For some folks sexual fondling in the backseat of a car may evoke happy memories of teenage hormonal overload and good clean fun. But when you’re handcuffed by a police officer on trumped up charges only to be sexually groped by that cop, things take on a much more sinister character.

Night time is the right time...

Like sexual battery and federal civil rights violations, just for starters.

Here are the stories of two women who claim that Fullerton cop Albert Rincon, aided and abetted by Officer Christopher Wren essentially kidnapped them and sexually assaulted them in 2008 while they were in custody – in the backseat of Rincon’s patrol car, to be precise. Rather than rehash the story, I’ll let you read the complaint filed in federal court. Checkout pages 5 through 12 of 35 for the sordid details.

Three long years later the case is winding its way through the court system toward a November 2011 trial. The case found its way to the federal courtroom of Andrew Guilford, who knows all about pervy cops – having presided over the Michael Carona corruption trial. Check out the Joint Conference Scheduling Report:

Note #1: the City of Fullerton offered the victims $7,500 to settle; and the alleged victims assert that the City knew of Rincon’s prior history of sexual misconduct! I wonder what that history was.

Note #2: The DA never prosecuted the alleged victims for any crimes related to their arrests. Is Rincon a Brady cop?

Note #3: the City’s lawyer, Bruce Praet is the same charming individual who allegedly offered FPD beating-death victim Kelly Thomas’ dad a cash settlement before threatening to drag his mentally ill son’s name through the mud; and that before “all the facts were known,” an admonition the cops seem to think only applies to us citizens and taxpayers – not themselves.

Fullerton, this is your out of control police department; it is enabled and protected by  majority of your city council. What the Hell are you going to do about it?


  1. The OC Register
    The Orange County DA
    The Fullerton Police Union
    The Orange County Sheriffs Dept


    The fullerton police dept just happened to be the ones caught.

    1. We whoheartedly agreed with you: Orange County Sheriffs Dept. and District Attorney Office are corrupted and running by crooks.
      Fullerton Police Dept. will get a slap on their wrist. They will transfer these polices around. Business as usual.
      Protec and Serve is at its Best.

  2. OMG…Organized crime is going on within the Fullerton PD:

    1) Settlement = Payoff
    2) Secret = Keep Council out of loop
    3) Police Chief = Now Councilman
    4) DA = Organized Protector

    What the hell is going on?

    We give up our liberties FOR THIS garbage??????????

  3. I’m sorry, but you need to re-evaluate this article. It comes across as really, incredibly disrespectful to the victims. “Night time is the right time…” Would you make a joke about Kelly? No, you would not. “Sordid sexual assault”? In what universe is sexual assault not sordid?

    The subject matter is sexual in nature, but you don’t need to be immature about it.

      1. Also where you list the pages that contain the “sordid details”. How about “details of the assault”?

  4. Wow, after reading the allegations in the suit I can’t help but ask if there are any good cops in Fullerton left. Where are you and why aren’t you speaking up? Where are the records clerks and dispatchers? Do they know anything about these bad cops??

    I hope everyone in Fullerton speaks at tonight’s City Council meeting at 6:30. Have courage and speak up. One of our council members, Don Bankhead, is a retired FPD captain while another council member, Pat McKinley, is the recently retired Chief of Police. It was under McKinley’s command that so many of these crimes and alleged crimes took place.

    I’ve seen fraternities with more integrity than the Fullerton Police Department.

  5. The bartender was admittedly dressed like a slut. She was looking for sexual advances. I’m not saying the police are in the clear, but give me a break…

      1. Did you read the entire complaint?

        Look, I never said the police were innocent. But the filing of a lawsuit doesn’t prove guilt as some here would like to believe.

    1. You consider restraining a woman, forcibly exposing and fondling her breast, and touching her between her legs sexual advances? You must be a real charmer.

    2. yes! my clothes are my consent! if i’m dressed in a way that you think is slutty, you totally have a right to cop a feel. dont blame me, blame god for creating miniskirts and high heels. luckily god also invented burqas which is the best way to dress if you don’t want to be sexually assaulted. amirightladies?

