The Idiot

What happens when a supposedly professional detective makes up his own “evidence” as the basis of fabricated claims and a Public Records Act request?

Well, he ends up looking like a damn fool.

This clip is entertaining for several reasons. First we see what a buffoon FPD detective Ron Bair is; second we get to see a calm evisceration of this fool by Bruce Whitaker; third we get to enjoy the cop-lackey Doug Chaffee step on his own weenie defending the indefensible.

Doug Chaffee thinks its “chilling” for Bruce Whitaker to “interrogate” an  FPD cop who has made wild and completely false charges against him.

Hmm. I think its chilling that a liar and fact-fabricator like Bair can actually become a detective in the first place with the opportunity to interrogate anybody. Looks like the Culture of Corruption has a new poster boy.

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  1. Have you seen the bigger piggies
    In their starched white shirts
    You will find the bigger piggies
    Stirring up the dirt
    Always have clean shirts to play around in.

    1. An excellent example as to why the FPD needs to be disbanded to end the culture of corruption in such police department and not just put the same corruption under new management.

      1. Whitaker’s response was appropiate.

        What Whitaker did was expose yet another FPD officer willing to abuse the power entrusted to him by the citizens of Fullerton to intimidate an elected public official.

        The message was clear; if you do not bow to the FPD we will come after you even if we have to fabricate evidence (assuming Whitaker has never used a cell phone as alleged).

        Such should not be tolerated by an honorable people nor an honorable police force and this officer should be fired if it can be demonstrated Whitaker has never used a cell phone as alleged.

        There should be zero tolerance to police corruption and intimidation; especially against our elected public officials.

        Importantly, such public official has come out against FPD corruption including their fraudulently obtained and unreasonable pensions via “good faith” negotiations between unethical public officials and the police union where such public officials were elected in no small part thanks to money coming from the same union officials.

        More organized crime tactics. Intimidate and obfuscate where necessary. The only interesting thing is that these goons think they are so untouchable they do need to obfuscate very often.

        Facts are stubborn things and they will come out given time.

          1. I do not know if what you say is accurate, and if it is I do not know the answer, and furhter, I do not care.

            Whitaker’s response was appropiate under these circumstances.

            1. I think that it was appropriate for him to deny it and even appropriate for him to note for the record that Bair was an FPD detective. What crossed the line was starting a hostile interrogation of someone who had spoken at public comment.

              I spell out the distinction because you don’t seem to get the nature of Chaffee’s criticism.

              1. Hostile? What part of it was hostile? If you think correcting the outright lies made by a cop at a public comment podium is hostility you are an even bigger fool than people already believe.

                The nature of Chaffee’s criticism was to keep Whitaker from defending himself.

                1. Demanding that an employee reveal where he works, after his time spent speaking is done, is a hostile act. If Dick Jones had done this to Travis when he’d speak to the Council before the recall, you’d have blown a gasket.

                2. Greg Diamond is the REAL truthseeker and fighter for Justice!
                  Thank you Greg for standing up to these Bullies!

              2. We crossed the line in calling another councilperson’s privilege, a privilege recognized by the chair, as “out of order”.

                Chaffee should be wearing a rainbow wig and a big red nose instead of a blue shirt at the next meeting.

                1. If calling an employee back to the podium to ask him publicly about his occupation isn’t hostile, then continuing to cross-examine him after that is. Don’t you think that the former majority would have like to cross-examine the FFFF crowd if they could?

                  By the way, Whitaker’s comment that Det. Bair had “shown no transparency” in speaking during public comments is lunacy. Are people commenting publicly required to “show transparency”? Again, this would have been good for the Council to know before the recall.

                2. Cross-examination? And you’re a lawyer?

                  Whitaker asked the fucker what his job was. After that it was pure Whitaker making the chucklehead look like the monkey he is.

                  I know the FPD bar is set pretty damn low, but really? Bair is a detective? That buffoon couldn’t find his ass with both hands.

                3. There was nothing wrong with it. The only one who seemed to get hostile was Chaffee, I thought he was going to start crying.
                  Bair made a harsh accusation on a elected official, baby Bair was NOT INTERROGATED, he was simply asked what his profession was………that’s it! Whitaker second question was to his fellow council members.

          2. I believe whether or not a councilperson may respond is at the discretion of the mayor.

            Chaffee looks like a buffoon. He is so clearly acting the part of a union puppet that he should be embarrassed to behave that way as a grown man. He looked like he was about to throw a temper tantrum.

            Hmm maybe because he and another councilwoman were aware of the imminent attacks to Kiger and Whitaker and were instructed to play along?

            I have learned one thing from watching ACTING chief Danny. When someone fears that their own involvement in a corrupt action (or actions) will come out, they kick and scream and do whatever it takes to keep the truth under wraps. Even allow murderous cops to remain on their police force.

            The belief of the Chaffees and Hughes and Coffmans, etc is to protect their own asses, cover for each other for more protection on their own asses, and screw the public every single chance they get to stay in power and make certain their misdeeds never come out.

            Well played, Mr. Whitaker. Your calmness in facing such ridiculous and offensive accusations is why I trust you are the right man to handle what is needed to reform my city.

          3. how quickly people forget. Recall recalled Fullerton city council person Dick Jones M.D. and his rants at the good people of fullerton who dare to voice a differing opinion from Jones.

        1. Words of wisdom from former OC Register Editorialist, Steven Greenhut…

          “In Fullerton, union members have repeatedly stormed the city council.

          The union has handed out free T-shirts and free hamburgers for those residents who went into the council chambers to support them.

          Supporters have yelled at council members and leveled unsubstantiated charges designed to scare Fullerton residents into electing pro-union wastrels.

          They have sent out one hit mailer after another. For instance, the union claims that the council’s failed vote to get a bid from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for the provision of police services amounts to “putting our families at risk,” something that would be news to the sheriff and her deputies.

