The Consortium of Corruption

Friends, an environmental symbiosis exists in nature when two organisms interact in a way that is mutually beneficial. In the course of human organizational activity we see such symbioses frequently. In the nasty intersection of government and politics such relationships are depressingly common. And nowhere can we see this operation in better form than in […]

The Policy of Pain

We have already documented dime store psychologist Pat McKinley’s pompous blather about how it was necessary to use nunchucks on pro-life protesters because of their super-human resistance to pain. And for McKinley, pain is the name of the game. When you want to try out a new toy from your chamber of horrors, well, hell, […]

A Real Cast of Characters

Here’s the entire episode of today’s Inside OC show; it’s a full blown battle of wits on why the recallees deserve to be thrown out of office in the wake of their catastrophic failure to lead. In it you will find a furious debate between Chris Thompson and the anti-recall team’s Chief Distraction Officer, Larry Bennett, along […]

An Obvious Conflict of Interest

I’m wondering when folks in Fullerton are going to start wising up to an inescapable truth: the fact that the former Chief of Police, the man who hired and trained Fullerton’s lawless cops, is now one of  three City Councilmen who can approve huge settlements against the FPD that are forthcoming. That would be the […]

McKinley Hired Jay Cicinelli.

Former Fullerton Police  Chief, and now city council recall target Pat McKinley hired Jay Cicinelli. Cicinelli was arraigned yesterday in Suprior Court in the homicide death of Kelly Thomas at the hands of six McKinley proteges. But among all the pickpockets, thieves, sexual predators, kidnappers, thugs, and murderers hired by McKinley, Jay Cicinelli was special. […]