      1. I’ve found a perfect solution to this problem! I never, ever, ever leave the house. Everyone knows men are nothing but walking libidos. I couldn’t live with myself if I knew I’d forced a man to be aroused against his will simply because I existed in his presence!

        1. yes. you should definitely, definitely refrain from leaving the house because otherwise, you are signaling that you are interested in “sexual advances”. what nice girl walks around ALONE, after all? and don’t get me started on the type of girls who work at bars. indeed, when i leave the house, dressed nicely to go out without the company of my male guarding, i am doing so because i want SEXUAL ADVANCES. everyone knows that.

          everything i do is for men! not for myself! the sooner other ladies learn that, the safer they will be.

    3. Aren’t the cops supposed to be working? Aren’t they supposed to be the enforcers of the law? Perhaps they shouldn’t be breaking the law while on duty?

    4. Dressed like a “slut”? She was “looking for sexual advances”? So, you’re saying that anyone who dresses like that is “asking for it”? Even if their work may have required them to dress like that? Out of all the comments I’ve seen, I have to say that your comment makes you the biggest f*cking moron and idiot to have posted on this site. I bet if I saw you walking on the street, I should hit you with my car or fist just because based on your looks alone, you probably deserve it.

      pathetic moron.

  6. I don’t believe for an instant that any of Fullerton’s fine police force would ever engage in anything like this. Apart from what will probably prove to be unreliable witnesses you have honorable men doing honorable jobs protecting YOUR lives and properties.

    1. i don’t believe it either. everyone knows that no cop has every sexually assaulted a woman EVER. this is because all cops are perfect, flawless human beings that are above the misogyny, racism, and classism that characterizes our society. they are almost godlike in their ability to put aside these biases! the only people that are more godlike and perfect than cops are soldiers.

    2. The only thing necessary rof the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing- Edmund Burke. If there fine cops at he FPD, they need to come forward with any information they have on the cops that beat Kelly Thomas. There is no middle ground, you are either a good (fine) cop or a bad one. The ball is in their court.

  7. Sadly the struggling families of Fullerton pay HUGE for their “protection” from the “wolves”.

    Maybe be a wiser deal to hire the MS-13 for protection.


    Go after the Fullerton Union and sue them for their low standards.

  8. I believe it… I’ve hung around a lot of cops. They stand in circles at parties talking about arrests they made in previous weeks: they talk about the manner in which they treat suspects or “perps” if the suspect “gives them any lip.” They usually like to give a quick jab to the ribs or stomah to knock the wind out of the perp… so as to not leave marks on the face.

    In one instance there were ten people sitting in a circle talking about mostly police work. One cop was bragging about speeding home after work just “because I can get away with it.”

    I believe all of this. Ive heard it with my own ears, from the mouths of police officers.

    All of this is quite sick. Keep up the good work. Finally, someone with a pair of balls in the media.

  9. The Fullerton Police Department sounds like a bizare collection of sadists, perverts, and cowards.

    Where do you go to work if you got picked on when you were a boy and want to take it out on innocent people while hiding behind a badge?…..the Fullerton Police Department of course.

    And where do you go to work if you have been rejected by woman your whole life and want to be able to kidnap, handcuff, and force yourself on them while hiding behind a badge? The Fullerton Police Department…..or course!

    And where do you go to work if you are a coward that swore an oath to uphold the law but don’t have the honor or decency to intervene or speak out when you are witnessing those around you commiting murder and sexual assault?……yes, you guessed it, THE FULLERTON POLICE DEPARTMENT!!!!

    And it doesnt have to end when you retire from the Fullerton PD. If can no longer commit murder, sexual assault, and cowardice yourself but would still like to cover up for people that do, then I would highly recommend the Fullerton City Council…..There motto is “If your going to do the crime, let us know so we can sweep it under the rug for you”.

    Its so nice to know what wonderful people are living off of our tax money.

  10. I believe every word of it, along with corruption from all agencies.

    They know they can get away with murder…now literally, you all just wait. they will be protected by someone. Some abuse their wives, the others know and they look the other way. The woman can get little support or help becasue they are all covering for the wife beater. it is sick and I bet it happens in every police department. Fullerton is no different.

