A Lot of “Ifs” Could Put Nelson or Norby In Congress

Courtesy of Redistricting Partners


Tomorrow the new redistricting lines for Congress will be released by the Citizens Redistricting Commission. If the lines hold and my hunch about Ed Royce moving next door into the 48th District is correct, then those of us in the 40th Congressional District could soon have an opening for a new U.S. Congressman.

I spoke with both State Assemblymen Chris Norby and Supervisor Shawn Nelson about all the “ifs” today and they are both considering that job.

If that happens, then we would have a whole new set of “ifs.” For example, who would run for Supervisor or State Assembly? If Bruce Whitaker ran for State Assembly and won then who would run for Council? And if…well, you see where this thing is going.

Dannemeyer’s Recreational Vehicle Versus The People of Fullerton

Hey! You dope-smoking homos get outta my alley!

Bill Dannemeyer just lost an expensive appeal in an effort to compel you Fullerton taxpayers to pave a dirt alleyway that leads to the back of his property. Why? So that he can park his RV and boat behind his house.

“Who is Bill Dannemeyer?” some of you may well ask. Why, he used to be your esteemed Congresscritter there in F-town before the Little Corporal took over. He was a hard-line conservative who hated queers, and who got his start as – you guessed it – a public employee. A long, long time ago he was a City Attorney in Fullerton. In fact, he spent thirty years on the public dime.

Dannemeyer's RV, Burning Man 2008

You would think a former congressman, former city attorney and supposed “conservative” would be smart enough to avoid an evident legal morass caused by a selfish grab for public resources, or at least be able to present his case in plausible legalese. Boy would you be 180 wrong!

According to the appeals court that heard the case:

Dannemeyer’s opening brief is confusing and at times completely unintelligible. His brief has 22 separate argument headings, most of which are devoid of legal analysis, citation to relevant supporting legal authority, or cogent explanation as to how he was prejudiced by the claimed error

View the opinion

Roastbeef on Loretta Sanchez

This just came in from David Jerome, who is a Fullerton resident and the author of the Rick Dees-acclaimed novel, “Roastbeef’s Promise.”

I love that there’s finally a close race in the 47th Congressional district. Even more than that though, I envy the citizens of South Fullerton who have the opportunity to vote Liberal Loretta Sanchez off of “Gerrymandered Island.”

Instead of Loretta Sanchez’s usual Harlem Globetrotters verses the Washington Generals kind of re-election where she can stay in her plush DC office or banter with the Hollywood liberals on the Bill Maher Show, this election Representative Sanchez is forced out into the community to defend her positions and try and explain why her votes have helped to produce a 10% unemployment rate and trillions of dollars of new debt. In recent weeks her attempt at damage control has produced nothing more than a self-inflicted case of foot in mouth disease.

Voters of the 47th are now learning that Loretta Sanchez has the charm and class of Kanye West at an awards show. I became aware of her lack of tact and decency back in 2001 when Congress voted 410-0 on a bill to extend birthday greetings to ailing former President Ronald Reagan on his 90th birthday. Instead of voting with the 410 other Representatives in the affirmative, Loretta Sanchez voted “present” with seven other petty, mean-spirited, and highly partisan members.

Last month, Loretta Sanchez again showed her lack of integrity and two-faces when she spoke to The Orange County Register’s editorial board and claimed that she was a “Blue Dog” (conservative) Democrat (OC Register 9-12-10 Commentary). This came as a surprise to me, so I looked up her voting record over the past two years of government expansion and found that Sanchez had voted almost identically with ultra-liberal House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. (www.nationalrepublicantrust.com/Pelosiindex).

Voters of the 47th might be shocked to discover that Representative Sanchez’s recent voting record with Speaker Pelosi’s is 98%, a frequency level higher than several other liberal Congressional stalwarts including: Maxine Waters 93%, Henry Waxman 93%, Shelia Jackson Lee 93%, John Conyers 92%, and Dennis Kucinich 79%. Does anyone other than Hugo Chavez think that Nancy Pelosi or any of these other members are conservative Blue Dog Democrats?