          Reminiscent of those “reefer madness” efforts from the 1950s, the union has transformed the council members’ irrelevant support for a statewide marijuana initiative into something ominously portrayed in mailers that proclaim, “Our neighborhoods could be full of marijuana dispensaries.” Even if the initiative passes, Fullerton’s law bans such dispensaries. And there is no evidence dispensaries “jeopardize our families’ safety,” although I understand why police are addicted to the federal cash that funds the drug war.

          Kiger and Whitaker are freedom-oriented conservatives who oppose Fullerton’s DUI checkpoints on constitutional grounds, which has led the union to claim yet another assault of Fullerton’s tranquility.

          I’ve been driving through Fullerton during those infuriating checkpoints, forced to wait in lines on public streets as cops randomly poke around everyone’s cars, so I am glad some council members question this intrusion.

          These are standard campaign efforts, perhaps, but these tactics don’t stop there. Kiger talks about a police officer who makes a “repeated false assertion to the public that I smoke marijuana.” Kiger also relayed an incident in which an officer followed him in a patrol car around town in what he viewed as a clear act of intimidation.

          The officers claim the council race is all about “public safety,” but the union is backing a liberal candidate with no obvious commitment to actual safety issues, but who seems willing to support the pay and pension packages the union demands, and who was mostly silent during the Thomas incident”.

          Read more:

  2. This clip starts at a point whereas Bair had already spoke for a minute or two. When he finished babbling, it was almost at the three minute mark. Quirk gave him more than 3 minutes to speak! Was this charade planned out?

    Also, notice he reads his script as if it were the first time he read it. Stumbling all the way through. Got to wonder who’s writing these scrips for these pigs. Better yet, who’s their Coach.

    1. I definitely do suggest that people watch the video. He was “stumbling all the way through”? Judge for yourself!

      Det. Bair’s concern seem to be whether Tony is sending information and instructions to Travis and Bruce. And here we have Tony and Travis’s blog saying “move on, nothing to see here.” Interesting. So let’s see what FFFFsters say.

      Bair stops speaking at the 2:15 mark. If he spoke for 45 seconds before this, that makes exactly three minutes. Yet “History Major,” who doesn’t know how long he’d spoken at that point, asserts that the Mayor gave him more than 3 minutes to speak even though one would have expected, under the circumstances, one of the Council members to call attention to the red light if he’d gone overtime.

      Note that Bruce W’s refutation of Bair involves only the question of whether he has used cell phones — not Travis. And the two people two either side of Bruce say that they haven’t seen him using cell phones (although with the curved table it’s not clear that they’d be able to.) I tend to believe him.

      However, I’ve seen Travis with his eyes pointed to his lap on many occasions during the meetings — and my guess is that some of this would be available on camera, whether or not it was left in the public broadcast or edited out. The issue is not so much whether Travis has been SENDING text messages (the implication being “to Tony) as whether he has been RECEIVING them — something that would require him only to look down and read (and then perhaps clear the screen) rather than to type back.

      Chaffee’s intervention was appropriate — while I’ve seen Councilmembers respond to speakers (without interacting with them) and interact with them in a positive way, I can’t recall ever before seeing one receive a hostile question from a Council member in response to a public comment. (Have any of you?)

      At any rate, Tony and Travis can certainly raise the stakes by stating clearly here that neither has written to the other or read anything from the other, directly or through an intermediary, during a Council meeting. Then let the public records request go forward and we’ll see if it’s true.

      However: to judge from the available evidence that Bair’s criticism of Travis in particular has been refuted, based on statements that two people who don’t sit next to him haven’t seen his phone, is completely premature.

      1. Too bad your Quirks avers at the 3:50 mark she’s “never seen cell phones up here.”

        You are one sorry sack of shit Diamond. And now you owe Kiger an apology.

        1. Chaffee didn’t even listen to what Bruce had to say. He interrupted him before Bruce could even finish his argument. Chaffee is definitely for the cops. He’s gonna shit from me next council meeting.

        2. Oh, Pseudonymous Fred, you owe the whole world an apology.

          From where the Mayor sits, she would not be able to see if Travis had a cell phone on his lap held under the table, both because the dais is curved and because Chaffee, who sits between them, is in the way.

          Travis can sue me if he thinks I’m defaming him. I’d look forward to discovery.

        1. That would require a smart phone-like device, right?

          Fine — thanks for the concession. I look forward to his record of text messages, etc.

      2. Well, let’s have Chaffee stand up and be a man for once. Did he see Kiger whip out a cell phone and send or receive a text from Bushala? $20 says he’s the source of these lies.

      3. Hey Mr. Genius Greg Diamond, the man who lost his election due to his love of arguing in blog comments and his apathy when it comes to campaigning, if Travis had been texting, and had something to hide, would he have wanted this subject to be at the center of an article on a blog he manages weeks before the election?

        Use your brain for something other than pointless verbose postings and trying to get a union hag elected in a city you don’t live in.

        1. Because the issue had already been raised publicly and sometimes, just like vice-versa, the best defense is a good offense. Attacking Bair in front of a fawning home crowd like this is good politics.

          1. So then, for equality’s sake, you guys look into Travis and Bruce’s phone records, we get Hughes’, Coffman’s, Chaffee’s, and Flory’s. Deal?

            Think there is no collusion to be found there?

