While We Were Away. A Story You Didn’t Read About in “Back the Badge”


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A few years back we pried the lid off the FPD barrel, hoping to discover and toss out some of the bad apples. Unfortunately, our search brought forth a cornucopia of ethical and even criminal misconduct. These names might ring a bell: Rincon, Mejia, Major, Hampton, Ramos, Wolfe, Cicinelli, Mater, Baughman, Sellers, Tong, Nguyen, Craig, Blatney, Coffman, Kirk, Basham, Goodrich, Cross, Nowling, Wren, McKinley, Siliceo and Bair.

Exhausted by wading through this morass of misbehavior, we took a well-earned break in 2013. Unfortunately, the Culture of Corruption did not. Here’s an OC Weekly  story about a Fullerton police officer Hugo Garcia, who was charged with felony fraud and embezzlement in 2014. Uh, oh, an “alien” body snatcher has once again grabbed one of  “Patdown” Pat McPension’s recruits.

Garcia is the fellow on the left. You already know the other one.

Officer Garcia recently pled guilty and ended up with 100 hours of community service and 18 months of probation for his crimes. Somewhere along the way he became “no longer employed” by the Fullerton Police Department, but we’re not entitled to know why. Nobody knows what other deeds this criminal may have pepetrated upon the public while he was wearing a badge and a gun.

I hope you didn’t miss the charming snippet from the Weekly article: “…the OCDA, which stresses Garcia was off-duty and not acting in his official capacity as a police officer at the time of the crime.” Somehow the DA found it necessary to exculpate Mr. Garcia’s on duty behavior, to reassure us that Garcia’s felonious nature only kicked in when removed his FPD uniform.


12 Replies to “While We Were Away. A Story You Didn’t Read About in “Back the Badge””

        1. He has his job because he took the hit for Hughes. Hughes was actually the one who did this while off duty in the downtown area. Tongs career took off after this. He took one for the team and Danny Boy took care of him.

  1. Our union didn’t have to pay for the defense. He should have committed the crimes while on-duty. That brings in the expensive POA lawyers and the DA always backs down.

    1. And also, it’s “Behind the Badge OC.” We paid a lot of money for that so please get it right.

      1. Behind the badge is right….that’s what you pigs do hide behind “the badge”….pigs are nothing but gang members

  2. I have a lot of respect for Dr. Ott after his analysis of McKinley a few years back. I wonder what he would say about Joe Felz?

  3. Yes, I hired him. Another alien got through my intensive screening process.

  4. This is so hilarious. I used to know this pig…he was dating I mean being linked by my wife’s best friend. Now you’re a failed pig. I always knew he was a ass clown.

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