Jerk McPension Opposes “Knee Jerk” Effort To Kill Illegal Tax

No surprise punches from Pat McPension, as he disagrees with Bruce Whataker about what to do with the money that is taken from us via an illegal tax on water. Mr. McPension has become quite fond of this tax since it went to pay his own bloated salary and pension over the years.

McPension wants to keep our money in an “escrow account” so that if and when the “experts” properly educate him and the rest of the council, they can decide what to do with their ill-gotten gains; then, presumably, “they” will let us peons know. McKinley goes even farther claiming that he supports plowing the illegal tax back revenue back into water infrastructure without so much as wondering how the infrastructure got so neglected in the first place.

Well, here’s what I say: a person who has the opportunity to kill an illegal tax and doesn’t is no better than the person who supports an illegal tax in the first place. 

Here’s McPension in action:

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  1. I’m not sure which one of them should be sitting like a pirate’s parrot on the other ones shoulder… Larry Bennett or Pat McKinley?

  2. “I love Tony” = sarcasm

    “I love Pat McKinley-Darryl Gates” = “I love the KKK”

    Oh yeah, you forgot to mention your love for Ron Fuhrman. Remember the racist pig from LAPD who took the 5th when questioned about his racial slurs during the OJ trial?

    1. He also forgot to mention that he loves the pat downs and cavity searches by the TSA pot bellied pedophiles at the airport-who knows-maybe he is moonlighting. He likes brown shirts.

    2. Reality,
      What specifically is the point and meaning behind the smiley faces?
      Do they help you keep track of your posts or is it something else?
      You post them continually so I am curious.

      1. I personally think it is the easiest way for “it” to laugh at us and to flip us all the bird without having to copy and paste an actual image of “its” mug and “its” index finger in the upright position.

        1. That would be just RUDE truthseeker plus it seems like that would get old after a while.

          Reality is, I am still curious and waiting for your response….

    3. Lol just noticed u said Ron Fuhrman. I think I referred to who you actually meant. 20 years ago already. Time flies. I was in the thick of the riots. Crazy times.

        1. Libel case against Obama’s ‘gay’ accuser tossed
          Larry Sinclair claimed president’s campaign paid to rig polygraph

          Also, a Chicago Tribune reporter contacted the tipster and affirmed Sinclair’s statement, the judge said.

          Sinclair told WND in a telephone interview that he stands by the claims challenged in the suit.

          “All the charges I made are true,” he said.

          He also continues to stand by his primary charge against Obama.

          “I know from personal experience that Obama lied when he said he had given up drugs in college, and I can attest in detail to the fact Obama engages in homosexual sex,” Sinclair said.

          In addition, Sinclair has charged that the murder of Donald Young – the homosexual choirmaster at Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago – was an attempt to hide a sexual relationship between Young and Obama. Young was murdered shortly before the 2008 Iowa Caucus.

  3. Where in the hell does this guy get off thinking he has a right to illegally take my money to put into an escrow account? Boy this one makes me feel like saying bad words.

    1. How does Matthew Rowe feel about Ed Royce these days? He’s in an awkward conundrum both having volunteered for Royce in the past and running to unseat McKinley.

  4. Sick bastard. And a thief, too. Well that makes sense. Just think Power and Mejia. He hired them, as well.

    1. I don’t consider it an awkward position. I volunteered as an intern for Ed Royce when I was in high school because he was my congressman, and I wanted to learn about politics and government. I have a lot of respect for Ed Royce as a person, but that doesn’t make us political clones. A) I am an independent, and Ed will not back someone who is not a registered Republican. B) Even as an intern for Ed Royce in 2000, I took a break to volunteer on the McCain presidential campaign in Orange County (before McCain went off the rails), while Ed backed George W. Bush.
      With regard to Pat McKinley, I have never offered an ounce of support in his direction, and I have been quite a vocal critic of his, since I became involved in city politics after the Kelly Thomas incident. There are 9 years where I have lived out of state and overseas, serving in the Army, where you will find that I am not involved in local politics.

      1. Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I wrongly presumed that Ed Royce would endorse you, hence my earlier question… On a related note, do you know where Ed Royce stands on the recall?

        Also, could you explain your political ideology as an Independent/NPP despite past endorsement of Republican candidates? In fairness to you, as a conservative I’m growing increasingly disillusioned with the Republican party. Just wondered if you felt the same way.

        Thanks for your time.

  5. I believe your video shows Mr. McKinley suggesting that the city keep the illegal tax proceeds and use it to pay for refunds of the illegal tax.

    The man is brilliant!

  6. I am in agreeance with Bruce and asked myself the same question-if alot of these mules want to be loud, arrogant and snarky to defend this tax by saying it has been around for years and is needed to repair the “infastructure”, then why hasn’t it been fixed already-in 15 years?
    Obviously, this 10% has never been used for water issues -thats why.

    Like Bruce said there has been no vote for this tax since 218 passed, they just took it and it should be eliminated not put in some account until they decide what to do with it.

    That’s scary, someone better keep an eagle eye on this McAccount, make sure the monies in there don’t start disappearing little by little.

  7. “a person who has the opportunity to kill an illegal tax and doesn’t is no better than the person who supports an illegal tax in the first place. ”

    Yeah and McPension is both. Fuck you, Pat.

  8. The stalling….the hemming and hawing…abadee-abadee-that’s all, folks!……

    (big cane yanks McYoda off stage).

  9. I think McKinley is two faced. Not once upon a time, but twice, he took oaths to uphold the law. First, as an LAPD officer and secondly as FPD chief. Now, he blatantly thumbs his nose at it, despite the truth staring him in the face.
    What prevents the Howard Jarvis folks filing a lawsuit in court? Are they waiting for the the current City Council to do the right thing and stop it immediately? Not going to happen……Joe Felz should go down for this as well…….

  10. faced with a recall, Mckinley is in the fight for his political life and he refuses to end an illegal water tax enacted by the city? why would anyone stupidly dig in their heels on this blatant theft of tax dollars unless repeal of this tax results in a personal loss for them and his cronies. What exactly has the illegal tax bought for those who refuse to end it? I have this odd sense that somehow illegal water tax somehow mingled with redevelopment funds and then the unscrupulous pillars of our community, the usual suspects who always have their fingers inexplicably poking into Fullerton’s government, used to buy real estate that was or now is owned by those who can’t seem to do without this tax or their income from their real estate investments that has taken an economic hit during our Great Recession. But then this is my conjecture gained from what I have read in various media sources.

    1. I hate it when I err “and their cronies”, “that have taken”, too busy for others

  11. A Fullerton police chief defending an illegal act and saying “knee-jerk” in the same sentence.

  12. “Knee jerk reaction”

    That’s a funny phrase for a cop to do since they only make knee jerk reactions. Isn’t that the excuse being tossed out to the masses as to why the other officers weren’t pulling Cicinelli off? Because their knee jerk reaction was to jerk their knees into Kelly’s skull?? Because when in doubt, beat it out…

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