      4. “However, I’ve seen Travis with his eyes pointed to his lap on many occasions during the meetings — and my guess is that some of this would be available on camera, whether or not it was left in the public broadcast or edited out.”
        Greg, for this statement to ring true, you would have to do a descriptive statistical analysis of every Fullerton city council person who has pointed their eyes towards their lap for lets say 6 month to one year’s worth of meetings. If Travis Kiger is the only person who “pointed his eyes at his lap” then their is a weak probability he may be texting.
        You have to make a correlation between “pointing eyes at lap” and instances of conspiracy occuring within Fullerton’s city council to begin accusing Fullerton city council person Kiger of conspiracy to withold crucial municipal government infor from the public.
        “pointing eyes at the lap” is pathetic attempt to defame Kiger.
        just my beliefs

        1. Fair enough — let’s get some grad students blind to the hypothesis to review all City Council videos since July 1 and study it. They should absolutely check the behavior of all five City Council members to see if Travis stands out. Sounds good?

          I’ve wondered what was attracting his attention underneath the table just from watching him myself, and I’m not even there that much.

          1. Or you could just get a life. My guess is you spend a whole bunch of time with your eyes pointed to your lap wondering what it would be like to see your own junk again without having to look in a mirror.

            Ewwww. Gross mental image.

            BTW, stay tuned for my fun Halloween picture.

          2. Greg, since you are the one accusing kiger of conspiracy, you should collect the data and analyze it to prove kiger and whomever seek totalitarian control of Fullerton so the kiger, bushala and Thompson may , using your own words create famines and warlords, Ethiopian style, within Fullerton’s city limits.
            Just my beliefs

    2. Maybe the FPOA (and its stooges) can benefit from Toastmasters and/or an “extemporaneous speaking” class at FJC (if it’s even offered). Back in “ought 60 something” HS, we students were required to memorize speeches and present them in class; guess that doesn’t happen now 🙁

        1. Oh yeah? Fred? Then how come he passed the detectives exam? Hmmmmmmm. Another of Pat McPensions appointees?

      1. Bair is another LAPD lateral thanks to McKinley!!!! Wake up people, your PD consist of goons from LAPD. The good LAPD cops stay and ones’ that can’t make it come to FPD… Thanks Pat!

  3. Hey Joe,

    Don’t know if Kiger is texting.. but it is rumored that he has a hearing problem because he wears that ear piece during the council meetings… alternatively, it is also rumored that he’s getting coaching in that ear piece from his operators.

    I think Ron should get the phone records from those meetings to see long telephone calls during the council meetings. Wouldn’t that be a hoot…

    Hey Travis.. if you win.. you should probably stop wearing that earpiece.

    Let’s face it, Joe.. we are all pretty sick of you and your buddies trying to manipulate and intimidate.

    What Mr. Bair did is nothing compared to many of your stunts… you can dish this stuff out, but you can’t take it.

    Bruce is also a whinny little looser. If he can’t take the heat, then he should get out of the chair.

    I hear that Mr Bair is also a resident of Fullerton and can be just as sick of all of your crap as the rest of us.

    Keep marginalizing yourselves here with these quality posts.

    By the way… if Travis thinks that stopping his blog posts before the election is going to give the impression that he’s only the web master here is a little naive.

    Just like many residents here in Fullerton, Ron probably is sick of you, Travis and your buddies trying to form the city into your collective vision of paradise. It’s not ours.

    It will be very funny if Travis looses his seat. All that Bushala money down the trash. I’m sure that this blog with get even more interesting until you all go over the line and are taken care of with legal action.

    And.. by the way.. we are not all union trolls.

    Keep up the fight… ramp it up.. Fullerton can take it.. It will be fun to watch it all crumble down on you.

    1. Another FPD Gang member. Making up hype, pathetic.
      This is an examp[e of spiteful FPD. This then proves
      the reaction of the Public to be true.

        1. You take yourselves way to seriously! This blog is entertaining but hardly a vote mover.. Tony’s money is what buys the votes.

          You are all proud of your OC weekly enforcement.. Just picked one up… It was hard to locate anything between the ads for prostitutes and pot houses.

          Please continue the entertainment…

          1. I am proud that someone in a position of power (Bruce, Travis, Tony) had taken a stance against the corruption that has drained our cities resources for years. A man is dead, the water infrastructure shot, streets in disarray, while the small group that has kept a hold of fullerton for years gets fatter, richer, and more entitled.

            I am proud that no matter how big of a battle it seems, many have decided to stand up against this dark force that has led us to the dire spot we find ourselves in now, and that the core group of reformists will not stop til adequate changes are made.

            I am proud that when given the full facts, and not some colluded report ACTING chief Hughes dreamed up, most Fullerton residents who do not stand to gain or lose financially from these decisions, agree that further changes need to be made.

            We speak up for those who can’t, those who are afraid to stand up to the bullying of the old regime that doesn’t want to let go, and maybe even those who are oblivious and home with their families believing they do not live in a city where their local government will fuck them over every chance they get, and murder them in public if they feel they can get away with it.

            I am proud of somethings, “enforcements” from a ballsy liberal paper isn’t really at the top of the list.

            Please continue to live with your head in the sand.

            Whose payroll are YOU on? Nobody I have spoken to who is impartial is against reform. You all stand to gain from our enslavement to a council that does not represent us, and a police force that does not serve, nor protect us.

    2. Did anyone ever see some of the cheesy stuff that Barry Coffman and the boys from FPOA and the girls from the Teachers Unions do when they get together with the Chamber of Commerce types to try and spread “goodwill” around our town?

      It’s mostly middle aged men groping teen aged girls in the interest of promoting commercial interests in Fullerton, however the series of pictures is a very revealing story when pieced together by the trained eye…

  4. It’s very clear that Hughes has zero control over his GED goon force. And somebody thought he would make an appropriate chief? He’s weaker than Sellers.

    And that simpleton is a detective? How in the hell did that happen?

    1. Just to clarify….and I have extensive knowledge on the subject….

      There’s nobody weaker than Sellers. Nobody.

