Stop the Madness Now! The G-Rated Version

Last week we presented this hilarious dialog between a distraught taxpayer and a union firefighter, which became an instant hit across the country.  While the clip had no problem making it onto the workstations of public agencies far and wide, we also had many requests for a G-Rated version. Despite our concern that self-censorship may inhibit the fine […]

What If Your Boss Gave You a 1200% Retirement Match?

That’s what members of Fullerton’s police and fire unions get from us. Almost all of the candidates are talking about pension reform now, but they don’t quite have their figures right. According to the city’s HR Director, public safety employees currently pay 2.557% of thier salaries towards their multi-million dollar retirements, while taxpayers pick up the rest. This year, […]

Fullerton’s Real Unfunded Pension Liability: At Least $60 Million

Last year CalPERS reported that the city of Fullerton is facing an unfunded pension liability of $37,531,831 on our public safety employees’ retirement plan. That’s the amount that we currently owe our public servants above and beyond all future budgeted payments. Of course, many professional actuarials believe that CalPERS’  figures are purposefully understated. They’re just […]

The $215,000 Man

What valuable piece of manpower is worth paying over $200,000 per annum not to do anything? If you guessed former Fullerton Police Chief Patrick McKinley you’d be right on the money. If there was ever a poster boy for out of control police pensions it would be Chief McKinley. See, the big guy pulls down […]

Judge Tells OCERS To Release Names and Pensions

Those interested in Orange County government accountability and pension reform won a legal battle Wednesday. In a ruling over a petition filed by the California Foundation For Fiscal Responsibility vs. the Orange County Employees Retirement System (OCERS), the Superior Court of Orange County ordered the OCERS to disclose “…gross amount paid to the payee member, […]