Profiles in Courage

During a quick stop at the on-line Fullerton Observer I read an article by Jane Rands about a dope forum held by the folks at NUFF – an organization of mostly geriatric liberals whose mission seems to be to promote safely pro-government candidates and causes. Aha, thought I, perhaps someone will stand up for the […]

Mr. Dick Jones on Marijuana

The original and the best. Nothing quite like it. Here is Doc Foghorn sharing his thoughts on medical marijuana. Notice that Jones is all about control. Mindlessly so. See, he knows what’s best and tarnation if’n he ain’t a gonna give it to you – whether you like it or not. But really: heroin products […]

Norby on Marijuana Cultivation

According to aroundthecapitol, AB1017 author San Francisco assemblyman Tom Ammiano has this to say; “This sensible change to provide a district attorney with the discretion to charge either a misdemeanor or felony for marijuana cultivation based on local community standards is long overdue. Mandating felony prosecution for every marijuana cultivation charge, regardless of circumstances, uses […]

Judge Jim Gray on Marijuana

Marijuana. Decriminalize, tax and regulate. Makes a lot more sense than ban, spray and incarcerate. Of course, it’s just the dark-skinned ones that we jail mostly. For middle class kids, it’s just “experimentation”! That was the message of retired Judge Jim Gray at last night’s packed meeting of the Neighbors United for Fullerton at the […]

An Update: End Reefer Madness by Legalizing Pot

Marijuana is not a dangerous drug [”Proposed pot law ignites debate,” Opinion, Feb. 23]. Alco­hol causes thousands of deaths each year from overdose (alcohol poisoning), while no one in recorded history has ever died from marijuana overdose. It’s physically impossible to smoke or ingest enough marijuana to come anywhere close to a harmful overdose. We […]