    2. Fred. He did what FFFF does. Fact that Kiger texts all Merton long so he added Whitaker to the crime to make it look better. Standard Mo here at FFFF

        1. A “Merton” is copspeak for the length of a police officer’s member. One Merton equals approximately 1.5 inches.

      1. Did you miss the part where two of the other three councilmembers said they had never seen phone’s being used during meetings or texting going on? The only one that didn’t defend them against this ridiculous political attack is the man who was clearly in on the plan to make the reformers looks bad.

        Those at the head of the corruption regime launching false attacks against those seeking reform for the good of the people. Does this really surprise anyone??

        It’s clear who is on the side of right, and who is on the side of wrong. Let’s hope fullerton votes accordingly.

        1. You do a lot of guessing, don’t you Dime Bag. At least in a week and a half you’ll disappear for good.

  5. Why do people of Fullerton pay this tax eating parasite Ron Bair? Do you honestly think that when not shilling for his FPD goons, he actually does useful work?

    Fire his behind, and budget gets freed up, with no productivity lost.

  6. Wow, at the previous meeting we get that FPD Internal Affairs “IDIOT” bringing in a bong to the council meeting to naysay marijuana dispensaries, now this goon who’s an FPD ‘Dick’ and has nothing better to do but falsly accuse the two “for the people” council members of scandalously testing during the public council meetings. Nice work SHERLOCK!
    Disband FPD! They are loosers

  7. Looks to me that Whitaker was scared!!!! Why is it that he and Kiger can engage public speakers but when the old counsil did it they bashed then!! What a fricken double standard!! Whitaker is a moron and proved it during that video!! Thank you ffff for posting it!

    1. Liar:

      Could you please post the archived video footage that your referencing of the “old counsil” engaging public speakers and being bashed?

      Until then we’ll assume that your an FPOA troll with a mis-guided opinion.

      1. “Counsil” when all the trailer trash and Kelly’s Army were at the city council meeting screaming like idiots and the last council had to sit there and take it. Sharon would not let them speak.

    2. “Looks to me that Whitaker was scared!”

      Wow. Interesting observation. To me he looked perfectly composed, calm and incisive. He shot that assclown down in about ten glorious seconds.

      “My request stands!”

      Translation: my head is so far up my rectum a can look out between my own teeth.

    3. Whitaker looked nowhere near scared, and handled the situation perfectly, hence Chaffee’s little fit that the scheme had backfired.

      1. Out of order! This is clearly out of order! We’re not doing what I want, just like when we didn’t appoint me to the water board. We’re railroading! Railroading I say! OUT OF ORDER!

        He’s like some crappy cartoon robot that has steam coming out of his ears right before it explodes.

  8. Well played as always Mr. Whitaker.

    I’ve never seen a Detective look like a bigger moron than Fullerton’s Detective Ron Bair did after Bruce called him back to the speaker’s podium to ascertain the truth and catch Detective Ron Bair telling his blatant lies to all that would listen.

    Even more despicable and telling about the culture of cooruption, is that the “Detective” wasn’t the least bit contrite when he was shown to be a liar.

    Where was the apology?

    I also applaud Mayor Silva for being honest and forthright, and finally putting this rumor to bed about elected officials being texted marching orders during the meetings .

    Doug “you can call me despicable, my friends do”Chaffee attempting to intervene, and come to the Detective’s defense, when Bruce was asking the Detective what his occupation was, spoke volumes about how much of a shill Doug’s become for the FPOA. Very telling.

    Did anyone also notice FPOA union President, Barry Coffman, trying to hurry up and speak immediately afterwords until Mayor Silva shooed him off?

    If the FPOA members EVER re-elect this guy Barry Coffman as their union President, their all bigger morons than Detective Ron Bair has shown us all that he is.

  9. Nice. I bet the FPD are green with Envy. Getting to torture a 60 year old woman must be the wet dream of every FPD officer; especially at a City Council Meeting before their bosses.

    Police Arrest 60-Year-Old Woman Speaking At City Council Meeting

    Wright, 60, was initially handcuffed by two officers while she was on her knees. In video of the incident, Wright can be heard yelling in pain as officers tried to bring her to her feet.

    “Can you see my wrists? You’re pulling and jerking on my wrists!” she said. “I cannot get up without putting my hands down!”

    Wright was later led out of the building.

    “City officials said officers used their discretion when Wright didn’t follow the rules,” according to the Press-Enterprise. Council members deny ordering her arrest.

    Perhaps Ramos and Cici have a potential home after they are found innocent of their crimes against Kelly Thomas.

  10. Sadly, this Sherlock here likely has hypertension, is borderline diabetic and will be filing for stress leave and full medical disability before he can dive into this investigation, which surely the DA will not permit without an indictment. And even if his accusations had any truth, the entire council would have to disclose their communicatoins, many of which are all subject to privledge. Obviously the level of education requirements and stds for our FPD detective rank must be that of 5th grader. What an embarrassment. APC Hughes will need to yet again discipline one of his officers with detention at the local donut shop for 15 mins.

  11. Sorry detective this time you can’t just make shit up and have someone arrested – that’ s only allowed while you are on duty.

  12. Ron Bair is the reason why Fullerton’s police department is widely considered a joke among law enforcement. This was an important enough accusation to say the remark in public at a Council meeting? Turns out Det. Bair is THE idiot! Village idiot! Douchebag! The Brown act douche is to defend the public against backroom meetings where deals were being gladhanded. It has nothing to do with the alleged and proven bullshit texting he accused the Councilmen of. F*cking IDIOT where did you get the Brown act info from Wikipedia? Is this the kind of “detective” work Fullerton citizens can look forward to and have been receiving all these years? It is no wonder Irvine is Money Magazine’s 8th best place to live and Fullerton isn’t ranked. I bet their police detectives aren’t Googling the Brown Act.

