Zahra Sheds Integrity in Record Time

Jesus Silva, Jennifer Fitzgerald and Ahmad Zahra just manipulated you and the entire city for the sole purpose of putting Jan Flory back on city council.

Jan (Staff is the heart of the city) Flory.

Jan (3% at 50 Pension Crisis) Flory.

Jan (Hold no one accountable ever) Flory.

This woman was and will be a train wreck for council because she has zero regard for our budgets, has never shown a desire to hold people accountable and is nothing but a shill for those who are supposed to work for us.

I’m not sure why Zahra would have neutered himself by giving FitzSilva their third vote on every agenda item. I’m not sure why Zahra would have given Chevron 3 votes to develop Coyote Hills when he campaigned against that issue.

I’m not sure why Zahra would have switched in less than a month from a man of votings rights and constitutional principles to selling out and playing along in a mockery of an appointment process.

No. Sorry, I am sure why. Ahmad Zahra is just another in a long line of hacks who will lecture us from the dais while having no principles himself. Just like his pal Josh Newman – another self-righteous and pompous ass who thinks it’s okay to lie to your face as long as it gets him into power and the good graces of his corrupt party. He’ll spout wiki-quotes and nonsense for the sole reason of justifying his incompetence and malfeasance.

Zahra can preen and pretend to care about our budget all he wants. He can use whatever emotional ploy to try and justify an appointment process. What he cannot do is pretend that the reasons for an appointment excuse his actions in participating in a farce of a process that was the antithesis of the open and transparent system we were promised.

We all knew Flory was the anointed pick from the get-go. Hell, I put in an application just to troll the process because I knew it was a sham.

And yet Zahra played along and did his part to lie, obstruct and manipulate the people and no amount of faux-outrage will change that fact.

He was holding meetings and making deals behind the scenes. He was conniving while trying to put on a pretty face for the public. All because he is a part of the problem.

He sat and watched as a slew of applicants delivered their 3 minutes of good faith campaigning, myself notwithstanding, and listened as 9 of 11 Public Commenters asked for a special election. Then he and the entire council opted to make sure that all 9 were blatantly ignored. Zahra, despite all of his bluster and bullshit, helped slam one of the 7 walls of government in their faces.

The cherry on top of this cone of corruption was the hilarious moment when Zahra nominated Carvalho, Whitaker seconded it and then Silva voted against her. Not only was that a middle finger to Carvalho (unless she knew she was being used like a useful idiot) but it was a middle finger to the whole process. Silva had Carvalho on his list of 3 preferred candidates and then voted against her when she had a motion and a second.

I’m pretty confident that if Silva had voted for Carvalho she’d have been sworn in with Whitaker being vote #3. Instead Silva and Zahra both had their bluffs called in one astute moment of arrogant stupidity.

These folks are so corrupt they can’t even help themselves from being obvious about it.

And there’s nothing we can do about it. Thanks to Zahra’s buddy Josh Newman the laws on recalls are so burdensome now that we effectively no longer have the right to recall corrupt officials in California.

We would need to collect more signatures to qualify a recall against Flory than Silva got when he was originally elected in 2016. We would need to collect more signatures to qualify a recall against Silva/Zahra than they received votes in 2018. To put that in context – most people vote because it costs them nothing. The government sets up locations, mails out sample and absentee ballots and processes it all at taxpayer expense. We would have to self-fund any recall effort and somehow manage to get a better turnout on our signature drives than any candidate got in their vote totals.

But authoritarian hacks have always been against accountability when it comes to public officials so this isn’t really a shock as much as it is an obvious insult to integrity which needs mentioning.

So have fun with this crap for the foreseeable future. An endless line of zero accountability from council. An endless display of Zahra preening and faking outrage while manipulating and lying to the people all so he can continue doing the dirty work of those above him.

It won’t be good for Fullerton, it’ll cost us money and higher taxes. It’ll mean a lot of bad decisions and crony projects will get approved. But at least we can point out the arrogance every time these nitwits drag their own names in the muck.

Every vote that Flory makes from the dais belongs to Silva, Fitzgerald and Zahra. All of their conniving and lying and manipulations mean that they own her record now and I’ll be sure to remind every voter of that at every opportunity.

We’ll be watching, writing on and making fun of these little weasels for as long as they think they can stay in office – with special emphasis on Zahra, the man who sold out his integrity and neutered himself on the dais all for the sake of his own arrogance.

Watching You

15 Replies to “Zahra Sheds Integrity in Record Time”

  1. Shouldn’t the focus be on recalling Silva since he was the one who started this whole mess anyway by abdicating his seat? The honorable thing for him to do would be stay in the seat until 2020, take a 2 year break from politics, and then run in 2022. But I think that the Quirk-Silvas are too power hungry to take a 2 year break from their political power duo. So sad for this city.

      1. Sadly I agree with you that there wouldn’t be enough energy or funds to do anything about Silva. Well the one good thing that came out of this for me is that I discovered your blog. Add me to the “chronic malcontents”. Great descriptor.

  2. At least there will some degree of entertainment watching Zahra become irrelevant to Silva/Fitzgerald/Flory as his vote is no longer necessary. The man clearly loves the sound of his own voice and now he’ll be the only one listening to it. It always amazes me when people vote against their own self interest.

    1. Yep, you nailed it. The simpleton was so greedy to appease the people that never helped him that he surrendered any authority he might have had. Sort of tragic but oddly enough I don’t seem to feel much pity for the fool.

  3. It’s funny how Fullerton always seems to elect mush-mouths that spew a bunch of meaningless words in order to sound reflective, brave, thoughtful, profound, but aren’t any of these things: Godfrey, Clesceri, Wilson, Sebourn, Chaffee, and now, apparently, Zahra.

    Then there are the stammering or yammering buffoons: Bankhead, Doc Hee Haw Jones, Sa, and now Quirk-Silva.

    Then the unapologetic government tools: McClanahan, Flory, A.B Buck Catlin, Kellar, etc.

    Then the dogmatic blowhards like Nelson and Norby.

    Is it really any wonder our city is messed up?


        Dont look now, but without any fanfare at all the City has WASTED over a half a million of city money on a couple of completely unnecessary elevators at the depot (as well as five million in OPM “Other People’s Money”). Have you heard even a whimper from Silva, Flory, Fitzgerald, Zahra (it’s only in his district, after all)? And now you never will, either.

        If they ever get done at all, in twenty years we will know what they will look like – just like completely decrepit, tagged, rusting out ones look now.

        1. “If they ever get done at all, in twenty years we will know what they will look like – just like completely decrepit, tagged, rusting out ones look now.”

          Are you talking about the elevators or the city council?

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