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The “Fullerton Gazette” Chaffee Scam Explained

As you may have seen Paulette Chaffee got the much coveted endorsement of the “Fullerton Gazette“, a mysterious little rag that until her specific endorsement nobody knew existed. Well, after a little internet sleuthing I discovered why there is no byline to their articles and no names associated with their masthead. It turns out that […]

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Will Fullerton’s Pensions Eat the Library and More?

You think we’re full of it when we warn you about the severity of the pension problem in Fullerton (and elsewhere). You think we’re joking about the pension crisis that threatens to eat our city budget whole. You ignore when Fitzgerald laughs off structural deficits and joins our council in voting for every pay/benefits package […]

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OC District Attorney Spitzer Goes Limp for Perv Cop

In case you haven’t heard by now, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office which is led by Todd Spitzer, filed a peeping charge against Fullerton Police Officer Jose Paez for filming up the skirt of a 16 year old student. Let that sink in for a moment. A 16 year old, who Paez was on […]

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Fullerton School Board Ignored Issue of Campus Police Pervert

For those of you paying attention to the story of Perv Cop Paez, I’ll direct your attention to some correspondence with the Fullerton Joint Union High School Board of Trustees from back in December 2018 when rumors of this story first came to light. This is an email a friend of ours sent to each […]