Is the Flory Rumor True?

Except we do, and our own budgets prove it.

Rumor has it that former councilwoman Jan Flory is lobbying to become the appointee to our City Council tonight and has already secured both Jennifer Fitzgerald and Jesus Silva’s votes. This is the same Jan Flory who voted, with Jennifer Fitzgerald and Doug Chaffee, on multiple unbalanced budgets and who helped lead us into our structural deficit. The same Jan Flory who puts City Staff above the very citizens they’re supposed to work for and represent.

Want to know why our roads suck so bad? Blame Jan Flory and her cohorts who think bureaucracy is the true heart of Fullerton. Want to know why Downtown is such a train-wreck? Yeaup. Same cabal of incompetence.

If the council votes to appoint somebody the voting members will own every vote put forward by the new council member. In effect, if they vote for somebody like Jan Flory, who helped sink our budget for years, they will be responsible for both their own votes on the budget (and similar items) as well as hers.

Appointing somebody is bad. Letting Jesus Silva vote on an appointment to the very seat he himself vacated is worse. Having council vote to give themselves the bulletproof majority needed to walk all over the people of Fullerton is downright despicable.

The people should really have a say who in represents them and voting to appoint somebody, especially somebody who will raise our taxes, is the essence of being anti-democratic. Our republic was literally founded against the premise of taxation without representation.

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      1. Any thoughts on Councilmember Zahra? Seems like he should be holding Ted Talks at Starbucks. Too much witty banter about his philosophies to get a few claps from the audience.…

        1. Ahmad Zahra full on body slammed Jennifer Fitzgerald’s complete lack of ethics and principle.

          Was nice to see someone stand up to that shameless self promoting sorry excuse for a people’s representative for once. Maybe next time Jesus and Bruce will join him.

  1. Flory was the one who presided over the illegal water tax and the retroactive pension spike of 2000. She was elected in 2012 on the police don’t ask don’t tell ticket. She despises the peolpe of Fullerton and is in love with the public employees.

    If there’s one person to blame for the Fullerton train wreck, it’s the Old Nag.

  2. Horray, a few more months sitting up there, being forced to listen to the plebes’ complaints may finally kill her.

  3. Zahra delivered…. they don’t vote where hes from.Many Flory supporters present. but couldnt steal this swing seat.Peoples true colors were on display tonight. it was,nice to give
    a second goodbye to Seburn. kITTY j was there who started this whole mess.had nothing inteligent to say.

  4. Ahmad has a good start becoming an independent voice on the council.

    Thank God he’s not falling into Fitzpringlers trap.

    Go Ahmad, go!

  5. The bottom line is that no appointment will come close to pleasing anyone. A special election is the best solution. Let democracy win.

    If the decision remains a 2-2 impasse, it will have to go to a special election.

    Whittaker won’t budge, so it will be interesting to see how much pressure can be put on Ahmad.

    Although Ahmad spoke haltingly, as if the weight of the Normandy landings were on his shoulders, he should be commended for standing his ground.

    1. Talking about roads check out Commonwealth between State College Blvd and Chapman Ave they went from two traffic lanes in each direction to one bike lane and one traffic lane but they ground off the old stripes without any repair and the asphalt is deteriorating at an accelerated rate. Lets hope no motorcycles go down due to all the ground asphalt that was never swept up by the slip-shod contractor that was paid very handsomely for their inferior work

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