Government’s Stupid Priorities – Survey Edition

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The city is once again trying to figure out how to do their jobs, this time by holding a “community stakeholder survey“. I kid you not. They want us t0 take a survey so they can figure out what it is they’re supposed to do be up there in City Hall.

From the website:

Over a year ago, the City held its first strategic planning session to introduce the concept of strategic planning and development of Priority Policy Statements. Strategic Planning is a well established process to help local governments (and private sector businesses) conduct an assessment and set goals and objectives for use of their available resources. The effort last year focused on establishing three Priority Policy Statements — Fiscal and Organizational Stability, Public Safety, and Infrastructure and City Assets.

For the next strategic planning session, the City will conduct a community stakeholder survey prior to working with the City Council to develop Mission and Vision statements, and ultimately set goals to implement the Priority Policy Statements.

They had a strategic planning session and they came to the conclusion that they needed Fiscal and Organizational Stability (which we don’t have), Public Safety (which we can’t afford), and Infrastructure and City Assets (which we don’t maintain and keep selling).

If you asked them BEFORE that planning session what their priorities were supposed to be do you think the answers would have been materially different?

Of course not. So now, after spending time and money for no point, we get to move to Round Two in the dog and pony show of figure out how government is supposed to work.

This is the type of thing a business does when a disrupter comes in and they lose market share or when a business is first starting – not something a government should be doing because they’re too bought and paid for to remember the point of a municipal government.

“Priority Policy Statements”. What a joke.

How many staff hours are wasted on crap like this? You want to know what the job of the city is? Do the things you’re paid to do – like fix our damn roads you nitwits.

More negativity. Just think positive!

You tax us specifically to do some things and to maintain other things. While government apologists and statists preen that “taxes are the price we pay to live in a civilized society” the city sure make it impossible to be civilized when the very streets we drive on cause road rage.

City Staff’s / Council’s job is to read and balance a budget and then prioritize the things we citizens cannot do on our own – like paving damn roads.

That’s basically it. We allegedly form governments to do things we cannot do on our own so that’s what needs to be done.

You don’t need a survey and to hold meetings to figure out these priorities. That’s just a dodge to avoid doing actual hard work. This is the TPS report system of government and everybody who came up with and supports this process should be ashamed of themselves.

TPS Reports

But by all means I encourage everybody to take the survey and give the city an earful, they deserve it and it doesn’t really matter anyways. This city is immune to actual criticisms or stakeholder input. Hell, our rotating Chiefs of Police turn a blind eye to life safety issues if it means appeasing a favored bar owner. That should give you a barometer for our complacent and corrupt Fullerton is from top to bottom.

11 Replies to “Government’s Stupid Priorities – Survey Edition”

  1. Of course it’s just a show. The people inside City Hall have very different priorities than the folks who pay for them. And when the councilcreatures go native, or were alway native _ like FitzFlory, they get what they want while we get a puppet show.

  2. A mission and values statement?!

    Mission: To spend your money

    Vision: To take more of your money to spend

    Here endeth the lesson.

  3. I’ve requested to be on the “stakeholder” list in order that I would be notified of the meetings re the downtown bars and related noise. I never received any notice about their meetings. They only include the echo chamber in their little charettes.

  4. Government ignores my priorities!

    Government is wasting time listening to my priorities!

    Some people aren’t built to be happy.

    1. And some people weer built to be slavish toadies who will tolerate a gang of corrupt and incompetent chuckleheads.

      Hint: that’s you.

  5. The biggest priority that I have seen was doing roundabouts up and down Wilshire Ave. This was the dumbest thing done since no one really slows down to go through intersections safely. I have seen people speed around with no regard for people walking or driving. DUMBEST IDEA EVER…..

    1. Residents: Fix our roads.
      City: We don’t have funding.
      Residents: We don’t care, fix it.
      City: *receives funding from OCTA*
      City: We are proposing to fully reconstruct Wilshire Ave as a Bicycle Blvd w/roundabouts.
      Residents: *crickets*
      City: *completes project*
      Residents: We didn’t ask for this! It was fine before.

      Really? We complain to the City Council about our roads but are upset when they look for alternative funding and actually repair our roads? CC Candidate Wildstar said we should apply for Dominos to pave the road – would we be mad at them for actually doing it?
      I supported this when the City asked for feedback before they started work on this project.

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