Felony Rap for Fullerton Cop Corbett

We received information today that (former?) Fullerton Police Sergeant Jeff Corbett is to be charged with a felony. Could this be from the recent Grand Jury investigation and relating to his mishandling of the Joe Felz DUI incident of election night 2016?

We’ll find out soon enough as a Press Release is forthcoming from the District Attorney’s office as I type.

We posted back when citizen accusations regarding this incident were sustained against Corbett:

Well over a year later, this letter shows that some of the accusations leveled at Sergeant Jeff Corbett and Lieutenant Goodrich, under the leadership of the since-departed Chief Danny Hughes, were indeed sustained.

Can we expect an Instagram Press Release from FPD? Maybe photos from the scene of the crime? A booking photo? Or are those only reserved for people not promised a government pension?

FPD Instagram

Like always we’ll keep you posted.

16 Replies to “Felony Rap for Fullerton Cop Corbett”

  1. Nope. No culture of corruption. Nothing to see here.

    How many Fullerton cops and employees charged with crimes in the last five years? Seven?

    1. Joe had a love affair with Danny and the cops. That’s why they were so happy to give him a ride home, a cookie and a tuck-into-bed.

    1. He falsely arrested a black man, once he had him in FOD’s jail he started beating him up and repeatedly called him nigger. Thought he was living in 1950.

      The homies in the hood called him Pac-Man.

    2. Cross was the most heavy handed crooked asshole that had ever met and fact that you seem even the slightest bit concerned tells me your probably one of his old drinking buddy asshole friends

  2. So how can DA file a felony on corbet and do nothing to Danny unless it’s to get corbet to turn Na , corbet was always to far up Danny’s ass for that. Hey corbet better invest in soap on a rope

  3. The following will be the first to visit Jeff in Prison

    Perry Thayer
    Pedram Gharah
    Ryan Oniel
    Matt Martinez
    Tim Petropulos
    George Crum (Hill Billy)

    The culture of corruption is alive and well. You did a great job teaching your boys DH. Poker night will never be same at Pedrams house. All good things must come to an end.

    1. Ya, Pedrams a little bitch who was trespassed and evicted from the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas after causing a disturbance. He subsequently disputed the credit card charges that he obviously made at the hotel, claiming it wasn’t him… fraud? Internal investigation? And why is he making 100k in overtime? Embezzlement?

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