What Happened to Officer Christopher Chiu?


The City of Fullerton has, belatedly and selectively, released some police misconduct records. Despite the law changing on January 1st, 2019 and it now being the end of June, we have a whopping three files to look at on the city website.

The first of these files is regarding former Officer Chistopher Chiu.

What did Officer Chiu allegedly do?

He allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in a downtown parking structure, that’s what:

Chiu Sexual Assault

But not just any woman – the 19yo daughter of a fellow police officer.

Chiu Victim's Dad

After the alleged sexual assault, Officer Chiu also allegedly had the audacity to ask the victim out on a date:

Chiu Victim Date

No criminal charges came out of this case as by disabling his Body Worn Camera (BWC) there was little evidence of the alleged acts outside of victim and witness statements. Chiu was proven to have been in the parking structure at the time of the alleged incident, outside of his own patrol zone. However the victim was initially afraid of how her dad would respond and ultimately seems to have refused to press charges leading the District Attorney to drop the case.

If this happened as described she was brave to come forward especially without audio/video evidence of the allegations. If it didn’t happen then Chiu should have had his BWC activated to prove his innocence.

Ultimately the allegations against Chiu were sustained which was enough for administrative action but not for a criminal case.

Instead of a termination Chiu was allowed to resign via a settlement agreement where the city agreed to a no-fault, no-liability agreement allowing Chiu the freedom from the stigma of his actions which at a minimum include policy violations and at worse alleged sexual assault under the color of authority.

Chiu Settlement

Were it not for SB1421 the public wouldn’t be allowed to know any of this information and so much more that is coming which is precisely the way the Police Unions want it.

We’ll continue to keep you posted as we learn more.

17 Replies to “What Happened to Officer Christopher Chiu?”

  1. You know, you’d think the good officers at the FPD would be loudly denouncing their pervy partners.

    Instead, they all band together to pay for the guy’s lawyer in an attempt to keep him on the force.

    1. The good officers at FPD have either retired or left for other agencies. Danny Hughes, George Crum (Hamel’s brother), Mike Chocek and Tom Oliveras have all played a part in the downfall of FPD. They watched as officers violated policy and the law but chose to sweep it under the rug. There are still a handful of people working at FPD who have benefitted from command staff covering for them. Take for instance Lt. Jon Radus lying in a police report while working gangs. His own partners and the assigned District Attorney for the gang unit brought it to the attention of command staff and Hughes squashed it. The assigned District Attorney left because of that. Jon Radus was taken off the District Attorney’s Brady list….hmmmm….Hughes must know some people at the DA. Might be the same reason the DA refused to investigate Hughes and his cover up of Joe “Sappy” Felz. Or maybe Sgt. Pedram Gharah going to Vegas with a bunch of officers and getting into a brawl then kicked out. The next day he reported fraud to his credit card company regarding his bar tab. One officer there learned of it and told command staff. Once again it was swept under the rug.

  2. This is why no one should be wearing cameras that can be turned off ; camera feed should go to a neutral site. This would protect *all* parties.

    1. The only way cameras would stay on is if the penalty for turning them off was equal
      to the penalty fo the crime that is being covered up

  3. The change of the law was not enough to get the City to release this, or they would have released it in January or February. Their change in policy is solely the result of Lonnie’s exposes on other disciplinary files.

    1. You are right. The city attorney is in a race to finally publish the dirty records before Lonnie does.

      1. Possibly true. If they were smart. But they are not smart, I mean just look at a picture of Domer. Should be playing the banjo on somebody’s porch.

  4. This is crazy. Clear misconduct and once again blue protecting their own. This is as disgusting as Officer Paez being audited for being a possible perv of minors. Which btw, do we have any updates on that well kept in the dark situation? In addition to not being able to turn camera off …its also why no police officers wearing body cams should be able to delete anything from their cams as well. Thank you for bringing all these situations to light. Unfortunate that as a community we now have need to be leery of perv uniformed officers. And, the band of henchmen officers that protect them.

  5. Hey, this case looks lie it’s right up Gregory Handjob Palmer’s skirt, er, alley. Except wait…

  6. Hard to believe that good-looking guy couldn’t get a date any other way. But what about Dad of the Year? Letting that idiot girl out of the house alone at night.

  7. Jesus Christ what kind of shit hole police department is this?? Everyday it’s something new with these degenerate animals.

  8. If they aren’t murdering homeless they are being true low life scum perverts! when are we going to wise up and only hire collage grads for these high paying jobs? We must stop Hiring pre military who only are making it more dirty!

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