    Badge the back-, are you new /fresh out of the academy? or high?

  11. FFF-Way to protect the “innocent” sexual assualt victims: KARI BODE and GINA NASTANI. Is it ironic that they happen to be friends?

    1. I’m missing the irony. Sounds like this cop was a familiar character around Bananas. Stalker-like.

        1. Irionic? sounds very lesbanese to me Doc. The complaint is better than Cherries. When’s the next hearing. I’d like to see the Plaintiffs dress all homely.

  12. How dare you speak of the Fullerton Police Department in that way! There are always a few bad apples in a group and police are NO exception. These men and women risk their lives for the city of Fullerton everyday. Most of them have families, wives, husbands they leave each work day to serve their community. When we need help, it is these men and women who come to our needs. Do no clump all these officers who work in this department into one negative category. The innocent officers who are good people and who want to be officers for the right reasons do not deserve this negative publicity. This story by these women may or may not be true. Ridiculous to expose this officer just because Fullerton PD is having other issues. Just a side note (or side questions): Do you know how many women tease or literally throw themselves at police officers everyday to get out of tickets and how many of the officers respectively decline this offer!??? Do you know how many women flock to police events just to be near them because they wear a uniform??? There is a possibility the accusations could be false…These are just some things to think about when judging one side of the story.

    1. How do I dare speak of the Fullerton Police Department that way? I will tell you how. The entire police department knew within days that this deadly beating occured and NOT ONE of them spoke up, NOT ONE. You say that they are brave and risk their lives each day? If they are so brave why didn’t one of them report this brutal murder? I will tell you why, its because they were afraid the other cops wouldn’t like them anymore. Real bravery!

      If the so-called good cops don’t want to be “clumped” in with the bad ones then all they have to do is speak up. Until they do so they deserve to be “clumped” with the bad cops because they are one to.

      As for the sex assault not being true, this is not one isolated incident. These are two separate occasions, plus the cop has a prior history of it. And once again the other cops remained silent.

      On your comment that women throw themselves at cops. I dont even know how to respond to that because its so ridiculous. It just goes to show what a disconnected fantasy world that cops and their cop-groupie wives like you live in.

      1. How do you even know any of this. I was just saying don’t clump everyone into one category. Regarding the “cop-groupie wives like you?” You’d make a bad detective. Hence, don’t judge yet.

        1. Everthing I wrote is public record. As for me “clumping” everyone into one catergory, I did not do that. I spelled out 3 specific categories that the Fullerton Police fall into. Category #1 is cops that beat people to death. Category #2 is cops that sexually assault women. And Category #3 is cowardly cops that don’t stop or report the cops in the first two categories.

          Regarding what particular sub species of cop-groupie you are. It doesn’t really matter, you all have the same delusional thinking, that cops are above the law. not to mention common decency.

          Don’t bother trying to get sypathy for the ilk that is the Fullerton Police Department. You wont find any here. Our sympathy goes to the victims of their crimes and cover up.


    3. “Do you know how many women tease or literally throw themselves at police officers everyday to get out of tickets and how many of the officers respectively decline this offer!???”

      In your wet dreams Goodwrench.

    4. I apologize for the latter of my statement. I was just trying to make a point, a bad one…obviously. I’m just trying to see both sides of the story here.

    5. sure Billy all 12 complaints are false. he’s a punk ass rapist. these things are settled to keep sworn testimony off the public record. hopefully someone will take it all the way, but piggy can still scare girls sometimes. you can lie to yourself if it makes you want cop pecker, but i think your stupid. i was in the military and twats that chase a uniform are skanks or badge bunnies if you prefer. convenient but still skanks.

  13. Why are the names of the two victims posted? Out of hast to get another one of your wonderful posts out you forgot to black out the names of the victims. HEY FFFF, slow down. Don’t be in such a hurry or you could be the ones getting slammed.

      1. Would you want your family member, who is a VICTIM, have their name released…… YOU MORON. I don’t care about the officers YOU MORON.

