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4th District County Supervisor 2018 Edition

Out here on Screech Owl Road we stay informed, distantly, of the doings in humble Fullerton, a place of constant interest and amusement value. When the dust storms and tortoise races grow tedious we often turn our attention to your town. And one genre that never bores, are the stories of political ambition and the […]

Behind Closed Doors

The Seven Walls of Local Government; Wall #5 – Time is Not On Your Side

Here, Friends, is the 5th installment of Professor J.H. Habermeyer’s scintillating essay on the seven figurative walls local government builds to protect itself from outside scrutiny and public oversight. The 5th Wall Having passed through the gauntlet of the four previous barriers erected to ward off our curiosity about what goes on inside the halls […]

Behind Closed Doors

The Seven Walls of Local Government; Wall #4 – Reindeer Games

03 It’s time, Friends, for the fourth installment of Professor J.H. Habermeyer’s eloquent essay about the fortresses local government bureaucracies erect around themselves in their relationship with their own constituents. And what erections they are! The Fourth Wall Let us now recapitulate our history of public participation in local government affairs. Public apathy, official obfuscation, […]

Behind Closed Doors

The Seven Walls of Local Government; Wall #2 – Bread or Circus?

As promised, here is the second installment of J.H. Habermeyer’s engaging essay on the methods local government uses to dissuade public dissent and protect itself and its undertakings.   The Second Wall Now that the vast majority of qualified electors has decided to voluntarily to disenfranchise itself, and now that the bureaucrats have thoroughly confounded […]

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The Settlements

Yes, Friends, elections do have consequences. But you already knew that. The results of the November election mean that the tepid and incompetent reign of Fullerton City Manager Joe Felz and City Attorney Dick Jones will continue as they preside over policies (or lack of policies) meant to evade accountability for your employees and electeds […]