The Front Row Seat

Good God. Talk about a winning team! The Almighty and lobbyist-councilperson Jennifer Fitzgerald, that is.

See, Yaweh, the Lord of Hosts, has placed his followers in front row seats in Fullerton to see what He’s up to. I always enjoy this phony-humble “I am God’s instrument” ¬†bullshit from grifters, bunkum peddlers and hokum spinners.

Sometimes they are preachers and sometimes they are politicians. But one thing that never changes: God’s plan involves their pecuniary self-interest and advancement.

Lookin’ good, girl!

Amusing, yes. But I also find it rather offensive that Fitzgerald keeps invoking Jehovah to explain what’s going on in Fullerton. There’s a Divine Plan, donchajustknow, and it obviously involves Ms. Fitzgerald. Therefore, logically, it involves lying to the electorate about the real state of our municipal finances and betraying the trust of her constituents in favor of out-of-town developers and downtown hooch purveyors and “public safety” unions.

I don’t know about you but I am appalled at the sight of our City Hall being used by this influence saleswoman as a backdrop as she expatiates upon the Lord’s Plan for the rest of the flock, a flock that she seems to regard mostly as an object simply to be fleeced.

No, SparkyFitz, you are not the City. And you may be surprised what the Divinity has in store.

14 Replies to “The Front Row Seat”

  1. 3 weeks before her election. Do you think she told the #solidbanquet 16 crowd about Fullerton’s impending fiscal meltdown as part of The Plan.

  2. Jennifer Fitzgerald, The Liar
    Politicians make unrealistic promises during their campaigns; yet promises are about a future no one can completely predict. Politicians tell half truths and emphasize some data while omitting other during their campaigns; yet one can argue there is some degree of interpretation here. But in my many years following politics I do not remember a candidate lying so bluntly about an objective measurement such as the deficit and use such lie as campaign slogan to be re-elected.

    1. Liars? You circus clowns spent the better part of a year painting Ms. Flory out to be some drunk and it was all orchestrated by a divorced, paranoid, pot head who gave Fullerton Jennifer Fitzgerald. You had your day in the sun with Travis, He opened his mouth and it was all over. We told you it would come to nothing. We got our raises anyway, just like all the other people who put their lives on the line every day all over America.

      1. “just like all the other people who put their lives on the line”

        7-eleven clerks? Construction workers? Commercial fishermen? Lumberjacks?

    1. “Other than those with self-serving financial interests, who else but the credulous, would ever vote for her?”

      The ignorant, alas.

      1. the majority is not always right, its much easier to get elected when you say what people want to hear.In the long run it ends in disapoinment. Just because you win doesn’t make you a winner.

  3. Along with Joe Felz, Fitzy is my invention. It’s time you losers stop whining and get with the program.

  4. “Do we have an AMEN to the spending of our reserves?”
    Ah, poor anonymous. You must be the co-captain of the SS JennFitz as it steers through murky and insolvent waters.

  5. That’s pure anti-semitism at its best. Doesn’t she know which side her toast is buttered on? Sounds like a double agent Muslim or Hindu or maybe a closet Mormon.

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