    1. No..they are considered a joke because the chief and the FPOA did not back up their officers after the Kelly Thomas incident. Hughes kept kissing Ron Thomas’s ass and Kelly’s Army.

      1. Hughes continues to kisses RT’s ass…..notice he wasn’t listed on the civil lawsuit? If he was he wouldn’t be able to apply for Chief anywhere.

  13. I am so sad and embarrassed to be a Fullertarian. This, THIS, is a detective? He doesn’t even know he law?!?!?!?!?

    Brown Act covers communication between board members, not the public.

    Pull his electronic communication while on duty and working for us. Lets see how much personal activity we see during work hours. I’m sure there is a lot!!! I’m ready to play this game!!!

    1. I agree with Sad and Embarassed. I always see the police officers here on their cell phones while their on duty.

      Me thinks thouest doest protest too much…

      Someone needs to ask the Fullerton Police Department to provide phone records of the Captains, Detectives and Officers that are attending the City Council meeting to make sure that their not using publicly provided phones for personal business, or worse yet, to attack the City Councilman that the voters elected.

    2. I believe that it also addresses intermediaries. Tony, for example, should not be able to be used as an intermediary for three members of the Council to communicate.

      1. OMG what a hilarious statement. Wait…is this the real GD? If so…are you intentionally blurring the lines so we can’t tell if your name was hijacked again? Whether real or imposter GD…thanks for the laugh.

        1. Yeah, that was me. Have you ever read the Brown Act?

          I’m not intentionally blurring the lines, someone here is. I’d like the site to identify that person by IP address and tell me whether it maps on to other pseudonymous posts here (as it almost surely does.) That won’t happen without a lawsuit, though.

            1. When your ability to persuade depends on no one disagreeing with you, “Joe,” you’re headed for trouble in politics.

  14. I’ve never seen a clearer reason why we need a new police department. It’s desperately sad that our police department has gone so far as to attack our city council without facts, and without evidence. Wait out department has been operating without facts and evidence for years. They just bully their way to convictions. Just like this guy did tonight.

  15. It’s also amusing (and really sad) that Chaffee can’t tell the difference between a member of the public and an errant, arrogant employee.

    In fact it’s chilling.

  16. And Chief wannabe Dannyboy just sits there? Is there not something seriously wrong when the rank and file cops are slamming the City Council because they want the Chief selection to be their prerogative and Quirk and the Mole-man Chaffee are acting like proxies for them? Do those pigs think the public is so stupid that they can’t see that selecting a Chief of the Unions choice is logically the direct opposite of what government system is supposed to do in order to protect the public from domination by the Police State?

    1. It’s public comments. He was a member of the public. He has a right to speak. To deny him that right would expose the city to liability.

      We’re not supposed to hear from the dais during public comments. It would have been inappropriate for Hughes to speak. It’s also inappropriate for City Council members to speak, just as it is inappropriate for the public to speak when it’s the Council’s turn to discuss city business.

      Finally, Kyger and Whytaker were elected on a platform of transparency, and are seeking re-election based upon the same platform. How about a little? After all, most of their campaign literature coming to my mailbox says “Paid for by Fullerton Taxpayers for Reform”. If there was transparency, wouldn’t it instead say, “Paid for by Developer Tony Bushala”?

      1. He has a right to speak

        He has a duty not to embarrass the citizens he’s sworn to protect. You accept the badge, the gun, and the paycheck– well, a certain level of professionalism accompanies comes with the hardware. I have to give Captain Hughes credit for understanding that. Coffman and his burgers and his minions? Not so much. No understanding of duty there.

        You show me a USMC private who accuses his or her Commander and Chief of breaking the law in a public forum . . . then you can rail on and on about free speech.

      2. CCCB3.

        Please cite the municpal code or state law that says that our City Council members or our Police Chief are forbidden to talk with the public during the public comments sections of the meeting.

            1. I’d be happy to, if you’d like to point me in the right direction. They were referenced during a recent council meeting by various council members and there was a discussion about it.

              1. CCCB3,
                There is no rule adopted by the City Council that forbids a question being asked by a City Council member to a member of the public.

                Do you honestly believe that the City Attorney would’ve allowed it if he thought it was illegal or not according to Roberts Rules of Order?

                The conduct you cite as inappropriate is simply your opinion and you should have stated so instead of trying to mislead others into believing that your argument is grounded in legal precedence.

  17. There has been NO change at the FPD.
    Bullies and more Bullies.
    Sellers, Hamilton and McHeBear never retired they are still calling the shots!
    Let’s see Danny’s cell phone records!

  18. Joe this is an excellent post.

    I do not know what is scarier……………..
    the officer giving false “testimony” about Councilman Whitaker’s phone usage on the dais or…………..
    Chaffee’s objecting to Whitaker defending himself against baseless charges.

    I think C. Whitaker should make his own records request at the next council meeting. We the public should know how many times has a suspect alleged that FPD Detective Bair fabricated evidence in his police reports and/or gave false testimony on the witness stand.

    Acting Chief Hughes should be looking into this right now!

  19. I think this detective opened a HUGE can of worms.

    As a Fullerton resident, I OFTEN see uniformed police officers apparently sending and receiving text messages on cell phones.

    In 2010 the supreme court ruled in favor (9-0) of the Ontario, CA Police Chief who read the text messages of one of his officers.

    Oh, imagine what we would find if Danny had the courage to show us his transparency and did the same thing to one of his detectives.

    Granted the 4th amendment still applies here

    1. Agreed.

      This decision points out that this particular police officer had sent 456 messages while he was on patrol, including “sexting” between his girlfriend and ex-wife,(yuck) and that only one in ten of the calls or texts that were sent by the police officer were actually work related.

      Thank-you Ronald Bair for blowing the lid off of the rampant texting and personal calls that are most likely being made by Fullerton Police Department personnel at the residents of Fullerton expense.

