Suspect Apprehended by FPD

A notorious criminal was nabbed by FPD after giving chase up North Pomona Avenue yesterday afternoon. Reports had been received that Victor J. Testudines had been spotted in the neighborhood. Testudines was eventually apprehended by officers around 5:45pm by police after a lengthy foot pursuit. “We had to chase  him down and that really pisses us off” […]

Please Cap Pic

Someone sent in this image of  Fullerton City Councilman Doug “Bud” Chaffee and his mate Paulette Marshall. I’m not sure why. Maybe the friends can shed some illumination on this with a helpful caption.

OCDA Digs In!

An alert Friend sent in this image of a guy recognized as Orange County District Attorney investigator, Abraham Santos, at the scene of the Memorial Joe Felz Crash Site. Well, now we know that the DA is indeed involved in this mess. What sort of crime he might be investigating and how he is investigating it, […]

Resquiat in Pacem

Poor Sappy McTree. So young. So promising! Thy youthful branches had hardly begun their embrace of the sky; thy roots had hardly delved into Fullerton’s loamy fundament. Thou verdant thing, thou honorable creature of God. Thou hast passed in the mere twinkling of an eye on a moon-dark night. We miss thee, O Sappy.  

A Brief Respite

In a campaign that has been long on issues and short on joy, I thought it would be hopeful to post a couple of the sweetest images I have seen in this campaign. Travis’ little girl, Selah, exalting in unbridled joy at the sight of her dada on a door hanger: and Sean Paden’s beautiful daughter sitting next to […]

Just A Matter of Time

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This post was published a little over a year ago. The title, “Just A Matter of Time” was spot on; another example of what happens when city funding for things like trees and such get diverted to things like public employee pensions and the obscene debts that they cause:  Original Post, September 8, […]

My New Vocation

Just when I thought it would be a good idea for me to hang it up from Fullerton politics, this sign showed up in and around Fullerton. Good grief! Someone really took the time to make and plant these comical things. And that got me to re-thinking my role in Fullerton. Geez, thinks I, if […]

Sunday Afternoon Pilfery

So what do you do on Sunday afternoon after church and you don’t give a damn about pro football? I know! Let’s go steal some campaign signs! Let’s hope this was not the message of Sunday’s sermon! An alert Friend snapped this image of a respectable-looking, necktied gentleman who was taking down “Bad Chi” signs […]

Harry at the Library

Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu surfaced last year in this image used in his scampaign for 4th District Supervisor (a district in which he didn’t and doesn’t live). He seems to be in a kiddie library listening to an unseen story teller. Unfortunately our guess is that the rest of the class learned a lot […]