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Foto Fun Wednesday

There is an old axiom among you humans that birds of similar plumage tend to congregate. It seems to have a strong element of truth. Here is a disturbing image of former Fullerton councilwoman Pame Keller, beneficiary of the scam called “Fullerton Collaborative,” posing with Paulette Marshall – confessed thief, perjurer, and shameless campaign laws […]

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Phriday Photo Phun – Early Edition

I don’t know about you humans, but I always find it amusing when a politician tries to look good on campaign material, but ends up really looking funny. My former neighbor, Paulette Marshall is pretending to be a school teacher to run for County School Board. Actually she was just a typical bad local lawyer […]

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Monday Photo Fun & Caption Contest!

I knew trouble was brewing when I saw this picture. My former mistress and her drinking buddies. Normally when the drinking began I would crawl under the sofa. Well, what the hell. You humans provide the caption. I mean really, what can I, a poor dead dog add to this?  

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Return to the Pinewood Stairs

Follow us back, gentle Friends, as we revisit the construction horror show known as The Pinewood Stairs. It’s been a year-and-a-half since we frightened you with the design and construction fiasco of the Pinewood Stairs at Hillcrest Park. FFFF photo documented the sorry project even before the embarrassing party the city threw for itself since the […]

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Photo Fun: SparkyFitz’s $1.6 Mil Stairs to Nowhere

Being a political creature means keeping your happy face on – even when your happy speech is done. On Saturday our lobbyist-councilperson Jennifer Fitzgerald happily talked up her moronic wooden stairs that don’t do anything – $1,600,000 worth of nothing. She was soooo excited (twice). Even her pal Jan Flory was there to help put […]