      I never met a group like FPOA that relishes shooting themselves in the foot as much as they seem to do.

      1. Shelly, Shelly…

        You and Tony should watch what you say when you’ve been drinking.

        You both tend to give out a little too much info! For instance.. Tony was nice enough to slip up and tell us who you are!

        Try not to show up at the next council meeting intoxicated.. ok?


        1. Sounds like a thinnly veiled threat, exactly your style, intimidating someone smaller, weaker than you and female no less, you really are the definition of coward.

  20. And, even if Kiger and Whittaker were texting and discussing city business amongst each other, either on the Dais or home or wherever, that is completely legal under the Brown Act. It becomes illegal when a majority of the body are engaging in city business when not invloved in a scheduled and agendized meeting. Kiger and Whittaker can talk all they want.

  21. The only outside source or individuals communicating with Mr Kiger and Mr Whittaker happens to be their own consciences-something that many on the wrong side of things are no longer in possession of.

  22. Sounds to me like a defamation lawsuit is in order against this detective if his claims turn out to be false. These guys with badges look like children in the principals office when they are taken out of their element and cannot use a badge to intimidate. I would have an attorney pulverize this man through lengthy daylong depositions for days on end until he cracks and and wets his pants and apologizes If I was in Mr. Whittaker….

    1. That Detective blew it for his department, Whitaker and Seaborn destroyed any chance for Danny to be Chief for a very long time, because of his Public Comment. Pathetic!!! I wondered why the appointment of Danny was so important to them, his behavior pretty much told me why.

      Whitaker and Seaborns response towards the end of this meeting should have been included on this post. Wonderful!!!

  23. Funny/pathetic,
    Ron Bair can quote CA code related to the conduct of City Council meetings, but his co-workers can’t abide by the laws they were sworn to uphold.
    Instead of trying to push back on the City Council, the FPD should be working overtime to get their house in order, they should take out their own trash, and show the people of Fullerton that they really are worth keeping.

  24. With all the cameras recording (not just tony’s little activist) don’t you think the note passing and texting may be captured on video. Please Travis an Brucie deny that you has passed notes and texted while up on the dais. Pretty please so we can use marlena’s awesome homemade videos

  25. Is Challenger Sharon Quirk-Silva Afraid to Debate Assemblyman Chris Norby?
    By Brandon Ferguson Fri., Oct. 26 2012 at 7:30 AM

    “Everyday this week, I’ve been received mail from Quirk-Silva’s campaign smearing Norby and now she doesn’t want to give him the opportunity to defend himself? This is truly embarrassing for democracy. Either publicly put your ideas up against Norby’s or get out of the race. Sacramento doesn’t need another spineless legislator.” -comment

      1. She thinks he is Dornan and she is Sanchez-one big problem-this ain’t Garden Grove-total sleeze mailer yesterday-I like the other one better that had all the wrong endorsements on it-

  26. Oh my god. I thought I had seen it all until this buffoon showed up.

    What’s “chilling” is a Police Officer making a formal request for text messages when there is NO ACTUAL EVIDENCE OF TEXT MESSAGES and the other council people even admit that.

    Now, that’s chilling. And the “the request stands” line would be chilling if it wasn’t so damn funny!

    I would NEVER hire Hughes after seeing the way his officers try to intimidate elected officials. NOT IN A MILLION YEARS.

    Very badly played, coppers.

  27. Obvious he shared the bong with his other buddy before speaking. Right on Fullertonista! Remember, vote for Kiger, Whitaker, and Levinson for true FPD reform!

  28. Detective Bair is a lazy buffoon who wants to be sergeant and is reading a prepared statement approved by staff and everyone not in In Hughes circle of trust is being bullied by the officers that are there are many officers trying to leave the deptartment but where the reputation the pd has and the fact no depts are hiring. It’s tough!

    1. The most incredible thing to me is the irrationality of all of their actions. Do they really think making a public records request for text messages is the proper way to lobby for their acting chief to get a permanent position? If Hughes or his buddies didn’t “mastermind” this (and I use that term as loosely as possible) why not nip it in the bud, rather than letting one of your officers make themselves look so pathetically foolish? They really think this is scoring them political points with anybody? What a fiasco.

      I truly pity any normal human being stuck in that department and its absurd politics, I really do.

        1. But does Hughes permit, encourage, or condone this idiocy? That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

            1. These are public employees. Are they speaking as citizens or as public employees? Are they being told what to say by their union or by their supervisors?

              You cannot compare the FPOA’s hamfisted attempt at intimidation with the legitimate concerns of regular citizens.

  29. FPOA was counting on not having anyone call B.S. on thier slanderous accusations and were just trying to use the city council meeting as a pulpit to make thier wild accusations in front of a wider audience. Boy, did it backfire, bigtime Councilman Whitaker made Bair look like a boob and Chafee like an ineffectual schill. Well done Councilman. For those crying about Councilman Whitaker calling Bair out on his nonsense, doesen’t the accused have the right to face/question thier accuser?

  30. I hope they bankrupt Fullerton. Best thing for the cops. Tan and green is so much better for them. They can work the nice parts of the OC and get more pay, new retirement system with their Fullerton one in tact for age 50, more promotions, more details. Not sure why they would even fight in. Bring in tan and green and some jail deputies and take care of business.

  31. This is another example of the importance of PObAR. Without POBAR this guy is fired by FFFF and the klan just for speaking his free speech rights. But with POBAR he can’t be touched.

    1. What a crock of horseshit. This has nothing to do with POBAR.

      The only thing that POBAR does above and beyond other laws is to hide complaints against officers, including how complaints were resolved, from the public.

      Because of POBAR, I have a better chance of getting the CIA’s case files on WMD’s in Iraq than I do of Ramos’s “naughty cop” list.

