.

  16. ive been attacked a lot on this site for sticking up for sidhu, chi is a different case, as much as I am skeptical of reporting done by 4F this is pretty solid, gotta tip my cap…but whats up with nelson supporting this guy, you guys have been fairly silent on the issue, especially Tony and Joe. You woulndt be trying to go easy on your favorite sock puppet…would you?

    1. Compton, you have it wrong. You are considered a stooge because your comments on posts about Sidhu always are about Nelson who is not the subject in the post. In this case your one trick pony routine has not changed, rather you have just chosen to evidently broaden your desire to talk about Nelson to now include posts on any subject.

      1. CD, you are wrong. All this lawbreaking by Chi is evidently OK with Nelson since he hasn’t pulled his endorsement of Chi. Chi is just part of a bigger problem that Nelson is part of: self interest over principle.

        Shame on Nelson if he doesn’t do the right thing.

  17. Question :
    How did you find out that the van belongs to the market? I don’t see any markings.. do you have an inside man in the police department?

    It’s quite possible that the Friend followed it to AR Market.

  18. Nelson needs a backbone and rescind his endorsement to Chi…Helloooooo!

    If McKinley is teaming up with Chi on this crap, then the OC GOP needs to rescind the endorsement on McKinley as well.

  19. The OCGOP endorsed a man who said he would not accept union support (which he is) and that he would raise taxes. The OCGOP is way off base with his endorsement if they hope to gain any credibility…

    1. This is true anonymous, but nobody from the 72nd District GOP caucus(which covers Fullerton) spoke out to pull McKinley’s name from the consent list. There are six members from this caucus that could have done this. You may want to email or call them. The six are:

      Pat Shuff
      Stanley Interante
      Zonya Townsend
      Rick Rios
      Marilyn Davenport
      Bruce Whitaker

  20. This is crazy. All we want is someone who put our city’s interest first and do some good to our city and residents. Keep your self interest aside.

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