  14. Yeh! Good old fashion city coruption! Must be going on for sometime now! Police Goon Squads like one that killed Kelly are there to intimidate whistleblowers!

  15. Dude if all the cops weren’t bad here, the ones that are good would have ratted out this mafia long ago. This is looking like bell. Next stop, looking into salaries!

  16. Is there anyway we can have the Fullerton PD placed on the gang task force watchlist? Oh wait……

  17. To All Cop Apologists on this Site,

    I was a deputy and police officer for a total of 10 years in a major urban County/City. I served on two SOT teams and was also a defensive tactics instructor. I am now in the Army (8 proud unblemished years in the Infantry) and have served in combat.
    IOW, I am no stranger to violence, dynamic situations, the fishbowl policeman live in, or being on the recieving end of Monday morning quarterbacking.
    Or any of the other thousands of excuses policemen have for behavior that would land a private citizen in prison.
    As a Defensive Tactics instructor, I have studied use of force videos and am fully aware that what may appear shocking on videotape to the untrained and inexperienced eye is sometimes fully justified when explained and viewed through the lens of the Use of Force Continuum.
    For those reasons I am going to grant you that you are right about this – I wasn’t there. There might be justificaton for six armored and armed policemen beating a 135lb unarmed homeless man into a coma while he screams for his dad to save him.
    There might be a fucking Bigfoot, too.
    I always chuckle at tose who refer to “damaged combat vets who come home unhinged.” I came home praying I would never have to lift my hand to another human being so long as I live. But I am a soldier, and I dont believe that prayer will be granted.
    I always feel uncomfortable when people thank me so profusely for my service. I appreciate it, really. But I volunteered. I wasn’t a babe in the woods. Its what I do, because someone needed to do it. And if not me, who? If I didn’t believe the American public was worth doing it for, I’d do something else.
    So, back to our selfless heroes on the Fullerton PD -whats their story? If the awesome burden of their service is too much for their sensitive souls, get another job. But don’t expect us to fellate you for your sacrifice -you weren’t drafted and any thanks I owe you comes in the form of pay and benefits. Not happy with those? See “get another job” above.
    And if you beat some poor guy to death and your department (to include your supposedly “good” comrades who object, but not so strenously they will speak out like men of honor) covers it up, there is not a prison too dark or tree to hang you from too high to suit me. Warriors defend the defenseless from Thugs like you.
    I have more respect for the Taliban. At least they don’t expect sympathy from their victims.
    My oath was to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC.
    I am really beginning to think our rifles are pointed the wrong way.

  18. That is so awesome. I know you don’t expect any thanks, but I have to thank you for your eloquence, your clarity and your trouble to put such bold and clear principle and description of practice into words. Like an Aria di bravura, a sonnet… a beautifully crafted expression of thoughts and ideas that resonate with our highest sense of moral selves. Thank you!

  19. both sides seems to have a point. i am very familiar with male on female search which could be considered some type of sexual misconduct. also sometimes suspects will make up false claims to get out of trouble…..
    but on the flip side some officers are just sickos……

    to clear up this matter…..
    1. review the officers dar…. if the dar recording disappears then it would appear the officer was hiding something…. but did anyone listen to the dar….

    fyi, to those that do not know, fpd officers are issued a small recorder. they WILL have the dar recording with any public contact. the dar best be on esp when someone is being taken into custody for questioning and/or arrested…..

    2. when a member of the opposite sex transports a prisoner that is a different gender, he or she has to call in mileage to dispatch before actually driving away. when the car pulls into the station the officer will give out the new mileage to dispatch. the dispatcher will log in times. when the officer gives mileage to dispatch. she will respond with a time. therefore a recorded dispatch record should be produced and time & mileage would be critical , to see how long it took to get from start to finish, thus each minute is accounted for.

    3. the sally port and jail all have cameras. it should be simply to pull the tapes and review.

    4.if this girls felt violated in any way, did they advise a jailer or ask to speak with a superior? if so that should also be visable on the tapes. if the girls asked for the above and were simply ignored or for some reason denied, that would be on the voice recording.

    now if none of this stuff exsists or is somewhere with jimmy hoffa, then the integrity of these officers and actions better be looked into…BUSTED!