      The fact that we release confidential national security files faster and more completely than cop’s dirty laundry is the reason POBAR has to go. It does nothing more to help police officers than existing whistle blower and standard HR policies do for the rest of us.

      Reform POBAR and restore accountability to our police force. It’s good for good cops and good citizens; bad for bad cops, their RVs, and their boats.

  32. Not a Fullerton resident….thank God. I have to say this is the most entertaining blog ever. With all the characters, plots and rumors. Its awesome. I read it everyday. It’s “Days of our lives” over and over. Although I gain much entertainment from your city, I hope that it ends for all your residents. As we say in the Marines, you always have that 10%. 10% of any organization are shitbirds. The residents voted for shitbirds and those shitbirds hired other shitbirds. Those folks received cushy jobs/pay and/or promoted. Now you need to clean up the mess. I hope you all band together….get rid of the non-hackers and move forward. I have no dog in this fight but its clear the old needs to go. If not I’ll continue to enjoy the drama and your city will continue to be a joke. Also, I read a comment from a poster about no one paying attention to FFFF. You’re wrong.

  33. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the department needs cleaning out.It is quite worrysome to hear a top detective make such a brass unbassed statement. Even after the mayor reasured him that his accusation had no basis he refused to back down on his threat to Mr. Whittiker.
    Mr. Hughes cannot be that person to become Chief because he is apart of that culture.With the way the chain of command is set up within the department you had better keep queit and go with the program if you want to get promoted. There seems to be an unspoken code of conduct that superceeds the textbook police protocal that cadets learn from thier training.On the open house at the department you could see the fear in the eyes of the cadets who where helping. It wasn’t there surperiours who they fear but the public who they see walking through the department not knowing the better of the type of protocal that really transpires there.

  34. Why was the father of that officer who repeatedly hit kellys face walking around at the FPD open house palling up to all the police officers there.Why would they not seem uncomfortable talking to him openly and casualy. It really appears that the department saw nothing wrong with what Cicinelli did on that fateful day, July 5th.Hughes has never publicly shown any remorse or appology on behalf of the department. Only some strategicaly leaked information that officers had been disciplined. What does discipline of a police officer entail? I have a feeling it wasn’t anything near the discipline they meet out to the poor uncooperative person that has the opportunity of an uplaned visit to FPD headquarters.

    1. Because they truly believe that the only bad thing that happened was getting caught doing business as usual.

  35. What is POBAR? It certainly isn’t “Police Officers’ Bill OF Rights” which (properly) is POBOR. For the love of…. get it right!

  36. It is quite clear that the FPD don’t want to work here in this City. And it is clear the only reason why they stay, is there are no opeinings. Are you guys feeling the pinch? Welcome to the real world. Jobs are hard to come by. Only the ones with a clean sheet will survive. Hope all of you are working hard……..Defense cuts 50%, as of Jan 3 2013. Join us.

  37. This is the same dick that used to patrol the mean
    Halls of sunny hills high acting like a bully prick cop to
    Kids. Even my friend the lunch lady said he was a jerk

  38. As an outsider….I don’t get the detectives point and motives? Even if there’s texting during meetings, does it matter? He’s not behind closed doors, so mentioning the Brown Act was irrelevant. If he’s hell bent on transparency then everyone employed by the city should follow suit. Turn in your personal e-mail and text messages. That would be fun to see. With the few guys that have a habit of turning off DAR’s, sexting, backstabbing, I’m sure there’s a TON of dirt one could find! Bring it on….entertain me.

  39. Can you say Sequestration? Do you understand what means? Public employees think they will survive? Those of us thought we were protected, worked many years, for the good. Does that sound similar? Now we are SCREWED.

  40. “What crossed the line was starting a hostile interrogation of someone who had spoken at public comment.”

    You must have Whitaker, who was calm and polite, confused with the loud, arrogant, jack-ass who was full of hostility the whole time he was making false accusations.

  41. Hey Cold Cop. If you want to discuss transparency, how about we start with looking at the attempted cover ups at FPD to protect Ramos, Cicinelli, Wolfe, Hamptonx2, Watney, Craig, Rincon, and the rest of the men committing crimes while on duty. Why have their superiors repeatedly attempted to protect them?

    Who gives a rat’s ass if TB is putting money into candidates. All politicians have lobbyists. TB could be the biggest crook in Fullerton for all I care. He’d still be a notch up on the rapists and murderers your superiors try to cover up for.

  42. Fullerton Police Detective Bair recites verbatim the “Brown Act” as an evil incantation to cast shadows of doubt over Fullerton city council person Whitaker’s ethics. Hoping to damage Whitaker’s credibility and thus political viability, Bair repeats “believe” hoping to convince the public Bair’s Beliefs are facts.
    To Fullerton Police Detective Bair, remember this adage; half truths equal lies.
    Bair’s “Brown” incantation is broken by this simple truth; no one sitting next to Whitaker has seen him texting .
    just my beliefs

  43. The detective is a laughingstock.

    (1) Council members are ALWAYS free to communicate with constituents. The Brown Act only prohibits closed communications among a majority of the council.

    (2) Records requests are made pursuant to the Public Records Act (Gov. Code 6250 et seq.) NOT the Brown Act!

    HOWEVER, text messages pertaining to city business ARE A PUBLIC RECORD, and must be disclosed pursuant to a proper request under the Public Records Act!

  44. Well done Councilman Whitaker. You exposed FPD Officer Bair as a dishonest fool. I think we should ask to see the arrest reports of every person Officer Bair has arrested. He proved the other night that his word can not and should not be trusted by anyone, including our esteemed District Attorney.

    As far as Councilman Chaffee goes, he was totally undressed as a total empty suit.

    He also was exposed as a mean spirited, petty man and not the concerned citizen he so tries to portray to the unsuspecting public.

