A New Council Member on Tuesday?

18Dec2018 Council Meeting

The agenda is online (HERE) for next Tuesday’s council meeting and the one major item of note, item #3, is the possible appointment of a council member to fill out the remainder of Jesus Silva’s abandoned at-large seat.

Item 3 States:

3. On December 4, 2018, Council Member Silva was sworn in as the District 3 City Council Member. This created a mid-term vacancy in Council Member Silva’s prior at-large City Council seat which expires in December 2020 and requires the City Council to consider the legally available alternatives for filling the vacancy.
Recommendation by the City Clerk’s Office:
  1. Appoint a qualified individual to the fill the vacancy through the remainder of the term, either through direct appointment or following a process for applications and / or interviews and / or other steps as determined by City Council.

  2. Direct Staff to prepare resolutions to call a special election to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term for consideration at the next City Council meeting.

  3. Continue discussion to the January 15, 2019 City Council meeting.

This agenda item, according to City Manager Domer, was written intentionally vaguely so that council can do whatever they want on Tuesday. If they want to just appoint somebody on Tuesday, solidifying the premise that they’ve already been wheeling and dealing behind closed doors, then they can appoint whomever they want. If they want to take a different path, such as an election, they can direct staff to start that process as well.

This item will be somewhat fun to watch because of how it played out up to this point. It only matters because Silva beat Sebourn. As for the ability to appoint a crony to fill out Silva’s seat, that was passed 3-1-1 with 2 (R)s swinging into the Yes column on 16 October 2018 and again 3-1-1 with Fitzgerald ($R), Whitaker (R) and Silva (D) voting for this move on 06 November (election day) 2018.

Direct Appoint Council Vote

If another liberal (D) ends up on council after Tuesday, the (R)s in Fullerton will have nobody to blame but their own council majority. A council majority that this vote could cost them.

UPDATED: Corrected the 06 November vote. A previous version claimed it was 5-0 when it was the same 3-1-1 as the 16 Oct meeting.

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  1. #1 by Just Off Euclid on December 13, 2018

    It would be agendized unless there were three votes all lined up and triangulated by SOMEBODY. Sure it’s a Brown Act violation and sure nobody in City Hall cares.

    Oh, yeah the already once retreaded Jan Flory is coming back. Get ready for another boatload of bile.

    • #2 by Anonymous on December 14, 2018

      No, they’re deciding which course to take. If they decide to appoint somebody they have to do it later. That’s what’s been agendized.

      However, if they choose to appoint it will signify (to me) that someone has three votes. And that someone will be Flory, The Old Nag.

      • #3 by Joshua Ferguson on December 14, 2018

        Per the City Manager;

        “The agenda item and recommended actions are worded so that the Council can legally do all of it – appoint directly, direct for an appointment process, set a special election, or provide direction to staff so we have something on the 15th of January or even schedule another meeting prior to the 60 day (from the 4th) timeline expiring.”

        I wasn’t just typing nonsense.

        • #4 by Anonymous on December 15, 2018

          Yes, you’re right. But really, I can’t believe they’d appoint Flory without at least a little window dressing. Of course Fitzgerald is that shameless, Quirk-Silva is a bona fide idiot and the new guy gives no reason to be confident of anything.

  2. #5 by Sebourn on December 13, 2018

    I voted against the change.

    • #6 by Joshua Ferguson on December 13, 2018

      The first time, yes. But it wasn’t pulled from the consent calendar on election night and it passed 5-0 that night.

      • #7 by Anonymous on December 13, 2018

        Josh, you’re wrong. It was pulled and the votes were 3-1-1… Again

        • #8 by Joshua Ferguson on December 13, 2018

          I’m willing to concede being wrong and will update accordingly. I couldn’t be bothered to be there for that meeting and thus am going by the preliminary meeting vote summary found HERE.

          • #9 by Anonymous on December 13, 2018

            That summary doesn’t appear to show the tally, just the pass/fail.

            • #10 by Joshua Ferguson on December 13, 2018

              Yeah, it was a bad reading on my end. I figured they’d have separated out votes so pulled items would have been different line items and not just listed pass/fail and I figured, incorrectly, that the vote would have thus been unaninous as nearly all bulk consent calendar votes have been in the past.

              I went back and watched the video and corrected the post. You are vindicated and I thank you for your efforts.

              • #11 by The Mystic on December 15, 2018

                That’s what I like about this blog. 4F bloggers are willing to admit error or mistakes, learn from it and apologize.

                Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a city council person, or staffer do the same.

    • #12 by Just Askin' on December 13, 2018

      So how did you lose by 1200 votes to a fucking imbecile?

      • #13 by Anonymous on December 13, 2018

        Ballot harvesting. One’s a farmer, the other ain’t.

        • #14 by Anonymous on December 13, 2018

          Ballot Havesting is the biggest con job the democrats in California ever pulled. Republicans simply don’t know how to cheat.

          • #15 by Anonymous on December 14, 2018

            I don’t know, they figured out gerrymandering pretty well. They just need to work on their weak points.

          • #16 by Anonymous on December 15, 2018

            Like an outgoing REP governor weakening a new incoming DEM governor?

        • #17 by Anonymous on December 15, 2018

          Lazy and complacent.

  3. #18 by Anonymous on December 20, 2018

    Fullerton City Council Deadlocked Over How to Fill Vacant Seat

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