Sanchez voted for the $800 billion stimulus package that, like an entree at Denny’s, shows up on the table looking nothing like the fabulous picture on the menu. Sanchez then, without reading the 2,400 page bill, merrily danced to Pelosi’s puppeteering and voted for Obamacare. So with Loretta’s help, the Democrats are now governing like carnival barkers at the Grab Bag booth. “Step right up, step right up, vote for the bill first, and we’ll see what’s in it later!”

The expose of Loretta Sanchez continued last month on Spanish television when she (in muy mal Espanol) claimed that the Vietnamese and Republicans were trying to take her seat. A typical response for a liberal elistist, dividing people by race and claiming ownership of the power temporarily bestowed upon her. Because of her “us” verses “them” comments, Representitive Sanchez is now about as popular with the Vietnamese community as a fly in their Pho. Will the 14-year rein of liberalism in central Orange County end with the fall of Sanchez? Will an evacuation helicopter land on the roof of Loretta’s Garden Grove office building on November 2nd and whisk her away to “us” land? One can only hope.

Thankfully, the re-election spotlight is finally being shone upon Loretta Sanchez and voters are getting a closer look at who she is and what she has done. Our South Fullerton friends are hopefully now discovering what a 14-year embarrassment she has been to this county. I am fully convinced that Van Tran could show up for his swearing-in next year at the Capitol Building wearing nothing but a rainbow wig and an autographed Octomom nursing bra, and still not embarrass us as much as Liberal Loretta has during her tenure.

-David Jerome

It Gets Worse

As a change of pace and for those who live in that portion of Fullerton that is included in the 47th Congressional District, I present ruminations on the pathetic choice presented to you in the 2010 election.

The 007 Motel is right up Anaheim Boulevard!

First, let us speak about the unspeakably stupid, insipid, and yes, truly trashy Loretta Sanchez, the Democrat, who from her home in Palos Verdes has been our representative in Congress for 14 years. Her lame squeaking about things she evidently knows nothing about remind you of the proverbial fingernails on the chalkboard. Her suggestive Christmas cards used to inspire salacious merriment but even those are now useless.

Sanchez has accomplished absolutely nothing in Congress in all those years, and the only saving grace I can think of is that nobody ever expected her to.

Whatever is coming out of his mouth isn't the truth...

On the other side of the aisle we behold the pustulific image of Van Tran, one-time refugee who has taken to the seamier side of American politics like a duck to water. Apart from building a political machine of dubious probity, he has also gouged the taxpayers for an unnecessary housing per diem, as a member of the State Legislature, and his wife was convicted of insurance fraud. And if all that wasn’t bad enough, he was the Dr. Frankenstein that helped created a hideous creature that takes delight in pulling the wings off insects.

It's fun, try it!

Well, what are ya gonna do? You have to vote for somebody. Or not. Some woman named Cecilia Iglesias (related to Julio?) is running as an independent and the deviant hacks over at the unintentionally comical Blue County blog thinks she’s just a troll whose job it is to draw votes away from Sanchez. And you know, that sort of makes me want to do it.

A fire hydrant on every corner and new uniforms for the mail carriers!

But instead, I recommend a write-in vote. For whom, you ask? Jan Flory’s Dog, that’s who. It’s true that I don’t live in the District; but you could do worse than electing a dead dog to Congress. A lot worse.

Another Typical Repuglican – Everything is For Sale!

Disturbing image of Van Tran courtesy of the OC Weekly

Our friend Scott Moxley was written a piece at the OC Weekly about how local State Assemblyman and would-be Congressman for the 47th District, Van Tran, actually flew his Chief of Staff down from Sacramento to vote in the recent California Republican Assembly nominating convention – casting a vote for his boss, of course.

Seems there’s some heartburn in some circles because the fellow, Paul Hegyi, somehow got himself affiliated with the Stanton Chapter of the CRA, where he doesn’t live, and also because Stanton isn’t even in the 47th Congressional District.

But part of Fullerton is, so we share this tale with you.

P.S. here’s a fun quote from Tran’s website: Let’s bring character and integrity back to Congress…

It’s a dubious proposition that Congress has ever had any character or integrity, but it’s a bit much to hear that from a guy who is ripping off the taxpayers by claiming a phony per diem in the State legislature, and whose wife was busted as part of an insurance fraud conspiracy ring.

Business as usual for the ‘pugs.