The Consortium of Corruption

Friends, an environmental symbiosis exists in nature when two organisms interact in a way that is mutually beneficial. In the course of human organizational activity we see such symbioses frequently. In the nasty intersection of government and politics such relationships are depressingly common. And nowhere can we see this operation in better form than in […]

Community Stakeholder Survey Says

Tonight the Fullerton city council will pretend to go over the results of the Community Stakeholder Survey that just recently wrapped up. Remember that survey? It’s where the city is going to, and I quote: For the next strategic planning session, the City will conduct a community stakeholder survey prior to working with the City […]

A Fullerton Staffing Question

The Fullerton Firefighters are pushing a narrative that they’re understaffed and underpaid on social media, so let’s talk about it. We constantly hear about how underfunded, unpaid, underappreciated, undereverything our Police and Fire Depts are from the “Hero Deserve” crowd and the opposite side likes to point to pay rates, pension spiking, double dipping, medical […]

A Close Look at Total Compensation

Thanks to the City of Bell scandal, local governments are now required to report compensation figures to the state every year. The other day a reader shared that report with us. This is the first time that we’ve been able to see pension contributions, insurance premiums, overtime, etc. added together for each of the city’s employees, […]

Some Numbers

It’s almost April. Our wise and courageous city council is already wading through wage negotiations with the city employee unions for the upcoming budget year. How did we get this far without adding up Fullerton’s total unfunded pension obligation? Oh well, here it goes… Pension Plan Total Liability Market Value of Assets Unfunded Liability Fullerton […]

Boo Hoo: Chief Fire Hero Decries ‘Vicious Attacks’ Against Union Gluttony

Here’s a new message from Harold A. Schaitberger (yes that’s the head of the International Firefighter’s union’s real name) where he warns firefighters that “attacks on your pension plans are like a tsunami rolling across the country.” A pension tsunami? Chief, I think you’re a little mixed up. Pension Tsunami is a famous little website that […]

OCFA Lights A Match

As Fullerton is forced to face our own massive pension debt this year, it’s helpful to look around to see what others are doing. And then aim higher. Much higher. The county firefighters’ union just conceded that new members will have to work 5 more years until they reach retirement age, allowing them to retire […]

What Are They Doing Now?

So who really is responsible for Fullerton’s out-of-control “public safety” pension vortex? Here’s a handy list of everyone in the history of Fullerton who’s ever voted for the public safety  3 @ 50 pension scam, and their current whereabouts: Don Bankhead (R) – Fullerton City Councilmember, and Mayor. Dick Jones (R) – Fullerton City Councilmember. […]

Fullerton Fire Hero Goes Viral

Our famous firefighter video has become some sort of Internet sensation, bringing in tens of thousands of viewers and building some serious buzz. Oddly enough, the clip seems to be extra popular on computers within the halls of public agencies throughout the nation. But just in case you missed it, here it is again: And […]