More Fair Follies. Dick Ackergate Body Appendage Firmly Trapped in Wringer

Over the week-end we read some interesting things about the surreptitious “Fair Foundation” and their publicly paid lobb….er, consultant, Dick Ackerman. It transpires that the State AG, Jerry Brown has pulled the plug on legal support for the Fair Board, arguing quite reasonably that the Board majority are members of the clandestine Foundation, and that […]

Just Keep The Noise Machine Going

On a post today at the dismal Liberal OC blog (almost as self-righteous and irrelevantly noisy as Red Klownty) our old pal and sanctimonious prig Matthew J. Cunningham shares these gem-like comments, reiteration of charges he made against me a few weeks ago. Great post, Dan. A portrait of Pedroza’s true, amoral nature in action. Among other things, it […]