    Finally, I got a great laugh at the Police Open House. I watched Chaffee’s wife, literally throw him up on the stage to force him into taking pictures with all the 5 families who lost officers in the line of duty.

    He knew none of these men nor their families, nor was a part of the official ceremony. What a total PHONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Greg Diamond :
    If calling an employee back to the podium to ask him publicly about his occupation isn’t hostile, then continuing to cross-examine him after that is. Don’t you think that the former majority would have like to cross-examine the FFFF crowd if they could?
    By the way, Whitaker’s comment that Det. Bair had “shown no transparency” in speaking during public comments is lunacy. Are people commenting publicly required to “show transparency”? Again, this would have been good for the Council to know before the recall.

    You are reaching a bit there, Mr. Diamond. Whitaker handled it with as much class as possible. He and Kiger have been subjected to these outlandish attacks from the FPOA and the candidates that the FPOA is backing for the last three months. If you claim to see otherwise, I am done listening to anything you have to say in the future. (I’ll admit, I sometimes do not skip your posts when it’s a slow night on FFFF and I want a good laugh).

    Just seeing the way Chaffee reacted vs what we saw from Whitaker shows who is capable of being in a position of civil leadership.

    The bully tactics are easy to spot. Whitaker has taken this bullshit for months, while always maintaining his composure. If the worst action he takes is pointing out to the public that the acts are coming from the police department, and then asking for his fellow councilmembers to refute these allegations, I can forgive him pretty quickly for that.

    Use your next bloated response to explain to me why it’s ok to FPD to slander council members and make false accusations that may affect voters views. Its bullying and corruption at it’s finest, however you choose to spin it.

    Talk to your girl Sharon about why she didn’t let the old goats respond, though I doubt they cared enough about the crisis to weigh in anyways. They were waiting for it to blow over so they could sweep the whole deal under the rug and move on with business as usual. That’s why they were removed.

    Unfit to lead our city, just like your pal Booze Flory.

  46. I am waiting for Acting Chief Hughes to make a policy statement about the lunacy of allowing his men and women to intentionally provide misinformation about any of our current council members. Relating to this, I want to know what disciplinary action he will take against Bair for his attempt to sway the upcoming election with lies and innuendos.

    Do you condone such behavior Acting Chief HUghes? If you do, we want to know. If not, what are you going to do about some of your men going off half cocked at our council meetings embarrassing our FPD with their shenanigans.

    I also believe that the officer that brought the “Bong” up to the speaking platform with over 100 young kids in the audience must also be disciplined/reprimanded for using such incredibly poor judgment.

    Finally, whomever was responsible for printing all those signs demanding Acting Chief Hughes be made permanent Chief immediately needs to be reminded that the Chief position is not an elected one, so that signs are totally inappropriate.

    1. WTF are you talking about FC? In true FFFF fashion they have only let you see what they want you to see. Show the whole video dumbass. At the beginning it starts with him saying he IS a resident and has been for 50 yrs! I believe that gives him the right to question HIS city council, just like any other citizen can.

      Whether you agree with him or not it is his right to speak if he wants to. Bruce crossed the line when he asked what his job was. Bruce’s job is to listen to his constituants. Why hasn’t he asked anyone else what their job is when they speak?

      Completely inappropriate for Bruce to respond. That shows you how thin skinned he really is.

      Bair never cursed or called anyone names. He made an accusation and a request. If it’s not that big of a deal than prove him wrong and move on.

      1. “Completely inappropriate for Bruce to respond. That shows you how thin skinned he really is.”

        No, what’s completely inapropriate is for a dumbass like that becoming a detective in anything other than a a Police Academy movie. Couldn’t find his as in th dark.

        “My request stands!” Yes it does. As a testament to the low bar set by the FPD.

        1. Whats’s wrong Freddy? Did your mommy make your mac n chesse too watery tonight?

          Typical Freddy response. Nothing of substance, just an attack on Bair.

          By the way GED Freddy, what is an “as”, “th”? Just asking since you like to point out gramatical mistakes.

          I know you were typing fast trying to finish all that mac n cheese so mommy would let you have pudding for dessert, right?

            1. That’s funny coming from you Harpoon. I’ve read some of your bullshit posts.

              BTW is your name a tribute to your wife? By that I mean is that how you landed her?

      2. To anyone who pushes the whole Bruce shouldn’t have responded argument; A- Talk to your girl Sharon, she gave permission, making his response completely allowed and appropriate. B- It is clear you are just upset that the dirty tactics of the FPD are being exposed. How much more unprofessional and unmoral behavior will you allow from our boys in blue until they lose your support as well? How many more do they need to kill/beat/molest?

        I hope Bruce left that meeting as thrilled as I did that the bullies didn’t get their way.

    1. Yes but how many of those COSTCO HOT DOGS will actually make it to the people.

      I sense a failed trickle down theory and a well fed GD.

  47. I believe FFFF=Idiots that Officer Bair’s accusations were already proven to be false by the comments of Councilman Sebourn and Mayor Quirk-Silva. They both clearly stated that they have never seen Councilman Whitaker text or use his cell phone at all during meetings.

    I think these gotcha’s by a few union members needs to stop.

    I think everyone from the speakers from the audience to the council members themselves must concentrate on solutions to problems and how jointly we can make this city better.

    Just because some of us disagree with each other should not and does not make us enemies.

    I personally have many friends and I do not categorize them as liberal or conservative, gay or straight, rich or poor, Christian or atheist, etc.

    They are my friends and I care about all of them. I try to understand where each one of them is coming from in their differing opinions on many topics.

    All of us needs to really try to put ourselves in the position of our fellow Fullertonians. We all need to improve our listening skills.

    It might just be the very first step in reducing the vitriol and start some constructive dialogue and who knows even some healing.

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