  20. I’m seeing red after reading these comments, I hope all of you victim blamers never have to experience sexual assault. I hope you never have a daughter who is too afraid to tell you she was raped because she thinks you’ll tell her it was her fault. A woman does not get assaulted because of the way she dresses, a woman does not get assaulted because she was drinking or put herself in the wrong place. A woman gets sexually assaulted because someone sexually assaulted her. I hope all you victim blamers realize you’re why people are too afraid to report assault. Assault is rarely reported, let alone assault involving cops so I find it hard to believe these women would put themselves through all of this just to ‘get back at the cops’ how insulting, my god.

    1. Anonymous #54

      Sorry to ruin your aha! moment but that is a different woman, a different cop, a different police department, and a different city.

      No one is saying that a cop has never in the history of the world been wrongly accused. What people are saying is that in the case of the fullerton cop that is accused there are two seperate incidents plus he has a prior history.

      I think it is also reasonable to assume that the vast majority of the time a woman reports being sexually assaulted by a cop it is in fact true.

      If you dont think so I will be happy make you a bet. You search the internet and post links to stories of woman who have falsely accused cops of sexual assault. I will search the internet and post links to stories of cops convicted of sexual assault.

      I don’t need a crystal ball to know what the results will be.

  21. two of you? would that be anonymi? anyhoo…i’ll bet that police department had no problem at all with releasing the video. you tube had a whole bunch of cops being exonerated because the incident was caught on tape. cheers to you(with a golf clap)! now lets see the kelly thomas video!!!! if the police were merely trying to feed kelly thomas a cookie and give him a warm blanket we should see the video. oh i get it jon q.public only gets to see instances where the police were falsley accused. the nazis did the same thing about 75 years ago. only show pics of Jews and gyspies in a negative light but never show the pics of the crippled or mentally disabled germans being led to the slaughter

  22. This corruption must be stopped. I sincerely want to thank Joe and everyone else involved who have opened Pandora’s box and are pursuing justice. I hope the FBI and city residents clean house, including the city council. This corruption reminds me of the weeds, I been trying to get rid of. Sometimes you have to pull them up by the roots to get rid of them. Wish I lived in your state, I’d ask how I could help.


  24. Kelly was just sitting on a park bench. No one saw him breaking into cars. He ran beacuse the police were scary and threatenin­g, and he had schizophre­nia. Six police savagely and incessantl­y hogtied him, slammed his head on the concrete curb, beat him, stomped him, drop kneed his nose and throat, tased him 6 times, and when the taser stopped firing, used the butt end of the taser pistol grip to repeatedly hammer Kelly’s head until blood spurted out all over. Kelly cried for mercy, for God, for his Dad, until he was finally silenced, but the pummelling of his limp carcass continued even after he fell into a coma. The police bragged about their conquest of this defenseles­s soul the next day and continued to work on patrol up until one month after the killing, only until they were placed on paid leave after Kelly’s dad stood up for his dead son and demanded an investigat­ion. The police chief and DA investigat­or are good friends and are trying to cover this up and hoping it will all blow over. They should all be fired and put in jail and be made an example that this type of brutal police killing of helpless, defenseles­s persons should never ever happen again in our civilized society.

  25. If there are any good, decent cops on the Fullerton Police Dept., why aren’t they coming forward and condemning this horrific killing? Why is the police chief, who condones this gang murder, still in office?

  26. Do you people posting that Fullerton P.D. killed someone know something the O.C. Coroner does not??? All of you who say he died of a beating forget the autopsy was inconclusive as to the cause of death. Wouldn’t a crushed windpipe/skull be obvious to anyone doing an autopsy???? Why can’t everyone wait until all the reports are in as to the manner and cause of this mans death before anymore hysterical speculation takes place.

    1. Your argument is absurd. There is no doubt that the police beat the man so brutally that he was disfigured and put into a coma. That alone is a serious crime committed by the FPD. Its not exaclty jumping to conclusions to assume there is a connection to what the police and did and the man later dying.

