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Complaint Against Officers Involved in Felz DUI Cover-up Sustained

Back in 2016, FFFF filed a personnel complaint with the Fullerton Police Department against the officers involved in the attempted cover-up Joe Felz DUI accident. The complaint offered a tiny bit of hope that a quasi-legitimate internal investigation might be carried out. It also entitled us to a legally-mandated notification as to whether the complaint […]

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Tomorrow: Joe Nation Addresses Fullerton’s Pension Problems

Joe Nation of the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research will be visiting Fullerton tomorrow for a special presentation on Fullerton’s public pension and retiree medical liabilities. Back in July I asked the city council to hire Joe Nation and the SIEPR to produce a comprehensive, independent report on Fullerton’s substantial pension debt and its […]

A Step in the Right Direction

Commissions and Committees

The new city council is still soliciting applications for appointments to the committees and commissions that advise the council on various subjects. There are/will be openings in the following groups: Planning Commission Community Development Citizen’s Committee Library Board of Trustees Parks and Recreation Commission Transportation and Circulation Commission etc… If you’re interested, fill out an […]

Fullerton City Council

The Fate of the Water Tax

The current city councilmembers (or at least a majority of them) have finally agreed to meet quickly on Monday morning for the sole purpose of certifying the results of the recall election. Once that’s out of the way, the three new councilmembers will be sworn in unceremoniously by the city clerk during the day on Monday. Why skip […]

The Fullerton Recall

Some Recall Statistics

The folks over at have been tracking California recalls for the last few years, and they show some interesting historical data on local city council races. For example, of the 35 city councilmembers put on the ballot for recall since 2007, 32 were successfully removed from office. 2012 Recalls  Shasta Lake: Dolores Lucero 2011 Recalls  Bell: Hernandez, Jacobo, Artiga, […]

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Paying a Fee to Pay Your Taxes?

Even the heartless IRS wouldn’t try to pull something this repugnant. A frustrated local business owner sent me this copy of his annual Fullerton tax renewal in which a $25.00 tax payment was accompanied with a $20.00 “processing charge.”   You read that right. It’s an 80% surcharge for the city’s Herculean effort to cash […]

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Water Tax Scofflaws Admit Guilt

Last night Councilmembers McKinley, Bankhead, Jones and Quirk-Silva finally admitted what the rest of us had been saying all along: the City of Fullerton’s in-lieu franchise fee is illegal, and has been for the past 15 years. After blowing off the issue for nearly a year (and really, a decade and a half) the city council was […]

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Ballot Challenge: Does Fullerton Really Have $500,000,000 in Pension Debt?

The city clerk called me tonight to let me know that someone had come in to protest my sample ballot statement.  She says this person took issue with the following claim: Has Fullerton’s pension debt really risen to half a billion dollars? Yes.  According to the CalPERS pension system’s own analysis in this OCRegister article, […]