      Using your logic no murder suspect should ever be arrested, detained, or even called a suspect until the coroner finds a cause of death. Regardless of the fact that they undoubtely comminted a heines attack on the person immediatly preceeding the persons death.

      Like I said, your argument is absurd.

  27. Gezz… so what ‘ how he died’. Maybe he had a normal heart attack while being kicked, Tasered, and beaten. The Police are to blame the defenseless death. I can’t believe Joey or anyone else thinks it makes a difference if, the kick to the head, the stomp on the throat or head, or the Taser to he heart killed him… the police gang did it. Dah!!!

  28. Just saying that if there is never a conclusive cause of death shown your “murder” case isn’t worth a pile of fly droppings

    1. Once again you dont know what you are talking about. Murder convictions can and are obtained without specific causes of death. This is done by introducing circumstantial evidence. The circumstantial evidence in this case would be that six cops beat this guy into a coma and he never woke up from it.

      Besides, your original comment suggested that everyone was wrong for denouncing the police before the cause of death was determined. At the very least these cops beat him into a coma. That alone is more than enough reason to denounce these cops. They deserve every bit of misery that is being visited upon them.

      The sad thing is that no matter what happens to these cops their suffering will never come close to the suffering experienced by their victim.

      I don’t understand your thinking. Does the thought of cops being in the wrong scare you so bad that you deny it even in the face of overwelming evidence?

      We all wish cops were what they are supposed to be but the fact is that some of them are not. When that is the case we all need to speak up. Otherwise it will just get worse and next time it might be one of us or a member of our family that pays the price.

  29. Joey no nutz — really? Are you a Professional Troll or just the stupidest — seriously, I was right on the edge of referring to you as an incredibly, disturbingly repellent piece of s**t, but I didn’t want to be insulting toward s**t, for which I have infinitely more respect than I do you. Honestly, I do not believe I have ever read anything as sickening — as nauseating as your posts. Please — please oh please, for the sake of what still passes for humanity, just PLEASE DO NOT PROCREATE. PLEASE. You are actually scary in your — wait, are you a zombie? I’ve never experienced in real life an organism not on some type of life support that has somehow remained, well, “technically” functional, in the complete and (now) documented absence of ANY degree of living brain matter…

  30. going back to my original thought… me a murder case where charges were filed and no cause of death was listed

    1. Joey, I will give you two cases right off the top of my head where murder charges were filed without a cause of death ever being determined.

      One is the Casey Anthony murder case that just happened recently. Another one is the Scott Peterson case from a few years ago that resulted in a death sentence.

      You should consider taking a break from blindly defending the indefensible and try to become informed. Or do you not get tired of being a fool?

  31. If the police are in the wrong i make no apology…..let the chips fall where they may. But why can’t everyone wait for the investigation to be completed without all this hysterical name calling???

    1. We don’t need an investigation to know that six cops beat a mentally ill homeless man into a coma while he was screaming for his Dad!

      if people didn’t voice their outrage the Fullerton PD would have just swept this under the rug. They were doing just that when the victims father released the picture and put the spotlight on them.

      Its obvious that you are going to blindly defend the police no matter what. You are wasting your time here, everyone sees right through you. You would be better off posting your propaganda on a cop groupie blog where facts and common sense are not required.

  32. Albert Rincon , fullerton pig, lied under oath, in my
    trial,now i am going make sure that the police dept.
    is purged of the corruption, in-competent cops and arrogant cops who do not belong in this city. I hope all that is written here is read by every cop in fullerton. thats why i want my name published .
    are in my thoughts. the storm wind is blowing.


    Whatever happened to “hero pussy”? You have to believe there just ain’t none if guys like Rincon have to use coercion to land dates. The Albert Rincon story is not amazing. What is amazing is that Rincon still has his job.

    All cop out should be taking notes… the reason “hero pussy” no longer comes delivered to your door is because of guys like Rincon, Ramos, Cicireli and Wolf. Right now, cops receive anti-hero pussy, meaning you’re better off without the uniform.

    It’s your choice. Either your uniform stands for civil rights or it stands for personal, corporate and governmental corruption. I’m sure the latter is great for your career but you can forget about any hero pussy.

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